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  1. Trials In Tainted Space Wiki Added new accessories to Dr. Badger and Emmy’s shops that fire off a damage pulse when your shields go down, once per combat. Cleaned up some combat code that prevented certain procs from occurring when an attack’s damage was tagged to display “minimal” output.
  2. If the player is pregnant, their pregnancy will last 175 days or 25 in game weeks. During which: Minimum Lust increases to 10, Lust increases by 5 whenever the player eats a food item, cup size increases, Thickness increases, Tone decreases, the player experience random lust gains and sudden decreases in energy to 0. The player cannot give birth in a dungeon during a quest or mission.
  3. Art Trials in Tainted Space. Art Changelog TiTS. In which Lund has wayyy too much fun with the PC’s cookie stash. 0.7.157 Changelog: The desk girl at Stella’s beach now sells some swimwear. I also wrote some stuff for a raskvel pregnancy that the player can get. I’ll be trying to wire that up tonight along with a new.

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Trials In Tainted Space Wiki Pregnancy

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Trials in tainted space wiki pregnant

Trials In Tainted Space Wiki Pregnant

Name / TitleAddedExpiresHitsSyntax
Trials in Tainted Space - Illustria Po Victory TitnosisApr 22nd, 2020 Never1,290None -
Trials in Tainted Space - Illustria Po Bad EndApr 22nd, 2020 Never1,886None -
Trials in Tainted Space - Advanced Herm Sexbot Victory Bad EOct 26th, 2019 Never3,951None -
Trials in Tainted Space - Leithan Forgehound Bad End (New)Apr 13th, 2019 Never6,582None -
Hex casts Hex! (Quote/Hex, Owain/Kris)Jan 5th, 2019 Never901None -
Trials in Tainted Space: Leithan Pirate Bad EndSep 11th, 2018 Never7,258None -
Corruption of Champions: Tamani's Daughters Bad End 2Aug 2nd, 2018 Never3,004None -
Corruption of Champions: Tamani's Daughters Bad End 1Aug 2nd, 2018 Never4,096None -
Corruption of Champions: Losing to Tamani and Daughters 2Aug 2nd, 2018 Never2,533None -
Corruption of Champions: Losing to Tamani and DaughtersAug 2nd, 2018 Never1,967None -
Corruption of Champions: Vapula Bad EndJul 25th, 2018 Never6,110None -
Corruption of Champions: Losing to Tamani's DaughtersMay 22nd, 2018 Never1,997None -
Trials in Tainted Space: Angel DreamJan 15th, 2018 Never4,081None -
Trials in Tainted Space: Demon DreamJan 12th, 2018 Never4,951None -
Trials in Tainted Space: Doctor Badger Bad EndSep 10th, 2017 Never9,408None -
Trials in Tainted Space: Tam-Tam Bad EndSep 10th, 2017 Never10,933None -
Trials in Tainted Space: Doll-Maker Bad EndSep 10th, 2017 Never14,171None -
Trials in Tainted Space: Jerynn Bad EndSep 8th, 2017 Never24,777None -
Corruption of Champions Night AmbushSep 5th, 2017 Never4,114None -
Trials in Tainted Space: Buttslutinator Part 3Aug 10th, 2017 Never6,710None -
Trials in Tainted Space: Buttslutinator Part 2Aug 10th, 2017 Never5,129None -
Trials in Tainted Space: Buttslutinator Part 1Aug 10th, 2017 Never6,605None -
Corruption of Champions Eager Kelt SubmissionJun 22nd, 2017 Never5,633None -
Corruption of Champions Izma and Bimbo SophieJun 22nd, 2017 Never1,988None -
Corruption of Champions Dominika's ChampionJun 16th, 2017 Never3,537None -
Corruption of Champions Bazaar TentJun 14th, 2017 Never3,460None -
Corruption of Champions Demonic Centaur Bad EndMay 6th, 2017 Never10,424None -
Corruption of Champions Alpha Izma Bad EndMay 6th, 2017 Never6,301None -
Corruption of Champions Scylla EncountersMay 5th, 2017 Never2,333None -
Corruption of Champions Salon Impregnation LynnetteMay 3rd, 2017 Never4,044None -
Corruption of Champions Secretarial Succubus Bad End (Demon)May 3rd, 2017 Never5,329None -
Corruption of Champions Minotaur King Bad EndMar 14th, 2017 Never16,167None -
Corruption of Champions Minotaur Bad EndFeb 3rd, 2017 Never12,542None -
Corruption of Champions Minotaur ThroatfuckFeb 3rd, 2017 Never3,490None -
Corruption of Champions Minotaur Cum Addict SalonFeb 3rd, 2017 Never6,015None -
Corruption of Champions Minotaur DreamFeb 3rd, 2017 Never3,763None -
Corruption of Champions Lethice Bad EndJan 28th, 2017 Never15,889None -

Trials In Tainted Space Pregnant

Trials in Tainted Space. TITS is not just a Corruption of Champions alternative. The game itself is developed by the same team and company (Fenoxo) that created CoC. And judging by the standards of the game, Trials in Tainted Space is one of the most played text-based Role Play Game compared to others on this list.