Xray Xb4 2014 Manual

XB4 & XB4 2014 - Manual - Manual SupplementaryXray
XB4 - Exploded View - Parts List
XB4 2014 - Exploded View - Parts List
XB4 - Details & Pictures
XB4'14 - Details & Pictures
XB4 - JE Models Build
XB4 - Assembly (Pictures / (Video)
XB4 - Racing Lines - ReviewRacing Lines
XB4 - Racer - ReviewRacer
XB4 - RC World - ReviewRC World
XB4 - Making ofXray
Blank Setup Sheet
XB4 - Editable Setup SheetArn0
XB4 2014 - Editable Setup Sheet
Standard Setup
Carpet Base SetupXray
Clay Base Setup
Renaud Savoya - Dirt Starting SetupXray
XB4 2014 - Carpet Base SetupXray
XB4 2014 - Clay Base Setup
Tips & Tricks
XB4 Tech Tips
XB4 - Electronics Setups
Hexes Alternatives
Diff Outdrives
AvidRC Machined PistonsAvidRC
XB4'16 - Track widthsB. Karlsen
AstroturfDriverEvent - PlaceCompositionTractionSurfaceSource
07.09.2014Mike GosvigDanish Nats - OdenseAstroturfHighBumpyXray
10.08.2014Mike GosvigDanish Nats - ViborgCarpetMediumMediumXray
18.05.2014Stu WoodoOple Series - MendipAstroturfMedium-HighMediumS. Wood
16.03.2014Miguel Matias (2014)
Bruno Coelho (2014)
Portuguese Nats - SintraAstroturfMedium
27.10.2013Lorenzo CrollaBWT Rd1 - Black Country ArenaAstroturfMediumMediumXray
11.08.2013Martin BayerCzech Nats - SvitavyAstroturfBumpyXray
09.06.2013Mark ThornewilloOple Series - Robin Hood RacewayAstroturfHighMediumXray
26.05.2013Nathan RallsBRCA Nats - Eden Park RacewayAstroturfHigh, dryMediumXray
12.05.2013G. WestyRegionals - SHRCCCAstroturfHighMediumXray
05.05.2013Mathieu BriereRegionals - Maisons-AlfortAstroturfHighMediumM. Briere
21.04.2013Nathan RallsoOple Series - StotfoldAstroturfHigh, drySmoothXray
14.04.2013Nathan RallsBRCA Nats - KidderminsterAstroturfLow, wetMediumXray
31.01.2013Renaud SavoyaPractice - Maison AlfortCarpetLowMediumXray
27.01.2013Jamie KerrWinter Serie - TORCHAstroturfLowMediumJ. Kerr
06.01.2013Nathans RallsEden Park RacewayAstroturfLowBumpyXray
Clay/DirtDriverEvent - PlaceCompositionTractionSurfaceSource
15.09.2014Nate Jaskot (2014)SmacTracClaymediumSmoothXray
10.08.2014Allan O'Brien (2014)oOple Race - RHRClayLowSmoothA. O'Brien
17-19.07.2014Renaud Savoya (2014)
Martin Bayer (2014)
European Champs - TrelleborgClay/DirtLow
06.07.2014Derek Stephansen (2014)ChicoClayHighSmoothD. Stephansen
06.07.2014David Kukla (2014)Czech Nats - DebolinClayMediumSmoothXray
13.04.2014Tyler Vik (2014)Norcal HobbiesClayHighSmoothXray
24-26.01.2014Tyler Vik (2014)Reedy Race - OCRCClaySmoothMediumXray
15.11.2013Chris BozichBayswaterHard Packed ClayHighMediumXray
03.11.2013Redbull (2014)Storm Valley RacewayClayLowSmoothXray
26-29.09.2013World Champs - ChicoClay w sugarVery HighSmooth
10-11.08.2013Nathan RallsoOple Race - RHRClayLowMediumXray
11.08.2013Magnus VassmarSwedish Nats - FalunHard PackedMediumMediumXray
09.08.2013PeakkiFinnish Nats - JoensuuClayLowMediumXray
28.07.2013PeakkiFinnish Nats - LavankoClayHighMediumXray
18-20.07.2013Martin Bayer
Lorenzo Crolla
European Champs - ValladolidClayMediumBumpyXray
