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  • Download VAG Tacho files Drivers CAN bus scanner Download Vagtacho K+CAN How to install drivers: Connect OBD interface to any free USB port. This will start Windows procedure to install drivers for new hardware found. Show Windows where the drivers are on your hard disk. If Windows ask you for a file with extension '.cat', press 'Skip File'!
  • VAG TACHO USB Version 5.0 Lastest version 5.0, support VDO with 24C32 or 24C64. Our vagtacho usb version 5.0 includes the functions of vagtacho usb 4.52, vagtacho usb 4.0, and vagtacho usb 3.5. VAG Kombiinstrument / Immo box eeprom programmer! Only Support Windows XP.

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2.vag tacho usb version 4.52 Vagtcho 4.52 is upgraded from vag tacho usb4.0, Upgrade Vagtacho usb 4.0 interface with Programmer for Megamos ID48 chips, our vagtacho version 5.0 has upgraded directly,includes the functions for vagtacho usb 4.52 The benefits with this upgrade are.

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    Vag tacho 5.0 download windows 10
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    Vag Tacho Download Crack

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    VAG Tacho USB 5.0 Support VDO For NEC MCU 24C32 or 24C64. VAG Tacho USB Version V5.0 With VAG Tacho 5.0 seed key and VAG Tacho 5.0 drivers. VAG Tacho 5.0 can work windows 7 system.

    Vag Tacho 5.0 Download Free

    VAG Tacho USB 5.0 VAG Tacho USB Version V5.0 With VAG Tacho 5.0 seed key and VAG Tacho 5.0 drivers
    Vagtacho USB Version V 5.0 VAG Tacho 5.0 Support VDO For NEC MCU 24C32 or 24C64

    Note: Vagtacho USB Version V 5.0 includes the functions of vagtacho usb 4.52 , vagtacho usb 4.0, and vagtacho usb 3.5.
    VAG Kombiinstrument / Immo box eeprom programmer!
    Vag tacho usb version 5.0 support system: Windows 7, Vista, Win XP, Win 98 compatible software!
    Support for some VDO dashes for VW from year 2009-2011 with NEC mcu and 24C32 or 24C64 eeprom memory. Important: These dashes requires ignition to be switched on with valid key of the car!Software version 5.0 works ONLY with interfaces which has got built-in programmer for Megamos ID48 transponders!
    Built-in programmer for Megamos ID48 transponders!Pre-programming of TP2x transponders as dealer’s keys with component security data which is read from immobiliser!
    NEW key programming feature for VAG cars with VDO dashes on CAN bus!(TP2 and UDS protocols)
    Note: TP22, 23, 24, 25 transponders are required!

    VAG tacho usb v5.0 support VAG cars list

    Golf 6, Jetta, Polo, EOS with VDO dash 2009 - 2011, note: not all dashes are supported!
    Golf 5, Caddy, Touran, Jetta, EOS with VDO dash 2003 - June.2006
    Golf 4, Bora with VDO or Motometer/Bosch dash: 1997-2003
    Beetle with Marelli dash: 1998 - 2005
    Passat, Jetta, with VDO, Marelli or Motometer dash: 1997-2004
    Polo with VDO or Motometer dash: 1999-2006 (1999-2002 mileage change only)
    Sharan with VDO dash: 2000-2004(mileage change only)
    Caddy, Lupo with VDO or Motometer dash 1997 - 2002(mileage change only)
    Transporter with VDO dash 1998 - 2000
    LT35 ( Temic immo box) 1999-2003 (pin code read only)
    Gol ( Kostal immo box) 1999-2003 (pin code read only)
    Altea, Leon, Toledo with VDO 2003 - 6/2006
    Leon, Toledo, Cordoba, Ibiza with VDO or Motometer dash 1997-2003
    Alhambra with VDO 2000 - 2004(mileage change only)
    Inca with VDO or Motometer 1997 -2000(mileage change only)
    Octavia II with VDO dash 2005 - 6/2006
    Octavia, Fabia with VDO dash 1997 - 2004
    A3 VDO dash 2003 - 2005
    A3, A4, A6 VDO dash 1997 - 2000
    A3, TT, A6 Magnetti Marelli dash 1998 - 2003
    A4 Bosch dash 2000 - 2008 - Read/write of encrypted data with V4.5!
    A4, A6, A8 1995-1999 (immo box - read pin code)

