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Wartune is an epic hybrid turn-based RPG/strategy game. Featuring three unique classes, single and multi-player dungeons, PvP arenas, competitive battlegrounds. Jun 01, 2013 Hey guys, Level 6 Stables Mount was spotted in the Battle Grounds and I am pretty amazed by that because it takes an enormous amount of mount training whips in order to rise all the way to Level 6 Stables.

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Mount Upgrade Stable

Wartune stockadesStable

Normal Mount Stable

Mount Training Whips can be used to train mount, gaining additional power. Each mount has specific stat that stack with other mounts you owned, so even if your equip another mount, the stat will be the same. Every Mount Training Whip give 10 Mount EXP, but you will have chance to receive 50 EXP for when you consume 50 Mount Training Whips per time. Level up your Normal Mount Stable to unlock new Mounts.

Advance Mount Stable

Wartune Stats

Wartune StableWartune

Wartune Stun

It the same way as you upgrade Normal Stable, but it requires Golden Whips for upgrading.

Wartune Star Tear

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Wartune Stables