11.07.2013PeakkiPractice - VaasaClaySmoothXray
10.06.2013Kennie Ekenstierna
Patrik Asplund
Niklas Hakansson
Nordic ChampsClayHighSmoothXray
08-09.06.2013Renaud Savoya
Lorenzo Crolla
French Nats - DammartinBlue GrooveHighSmoothXray
08.06.2013Silvalis (17.5 blinky))QLD Titles - TMORC HeatleyBlue GrooveMediumMediumXray
08.06.2013Antoni CarretiMallee Madness - MilduraBlue GrooveMediumMediumXray
26.05.2013Tod TrowerBayswaterClayLowMediumXray
18.05.2013PeakkiPractice - VaasaClayMediumSmoothXray
11-12.05.2013Lorenzo CrollaFrench Nats - OrangeSoft DirtHighBumpy, dustyXray
05.05.2013PeakkiPractice - VaasaClayMediumSmoothXray
28.04.2013Martin BayerPractice - TraiskirchenClayMediumMediumXray
13-14.04.2013Lorenzo CrollaFrench Nats - LVDMClayLowSmoothL. Crolla
10.04.2013Mackie MeyercordMike Hobby ShopHard PackedHighBumpyXray
06.04.2013Chris Sturdy
Tod Trower
Australian Nats - MilduraHard Packed/Blue GrooveHighSmoothC. Sturdy
Mar. 2013Tim GarlandThunder RacewayClayMediumMediumRC Tech
14.03.2013Mackie MeyercordMike Hobby ShopClayMediumMediumXray
24.02.2013Ash Peeler
John Watkins
Tas. state Titles - GoodwoodBlue Groove/Hard PackedHighSmooth-MediumKeilor
17.02.2013Eric SchoenThe Track RacewayClayMediumBumpyRC Tech
15.02.2013Tod TrowerBayswaterClayMediumBumpyXray
09.02.2013Eric SchoenThe Track RacewayClayMediumBumpyXray
31.01.2013Richard ShockleyMike Hobby ShopClayLowBumpyRC Tech
11.01.2013Chris BozichBayswaterHard Packed ClayLowMediumXray
09.01.2013Chris BozichBayswaterHard Packed ClayLowMediumXray
30.12.2012CJ WeaverMcCullough's Off-RoadHard Packed ClayHighSmooth, wetXray
24.12.2012Andrew ClarkMike Hobby ShopClayMediumBumpy, wetRC Tech
GrassDriverEvent - PlaceCompositionTractionSurfaceSource
03.08.2013Guillaume ChaneMontigny le BtxGrassMediumBumpyTeam Xray
Hard PackedDriverEvent - PlaceCompositionTractionSurfaceSource
24.01.2014Chris Bozich (2014)BayswaterHard packedHighMediumXray
30.06.2013Magnus VassmarSummer Cup - FalunHard PackedLowMediumXray
29.03.2013Paul LemieuxTracksideHard PackedMediumMediumXray
27.03.2013SilvalisTMORC HeatleyHard PackedMediumBumpyXray
23-24.03.2013Jerome TreignierCanadian Indoor Champs - Circuit JCHard PackedLowMediumXray
March 2013Eric AndersonPsycho Nitro Blast VIHard PackedMediumBumpy, DustyXray
10.03.2013Chris BozichBayswaterHard packedLowBumpyTeam Xray
10.03.2013DTTMORC HeatleyHard packedMediumBumpyTeam Xray
13.01.2013Ole C
Rune Berget
PetitRc Race - MossHard packedMediumMediumOle C
Team Xray
IndoorDriverEvent - PlaceCompositionTractionSurfaceSource
09.11.2014Mike Gosvig (2014)AalborgCarpetMediumSmoothTeam Xray
02.11.2014Lorenzo Crolla (2014)CML Masters - LouvresCarpetLowMediumTeam Xray
11.06.2014Steve Smith (2014)MaritimeCarpetMediumSmoothXray
25-27.04.2014Martin Bayer (2014)EOS - WelsCarpetLowXray
16.03.2014Miguel Matias (2014)VBC #5 - LinkCarpetMediumSmoothXray
08-09.02.2014Miguel Matias (2014)Portuguese Nats - PortoCarpetMediumSmoothXray
