Yu Yu Hakusho Forever English


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Sara White was a local artist in Texas that Carl Finch used for the opening and ending English themes. She really had a great voice and sound. Would've been interesting to see her career grow bigger.

Yu Yu Hakusho ForeverFighting Game that spans the entire season of Yu YU Hakusho include fighters from all three sagas DT Saga, Sensui Saga, and Makai Saga. 不朽の名作「幽☆遊☆書」が“PlayStation 2”用ソフトで大復活だ!! ストーリーは“暗黒武術会編”、“水編”、そしてゲーム化初となる“魔界統一トーナメント編”を収録。雷. Shop yu yu hakusho tapestries created by independent artists from around the globe. We print the highest quality yu yu hakusho tapestries on the internet. Forever-fornever, kuwabara, kazuma, urameshi, hiei Yu Yu Hakusho Tapestry. Parts of the site may still appear in English, even when translated. Currency: Cancel.

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the sub show is better but the english op is better y

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real niggas kno wassup

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@jsy-the-god It was, Sad it ended....

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Man this anime was amazing

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Really wish i could lose all memory and watch this show forever. I come back here every once in a while just to listen to this masterpiece. Best Shonen of all time no arguement

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Might have to finish anime for the 3rd time

Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 1


They should remake this anime


Yea me

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Is anyone still listening this in 2020?

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sad to know that this showstarted 20 years ago

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@nickkalu you are absolutely right

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thanks for waking me up

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@joshua-forts what?

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@user-631742917 its on YT

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I love this anime

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@user-631742917 SAME LETS BE FRIENDS 👉👈

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I love Yu Yu Hakusho so much. I come back here once in a while. Finished this show prolly a year ago. Forever one of my favorites. My hear fucking explodes with joy whenever it comes on. Thank you for this❤️❤️

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Thank you !!!!

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Yu Yu Hakusho Forever English Dub

Forever one of the greats

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This anime was everything I ever wanted.

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This shit makes my heart explode

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