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ZIP files make it easy for you to compress large data, clear up storage, and encrypt the files with a password to limit access. And while securing files with a password is a great thing, forgetting the password could mean losing the information permanently. Luckily, there are special utilities called ZIP password recovery tools, which makes it easy to open encrypted files without the password.

As the name indicates, a ZIP password cracker is a software that cracks encrypted files to gain access without a password. The password retrieval process varies depending on the utility, but they all use the same strategy. The software assembles all the possible password combinations to restore the ZIP file. By using your CPU power or GPU algorithms, the password recovery process is relatively fast. The process is even faster if your computer has a high-performance dedicated graphics card.

The best thing about it is there are numerous options out there, and your preference will determine what you go for. And what separates the utilities? What do I look at when picking a software for cracking ZIP password? You might be asking. Here are some of the factors to consider before you buy and download a ZIP password recovery utility;

  • Security
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Fastness

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Now, let’s check out my favorite programs starting with my best pick from iMyFone:

1. Passper for ZIP

Passper for ZIP is the best password recovery tool today. What I like most about it is how easy it is to retrieve the password. It recovers lost or forgotten passwords from ZIP, WinZIP, and 7ZIP archives within minutes.

In addition to recovering lost credentials, the utility also recovers passwords from various other scenarios, including ZIP files that can’t be opened and those that require you to reset the password.

What makes Passper for ZIP unique is its robust approach to password recovery. It uses four different attack modes to ensure you access your files in the safest and quickest way possible.

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  • Dictionary attack – tries password combinations based on a built-in dictionary
  • Combination attack – combines chosen symbols, letter, and numbers to search for your password
  • Mass attack – uses mask symbols for the part you don’t remember
  • Brute-force attack – tries random combinations when you don’t remember the password

Finally, the software is only 3MB, which makes it impossible to slow down your computer. It’s equipped with advanced algorithms and GPU acceleration to make the recovery faster. All these features, coupled with the 4 attack modes, make the software worth consideration. And with a recovery success rate of up to 95%, it’s not hard to see why most people are using it!


OS Requirements

Windows Vista,Xp,7,8,8.1, &10

ZIPAll WinZIP, PKZIP, & 7ZIP archives



512 MB

Hard Disk Space200 MB free space

2. PassFab for ZIP

This well-designed ZIP file password recovery program uses an advanced algorithm to crack password-protected files in minutes. It uses a range of encryption procedures, including the latest AES encryption. What’s more, the multi-core CPU support improves the recovery speed without damaging the files.

The 3-step password unlock process is easy to follow and only takes a few minutes. Simply choose the specific password protected zip file, select your preferred recovery mode, and find the ZIP password. In terms of recovery modes, PassFab for ZIP has 3 different password attack modes:

  • Brute-force attack – tries multiple combinations when you don’t remember the password
  • Dictionary attack – uses an in-built or customized dictionary to retrieve the password faster
  • Brute force with mask attack – uses numbers, symbols, and characters that you choose

The best thing about PassFab is it guarantees the safety of your files. With the combination of 3 different password attack modes, you can safely get your ZIP password in the shortest time.

OS Requirements

Windows Vista,Xp,7,8,8.1, &10

ZIPAll WinZIP, PKZIP, PicoZIP, & 7ZIP archives



512 MB

Hard Disk Space200 MB free space
Zip Password Cracker Osx

3. Atomic Zip Password Recovery

This easy to use and effective utility helps you recover lost and forgotten ZIP file passwords. It’s easy to set up and has a user-friendly interface with few steps and well-displayed buttons. Whether you just forgot the password or lost your reminder note, Atomic ZIP Password Recovery helps you to access the file safely without damaging the contents.

