Whelen Led Strobe Kit

Whelen Led Strobe KitWhelen

Whelen Aircraft Led Strobe Lights

Whelen Led Strobe KitWhelen
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  • Whelen Aerospace Technologies represents a rich history in technological innovations and is now positioned as the global leader in the aerospace lighting market. For over 65 years, we’ve had exceptional milestones that demonstrate our dedication to constant innovation, and we’ve never been more excited for the future.
LED Strobe Lights
LED Hideaways are our best-kept secret!
In the past, led strobe lights were cumbersome and complicated, draining loads of power for a relatively small output. These jumbles of wires and confusion frequently failed in the line of duty causing frustration to all involved.
That time is over. Our revolutionary line of LED Hideaways was created to wipe strobes off the face of the earth. With law enforcement, first responders, and construction vehicles in mind, our innovative designs include rounded lenses, inline flashers, and heatsink designs. All help to get the job done in the most powerful and efficient way possible. This means high intensity at a low price.
Check out our stealthy selection of LED Hideaways here at LED Outfitters. The updated and improved light dispersion design on the LHA-9000 makes it a great choice for the darkest nights, and an even more economical option comes in the Eco Series Hideaway.
Worried about price? Our Price Match Guarantee is our commitment to offering the highest quality products at the lowest prices anywhere. Try us and see!
Browse our selection here online or give us a call. We have what you’ve been waiting for!

Strobe Lights Whelen

Whelen led strobe lights

Whelen Led Strobe Lights

Whelen LFL Liberty 48 inch Clear lens kit. You get 4-15.75 sticks and 4-5.75 inch sticks. Included are the endcaps and gaskets along with dividers and star bolts. Lens part facing you is an easy 7 of 10.