    VAG tacho v5.0 benefits

    Your Vagtacho interface will works with software vesrion 5.0 for the new VDO dashes with UDS protocol from year 2009+
    Programming of new keys to VAG cars which are into FAZIT database.
    Works with cars which has got locked key programming channel, or pin code is not accepted.
    No need to wait up to 30 minutes for the key programming procedure.
    With this upgrade, Vagtacho can program the new key in one minute.
    Vag tacho usb version 5.0 Main functions:

    1. read ecu info
    2. read pin
    3. change mileage
    4. read eeprom
    5. programmer new key
    6. write eeprom
    7. clear ecu errors
    8. viem memory buffer
    How to use vag tacho usb v5.0 programmer keys
    Switch ON ignition with any key new or old, no mater which one. Start software, select 'VDO NEW - CAN bus' from menu. Press 'Connect Selected ECU' button, after 5 seconds the data of the dash will be shown on screen. Press 'Program New Key', software will read data from the dash and after few seconds a new window will be open. See the picture. ID numbers of the transponders which are stored into memory will be shown:
    Press 'Save Data to File' and save immobiliser’s data somewhere in you computer. After you had saved file, press 'Close' - 'Disconnect', switch iginiton off and remove key. Start TMPro and upload that file in software. TMPro will check file and will open a menu where you can program new transponder key for this car. Insert the new key in TMPro box and program it.
    This is TMPro module#146 window. Insert transponder key with new Megamos ID48 chip and program it.
    Press 'Add Key' and a message will be shown. Switch ON ignition with key which you want to program!The key may be new - already programmed with TM Pro, or old - key which has been used with the same car!Vagtacho will check the key. If this key is already programmed to the car, or it is from another car, Vagtacho will show warning message on screen and won’t program this key!
    If everything is ok, Vagtacho will add the new key into the data of immobiliser and will show ID number of new key on screen. See the red mark on the picture. Now you are ready to program the new transponder key into the immobiliser. Press 'Write Keys' to complete programming procedure!
    Press 'Write Keys' and the warning window will be open. If you are sure that everything is all right, press'Continue', otherwise press 'Cancel'. If you press 'Cancel' nothing will happens, and the data won’t be written into immobiliser. After pressing 'Continue' Vagtacho will writes the data into immobiliser after few seconds. The dash will be reset, and the programming procedure will be completed!
    This is the last step, after this the new data will be written into immobiliser!If you have marked and erased some keys, they will NOT works anymore!
    This picture shows the final Vagtacho window. If you have switched ON ignition with key which is already programmed by TMPro, the warning lamp of immobiliser on the dash will be turned off. The new key is already stored into immobiliser and you can start engine!
    If the immobiliser’s warning lamp on the dash is still flashing, there is some error in programming procedure, you can check the transponder key - see how to do this on the next picture!
    Switch ON ignition with the key which you want to test!Start software, select 'VDO NEW - CAN bus' from menu, and press'Transponder Check'. Vagtacho will connects immobiliser. Press 'Read ECU Info' button, and wait about 10 seconds. The information about this transponder key will be displayed on screen, see the next picture. You can press 'Read ECU Info' to testing of transponder key again. This procedure is optional, and is not required when programming the new keys.
    Transponder variable part and transponder locked must be 'YES', otherwise there are errors in programming of the new key with TMPro!
    Transponder fixed part must be 'YES' otherwise the key is still not programmed into immobiliser, or Vagtacho programming procedure is not completed successfully. In case of such error, repeat whole programming procedure again with another new transponder!All parameters must be set 'YES'!


    Vag Tacho Download Windows 7 OBD2 Tool, Automotive Diagnostic Tools, Car Key Programmer, OBD2 ECU chip tuning tool Center.

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    Vag Tacho Download Free

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