Zip password cracker windows

Something I love about the program is its ability to save your search results. This way, you can abandon it mid-way and come back later without having to start over again. Unlike most other password recovery utilities, Atomic ZIP is very easy to use. Just a few steps and voila… You have your password. It also boasts of two password attack modes that make the experience quicker:

  • Brute-force attack – a direct enumeration mode which tries all possible password combinations. It takes more time but certainly delivers the best results
  • Dictionary attack – it uses words in the in-built or customized dictionary to develop password combinations

This recovery utility has a free trial mode that allows you to try out all the incredible features before committing to a paid version. And while the features are limited, a free trial is always a good thing for such a program.

Free ZIP Password Recovery Tools

4. Zip Password Recovery Pro

Don’t get carried away by the name “pro,” this ZIP password recovery program is free! Of course, you can’t compare the output with the paid options, but it certainly delivers great results. To start with, ZIP Password Recovery Pro has the simplest user-interface that I’ve come across. Nothing exciting or unique, but password recovery is exemplarily simple and quick.

It uses a brute-force attack as the main recovery mode, running through all possible password combinations to recover your ZIP file. This takes a considerable amount of time, but you can always be sure the password will pop up soon. What’s more, the software doesn’t mess up with your file’s integrity.

Furthermore, if you know your password partially, you can enter the characters in a separate tab, and the utility will use that to maximize the recovery speed. You can also choose specific characters that you want the search to revolve around. This makes the possible combination field smaller and recovery much faster. Finally, the interface outlines the estimated time and all passwords that will be tried based on your settings.

5. KRyLack Free ZIP Password Recovery

KRyLack Free ZIP Password Recovery is a free recovery utility that lets you access important files without a password. Losing or forgetting a password doesn’t have to result in lost files. And, you no longer have to pay a dime with this incredible software.

Firstly, it supports a range of encryption algorithms, including the latest AES for faster recovery. The software also supports ZIPX and WinZip files as well as self-extracting archives. And while I came in not expecting much from the utility, I must admit that its level of customizability amazed me. I have used a few free other password ZIP crack tools, and this one is certainly one of the best so far.

It uses a brute-force attack to recover ZIP passwords. And while the mode takes considerably more time, you can set the password length, mask character, and character sets to be used to maximize the speed. Unlike other free tools, it doesn’t have a maximum password length. Additionally, it has an auto-save password search feature that allows you to resume your search after taking a break.

6. John The Ripper

John the Ripper is another open-source ZIP password cracker that makes it easy to recover lost passwords. This easy to use utility combines multiple aspects of various password crackers to make a master cracker. It uses the renowned dictionary password attack mode that compiles words using an in-built or customized dictionary to develop password combinations.

This incredible software can also be used to test your password’s vulnerability and protect your files from third-party access.

It’s easy to use and doesn’t take the whole day to recover lost passwords. Simply choose the specific ZIP file, select your settings, and find the ZIP password. Easy. Right?

Free Zip Password Cracker Download

ZIP Password Recovery FAQ

What is ZIP Password Recovery?

Cracking ZIP passwords is the process of utilizing software to recover lost ZIP archive passwords without damaging the files. The recovery utility uses different password attack modes to crack the passwords in the shortest time possible. Some even use up to 4 different modes to make the process quicker and more effective.

Is It Possible to Crack Zip Password?

Yes! Cracking the ZIP password might be hard but not impossible. There are numerous third-party software that can help you recover the password in a few steps. The time taken to crack the password depends on various factors, including the length of the password and the number of attack modes.

Can RAR Password Be Cracked?

Yes. RAR Password can be cracked. There are numerous RAR password breakers available. And the cracker software uses numerous algorithms to identify the password in minutes.

Final Words

That’s it! ZIP password recovery tools are very useful. Most are the times that you use a password that you consider easy to remember, only to forget it faster than you initially thought. You might also have written a reminder note for your ‘master’ password only to lose it. All these scenarios underline the importance of having a ZIP password recovery software.

The best thing about these tools is they’re available in abundance, both the free and paid versions. They’re easy to use, and some even use multiple algorithms to maximize the speed and protect the files. Also, the software is small in size and runs well on most modern computers. So, don’t let that lost password derail your work. Get yourself one of these software and recover your passwords in a few minutes.

Thanks for the read!


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