Unlock Iphone Without Sim Card Slot

It is possible to Setup & Activate iPhone without SIM Card and use it as WiFi only device (like iPad or iPod). You will find below two different methods to Activate and Setup iPhone Without SIM Card.

Activate iPhone Without SIM Card

When you start setting up iPhone, it will come up with “No SIM Card” or “SIM Required” pop-up, as soon as it gets connected to your WiFi Network.

Newer model iPhones from Sprint do come with a SIM slot as they are compatible with both CDMA and GSM carriers. To unlock your cell phone you will need to contact Sprint. As long as the phone finance is fully paid off and not reported stolen or lost, Sprint will be able to unlock the device for you. Part 4: How to SIM Unlock Your iPhone with iPhone IMEI iPhone IMEI is another online SIM unlocking service especially for iPhone. It can help you SIM unlock your iPhone without SIM card or unlocking code from the carrier. The unlocking service privided by iPhone IMEI are Official iPhone unlocks, permanent and lifetime warranted! Sprint Iphone 5 sim card slot? I have the 16 gb iPhone 5 from sprint and i realized that the phone still has the sim card slot. Does this mean that the phone can be unlocked to be used with at&t or t-mobile? Or is it unlocked already? Iphone 4 Verizon has no sim card slot? My iphone 4 doesn't have a sim card slot. ►Use iTunes to Activate Your iPhone iTunes is good tool to bypass iPhone activation. With the service, you are able to set up your device as a new iPhone, which allows you to activate the device without SIM card. The specific steps are.

In case of Newer iPhones (iOS 11.4 and later), the “No SIM Card” pop-up can be easily dismissed and the remaining Setup process completed, without inserting a SIM Card.

In case of older iPhones (iOS 11.3 and later), you will see “SIM Required” pop-up, which cannot be dismissed and prevents you from completing the setup process.

1. Dismiss “No SIM Card” Pop-up

As mentioned above, you can easily dismiss “NO SIM Card” Pop-up and complete the Setup Process on Newer iPhones (iOS 11.4 and higher).

1. Press the Power Button to start iPhone and Slide-right to start the Setup Process.

Iphone Sim Card Unlock Software

2. On the next screens, select Language > select Country > tap on Set Up Manually option.

3. Select your WiFi Network > enter WiFi Network Password > tap on OK to dismiss “No SIM Card” pop-up.

4. On the next screen, tap on Continue to agree to Apple’s Data & Privacy conditions > setup Touch ID or tap on Setup Later > setup your Lock Screen Passcode.

5. On Apps & Data screen, select Set Up as New iPhone option.

Note: If you have Backup, you can select Restore From iTunes Backup or Restore From iCloud Backup option.

6. On the next screen, enter your Apple ID and Password.

Note: If you do not have an Apple ID, tap on Forgot Passcode or don’t have an Apple ID Link. On the next screen, you can either Create an Apple ID or tap on Setup Later in Settings Link.

Iphone 4 Without Sim Card

7. Tap on Agree to accept Apple’s Terms & Conditions.

8. On the next screen, tap on Continue and follow the instructions to complete the remaining setup process.

2. Use iTunes to Activate iPhone Without SIM Card

If you have an older iPhone (iOS 11.3 and lower), you can make use of iTunes to Setup iPhone without SIM Card.

1. Connect iPhone to Mac or Windows computer with iTunes Installed on it.


2. Once iPhone is detected by iTunes, it should prompt you download the latest version of iOS update as available for your model of iPhone.

3. After downloading updates, you will see “Setup as New” or “Restore From Backup” options. Select, Setup as New option and tap on Continue.

4. Follow the Onscreen instructions to complete the Setup Process.

There is actually a lot that you can do with WiFi Only iPhone, take a look at our guide: How to Use iPhone Without SIM Card, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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  • To unlock your iPhone from its carrier, you'll likely need to contact your carrier directly to cancel your contract.
  • Most carriers will require you to pay off any debt you have to them before they'll unlock your iPhone.
  • You'll need a paperclip or a similar object to replace the SIM card in your iPhone, which will allow you to link it to a new carrier.
  • You can also unlock your iPhone without linking it to a new carrier, but you'll lose some functionality.
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Let's say you're about to ditch your current cell phone carrier for another. Before you make the switch, there are a few things to consider — like unlocking your iPhone.

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When you buy a new iPhone, if you don't pay the entire price up front, it'll be 'locked' to your carrier. This means that, until you pay it off, your phone can only connect to that carrier's network and no others.

And if you switch to a new carrier without unlocking it first, you might find yourself unable to send texts or make phone calls.

So if your iPhone is locked, but you need to switch carriers, here's what you'll need to do.

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How to request an unlock from your carrier


Unlock Iphone No Sim

Before anything, make sure your iPhone is fully paid for. Most carriers can refuse to unlock your phone if you're still on a payment plan with outstanding payments, according to the FCC.

Once you're all paid up, head to Apple's support page to find out whether 'unlocking' is a service your carrier offers. Most major carriers like AT&T, Boost Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, and Xfinity do.

Once you're ready, call your carrier to request an unlock. Your request might take a few days to process, but you should be sent a confirmation email or letter once it's done.

If you're switching from AT&T to another carrier, you can use AT&T's convenient device unlocking portal to avoid calling customer service. This could take a few days to process. You'll be sent a confirmation once it's completed.

Once you're unlocked, feel free to cancel your old carrier contract.

How to unlock an iPhone with another SIM card

Once you have a SIM card from your new carrier, you can replace the card currently in your iPhone. Before you do this, backup your information to iCloud or your computer through iTunes and turn the device off.

1. Gently insert a paperclip or similar object into the hole of the SIM card slot on the side of your phone. A chipholder will pop out — gently remove it from the phone.

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2. Remove the SIM card currently in the chipholder. Once removed, place your new SIM card into the chipholder and slide it back into place.

3. Turn your iPhone back on.

How to unlock an iPhone without another SIM card

Unlock Iphone Without Sim Card Slot Deals

In some cases, you might want to unlock your phone without tying it to a new carrier. This is easy to do, but might leave your iPhone without some functionality.

If this alright, once you unlock your iPhone, here's what you should do:


1. Backup your information to iCloud or iTunes.

2. Erase the iPhone by restoring the device to its original factory settings.

3. Restore the device from your backup.

If you get an error message when you try to restore the device:

Unlocking Sim Card For Iphone

1. Restore the device to its original factory settings.

2. Double-check with your carrier that the unlock was successful on their end.

Unlock Iphone Without Sim Card Slot Offers

3. Try again to restore the phone from your most recent backup.

Unlock Phone Without Sim Card

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