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I have no convictions which are under the provisions of the Road Traffic Act. I hereby authorize the Department of Airport Operations to approach Transport Control Department, Bermuda Police, and Magistrates Court for verification of the information I have provided. BERMUDA MOTOR CAR ACT 1951 1951: 89 TABLE OF CONTENTS PART I Division of Act into Parts omitted Interpretation, construction and saving Declaration of general principle of Act Use of motor cars in Bermuda General functions of Minister under Act Establishment of Transport Control Department Appointment and functions of examiners and traffic. ELECTRONIC VEHICLE-REGISTRATION ACT 2007 The negative resolution procedure shall apply to regulations made under this section. Offences No person shall remove, destroy or interfere with an electronic tag, or its operation, except as authorized by the Director of the Transport Control Department. TCD now supports online scheduling of inspections and examinations and the re-licensing of private cars and bikes. To proceed, please log in or click the registration link to create a new account. All you need is a valid Bermudian driver's license or learner's permit.

The voter should ensure they update any changes to their registration details within 28 days of the occurrence of the change.

Please be aware that the new constituency boundaries are in effect. Please read your registration details to the end to determine if you will be effected by the change.

Please be advised, we are receiving an influx of registration forms at this time. Therefore, you may not see your new registration or registration changes right away. Please do NOT resubmit your forms, our team is working diligently to complete all registration forms as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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You can visit the main Transport Control Department (TCD) location and request a Sunday permit, or a permit to move an unlicensed vehicle. You will need to explain your situation, pay a small fee (see table below) and show valid insurance. Your information will be recorded by TCD.

Permit Fees


Type Of Permit


One Day Casual Permit - Allows holder to move unlicensed vehicle


One Day Truck Casual Permit


One Day Sunday Permit


One Year Sunday Permit for Light Trucks


One Year Sunday Permit for Intermediate Trucks


One Year Sunday Permit for Heavy-A Trucks


One Year Sunday Permit for Heavy-B Trucks


One Year Sunday Permit for Heavy-C Trucks


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Bermuda Government Tcd

Hire Trucks Permits


Lunch Wagon


Water Truck


Sanitation Truck


Dump/General Truck


Boat Trailer


Tractor Trailer


Sewage Tank Wagon


Rental Truck Permits

Rental Truck


Permits for trucks other than Hire or Rental Trucks

Light/Light Private Truck


Intermediate Truck


Passenger Truck


Class A Heavy Truck


Class B Heavy Truck


Class C Heavy Truck


Garbage Collection Truck (HX)


Tractor Head


Light Trailer


Intermediate Trailer


Heavy Trailer


Trailer SP


Trailer XT


Trailer LXT


Luxury Limousine




Reinstating Expired Truck Permit