01-02.02.2014Renaud Savoya (2014)GP - LyonCarpetHighSmoothTeam Xray
26.01.2014Allan O'Brien (2014)Scottich Indoor - AyrCarpet/Polished floorLowSmoothA. O'Brien
26.01.2014Mikeal JohanssonVBC Cup - EskilstunaCarpetMediumSmoothXray
22.01.2014Jon Gray (2014)
Ricky Burnett (2014)
17-19.01.2014Martin Bayer (2014)EOS - BerlinCarpetHighXray
19.01.2014Chris Slevin (2014)West BridgefordCarpetLowSmoothC. Slevin
12.01.2014Allan O'Brien (2014)Scottich Indoor - AyrCarpet/Polished floorLowSmoothA. O'Brien
15.12.2013Lorenzo Crolla (2014)Christmas Race - DammartinCarpetLowMediumTeam Xray
08.12.2013Martin Bayer (2014)Czech Nats - BilovecCarpetLowSmoothXray
08.12.2013Mark Thornewill (2014)WS Rd3 - West BridgefordCarpetHighSmoothXray
01.12.2013Lorenzo CrollaHavesne-sur-HelpeCarpetMediumMediumTeam Xray
01.12.2013Bruno CoelhoTorres VedasCarpetMediumMediumTeam Xray
24.10.2013Martin BayerHrotoviceCarpetHighSmoothTeam Xray
09-10.11.2013Mathieu BrièreCdC - NeuvilleCarpetHighSmoothM. Brière
18-20.10.2013Martin Bayer
Renaud Savoya
EOS - PoznanCarpetMediumSmoothTeam Xray
08-10.03.2013Martin BayerEOS - DortmundCarpetHighSmoothXray
17.03.2013Ricky BurnettOff-Road Wars 4 - MaritimeCarpetMediumMediumXray
08-10.03.2013Martin Bayer
Renaud Savoya
EOS - LeobenCarpetHighSmoothXray
10.03.2013Nathans RallsWorksopCarpetLowSmoothXray
09-10.03.2013Lorenzo Crolla
Remy Barbillon
French Nats - LouvresCarpetHighSmoothXray
09-10.03.2013NunoRebeloPortuguese Nats - RC fun ZoneCarpetMediumMediumXray
23-24.02.2013Lorenzo CrollaHMM Trak - Lyon GPCarpetMediumMediumXray
12.02.2013Matte AngserydVBC - LinkopingCarpetHighSmoothXray
12.02.2013Lukas JRynos RacetrackCarpetHighSmoothXray
10.02.2013Marc HeimSwiss Champs Rd1 - StafaCarpetHighSmoothXray
10.02.2013Tom WBCA - CharleroiCarpetMediumMediumXray
09.02.2013Colin JacksonIndoors Series - WorksopCork FloorLowSmoothXray
03.02.2013Lorenzo CrollaRegional - DammartinCarpetLowSmoothXray
Jan. 2013Nathans RallsCharleroiAstro/WoodHighSmoothoOple
20.01.2013Matte AngserydVBC - EskilstunaCarpetHighSmoothXray
20.01.2013Nuno RebeloNats Indoor Master - TorresVedrasCarpetHighSmoothXray
12-13.01.2013Martin BayerDHI Cup - OdenseCarpetMediumSmoothXray
12-13.01.2013Jirka MaraMibosport Cup - HrotoviceCarpetHighSmoothXray
13.01.2013Tom WHK - HurtgenwaldCarpetHighSmoothXray
05-06.01.2013Martin BayerEOS Rd2 - LangenfeldCarpetHighSmoothXray
06.01.2013Lee BunkerWinter Series Rd2 - SilverstoneAstroturfHighSmoothXray
06.01.2013Sime58SIM - WorksopCork FloorMediumMediumXray
06.01.2013Lee BunkerIndoor Masters - WorksopRubber floorLowSmoothXray
05.01.2013PoutiainenWinter Jumps Rd 3 - TurkuLowSmoothXray
23.12.2012Matte AngserydSE RacewayCarpetHighSmoothXray
23.12.2012Martin BayerCarpetHighSmoothXray
22.12.2012Tom WHK Cup - HartgenwaldCarpetMediumMediumXray
Soft DirtDriverEvent - PlaceCompositionTractionSurfaceSource
07-08.09.2013Renaud SavoyaFrench Nats - GonfrevilleSoft DirtLowBumpyXray
MiscellaneousDriverEvent - PlaceCompositionTractionSurfaceSource

