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Networked - I/ O, RS-485 / Modbus (RTU) and Factory Automation Conveyor Applications

How Stepper Motors Work

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Nema 34 Stepper motor - Ebay. Aluminum plates 8 X 4.5 X 3/4 and 8 X 5.625 X 3/4 inch - brother donated. Lovejoy coupling to fix gearbox shaft and motor shaft - Surplus. Gearbox with high gear reduction like 60 to 1 - Surplus ( I would like to upgrade to an actual milling rotary table. Stepper Motor Armature, Fitting, and Socket (A—stepper motor armature, B—machined 3/8' fitting, C—10 mm socket) The mounting bracket for the stepper of the y axis, the longer of two axes, was fashioned from the larger mounting bracket. Mounting brackets for each stepper motor were cut down to allow for a better fit to each stepper motor.

Stepper Motor Online


Oriental Motor offers Network products under the FLEX concept, meaning each product is equipped with an interface that connects to various master controllers featuring I/O, RS-485 / Modbus (RTU) or Factory Automation. Networked products enable operating data and parameters for each motor to be set at a Master Controller and sent to each driver. In addition, operation commands can be input send set using various communication methods to meet the need of a wide range of available Network Solutions.

Available Network Solutions

1. I/O - Allows the driver to be connected directly to a controller or PLC to configure the operating system with I/O.

X-y Table Stepper Motor

2. RS-485 / Modbus (RTU) - Operating data and parameters can be set and operation commands can be input using RS-485 communication. Up to 31 drivers can be connected to each serial communication module. Also there is a function that enables the simultaneous start of multiple axes. The protocol supports Modbus (RTU), enable connection with devices such as a touch screen (HMI) or PCs.

3. Factory Automation Network - Use of a network converter (sold separately) enables support with CC-Link, MECHATROLINK or EtherCAT communication. Operating data and parameters can be set and operation commands can be input using various communication methods.

For Connecting to Factory Automation (FA) Networks

Stepper Motor Controllers

The communication protocol of the master controller, Factory Automation (FA) network, is converted to Oriental Motor's own RS-485 communication protocol. Connection to FLEX-compatible products is completed with one RS-485 communication cable.

  • Compatible Networks:

    • CC-Link



    • EtherCat