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Voltz (Volts) Community Modpack (WITH OFFICIAL SERVER) Modpacks 11,810 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 8, 2020 Game Version: 1.7.10. It's time for a new Voltz modpack that embodies the true spirit of the original and does not cater to the agenda of an individual platform or server. The Voltz Community Modpack represents the combined efforts of countless loyal players and will be the first update of Voltz to feature every single one of the original core mods.

{{#seo: title=How to make a Voltz server description=Learn how to setup/host/make your own Voltz server. }}Learn how to setup/host/make your own Voltz server.

  • Download the Voltz server from the Technic Website.
  • Unpackage the zip file to a directory of your choice
  • Paralogic Official is a brand new network running on the Voltz modpack. Including custom bug fixes and patches! Our professional staff team will be there to assist you accordingly, welcoming new members and returning veterans.
  • To download DRBL live, select the following CPU architecture, file type, repository, then click the download button: Release branch: stable, DRBL live version: 2.5.1-16 1.


  1. First, check if you are capable of hosting a server: http://canihostaminecraftserver.com/
  2. If not, scroll down below.
  3. Run launch.bat from the Voltz folder

Make sure you have port forwarded correctly. You should look up a video on portforwarding for your type of router, since for every router you have to portforward in a different way. I'll try to explain. But remember, it might be different on your router. First, press the start button and go to cmd, type 'ipconfig' in cmd and press enter. You want to look for the numbers after 'standard gateway'. Found them? Well, just type the numbers in your web browser. You should now get to your router's website. There should be something like toolbox, or gaming&application sharing or anything close to that. You want to create a new application here. Call it anything you want, just 'Minecraft' is okay. Now there should be something like, UDC, TCP and both. You want to select 'both' because we want both UDC and TCP. The port you want to open is 25565, if it asks for a second port just type 25565 in there aswell. Now the port should be opened. You might have to assign the port to be opened though. There should be something like 'assign a new application' or something close to that. Press that, and select the 'Minecraft' port we just made. The port is now open and ready to connect your friends to your system.


  • At least 4GB of RAM.The server allocates 3GB of memory to Java, and upon launching instantly uses up a gigabyte. It'll hover around a gigabyte as long as there's about 4 people and a relatively small amount of chunks being loaded.

Voltz 3.1 2 Server Download 64-bit


  1. Via SSH, run java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar Voltz.jar nogui. THis will allocate 1GB of RAM to the server. Change it accordingly. 1024M = 1 GB

Can't host a server?

Can't figure out how to port forward, your computer is too slow or your internet connection sucks?

Affordable and powerful servers
Voltz 3.1 2 Server DownloadVoltz 3.1 2 Server Download

Then your only option left is to find a hosting company to do it for you. We recommend using Astral Gameservers. They offer Minecraft, Voltz and Tekkit servers starting at only $2.49/month already for a 6 slot server and instant setup with automatic installation of mod packs, so you don't need to have any knowledge of all the tech stuff required to run a server on your own.


Voltz Mod Download

  • Redownload all the coremods, mods, configs etc.
  • Remember to put the CONTENTS of the 'PUT THIS IN SERVER.JAR' into your minecraft_server.jar
  • If people can't join your server you probably haven't portforwarded right, make sure you've followed the step of portforwarding correctly.
  • If someone (you) is trying to join the server and it says that you're missing a lot of the mods, you've got a wrong pack version or just a wrong pack, make sure you have the RIGHT version and make sure it's VOLTZ.
  • My .bat file won't open the server! : make sure you've got the .bat file in the same folder as the launch server, and also make sure you've copied the text correctly.
  • There's no mods or coremods or configs folder, so I can't put the mods and configs in! : remember to launch the server again after putting the contents of the 'PUT THIS IN SERVER.JAR' into the minecraft_server.jar, launching it again will generate these folders.

Voltz Community Modpack Servers

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