Xray Xb4 Kit

XRAY XB4 – the multi-time World Champion 1/10 off-road 4WD car that will bring you to the Winners’ Circle. Visit TeamXRAY.com See more posts about XRAY. Never miss an issue of RC Car Action! Subscribe today with a Digital Edition subscription or Print + Digital combo! XRAY now offers a 4WD 1/10 buggy that is loaded with great features like a Swiss 7075 T6 hard coated 2.0 aluminum chassis, graphite braces and shock towers, front and rear gear differential, and much, much more. Check out all the features in the press release below: It’s time to raise the bar in the. XRAY XB4 2019 downloads: XRAY XB4 2019 Specs Manual XRAY XB4 2019 Specs Exploded View XRAY XB4 2019 Specs Parts List. XRAY XB4 2018 downloads: XRAY XB4 2018 Manual XRAY XB4 (2018) Exploded View Xray XB4 (2018) Spare Parts List XRAY XB4 (2018) Setup Sheet.

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Xray Xb4 2020 Review

Xray xb4 setup

Go to: Manual & Diagram, Blank Setup Sheet, Base Setup Sheet, Tips & Tricks
Setups: Asphalt, Carpet

Xray Xb4 Setup

T4'20 ManualXray
T4'21 ManualXray
Damper ChartRay Munday
Blank Setup Sheet
T4'20 Editable Setup Sheet
SFX T4'20 Editable Setup Sheet
T4'21 Editable Setup Sheet
Base Setups
T4'20 Asphalt Base SetupXray
T4'20 Carpet Base Setup
T4'20 Alexander Hagberg Asphalt Base SetupA. Hagberg
T4'20 Alexander Hagberg Carpet Base Setup
T4'20 Jan Ratheisky Low Traction Asphalt Setup
T4'20 Jan Ratheisky Medium Traction Asphalt Setup
T4'21 Base Setup (Asphalt & Carpet)
Tips & Tricks
Body Mounting PositionsA. Hagberg
Static Camber Angle ChangesA. Hagberg
Rear Wing InstallationA. Hagberg
Battery MountingA. Hagberg
Building the new ULP shocks with Zero ReboundD. Quek
Miscellaneous tips - VideosA. Hagberg
Horizontal Body MountA. Hagberg
T4'21 Tech TipsA. Kidis
T4'21 Alexander Hagberg commentsA. Hagberg
AsphaltDriverEvent - PlaceTractionLayoutSource
19.11.2020Kevin Hebert418 RacewayTechnicalHighXray
23.08.2020Roel Jongenelis (17.5)EindhovenTechnicalLowP. Jongenelis
16.08.2020Alexander HagbergTOS - AndernachMixedMediumA. Hagberg
22.07.2020Roel Jongenelis (17.5)EindhovenTechnicalLowP. Jongenelis
12.07.2020Roel Jongenelis (17.5)EindhovenTechnicalLowP. Jongenelis
June 2020Jan Ratheisky (13.5)TITCMixedLow J. Ratheisky
14-16.02.2020Alexander HagbergTITCFastMediumXray
12.01.2020Toshihiko HaraNagoyaHighTechnicalT. Hara
23-24.11.2019Bruno CoelhoSIGP - Xiamen
CarpetDriverEvent - PlaceTractionLayoutSource
19.07.2020Lex TylerLas VegasFastHighL. Tyler
13.06.2020Drew Ellis (17.5/21.5)Apex RacewayMixedHighD. Ellis
01.03.2020Florian Joos (13.5)WS - LongwyFastMediumD. Joos
08.02.2020Florian Joos (13.5)WS - LongwyFastMediumD. Joos
03.02.2020Alexander HagbergSnowbirdFastMediumXray
25.01.2020Luis Moreno (13.5)La NaveTechnicalMediumL. Moreno
18-19.01.2020Jan Ratheisky (13.5)GP3F - LongwyFastMediumJ. Ratheisky
14.12.2019Martin Hudy (13.5)XRS - TrencinTechnicalHighM. Hudy
25.11.2019Florian Joos (13.5)MRCZ OpenMixedMediumD. Joos
17.11.2019Florian Joos (13.5)WS - LongwyMixedMediumD. Joos
25-27.10.2019Alexander HagbergETS - ViennaMixedMediumA. Hagberg

Xray Xb4 2014 Manual User

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