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Flash animations which you can find on any website are saved in temporary files on the browsers which you are using. Finding and recovering an animation depends on the skills you have in dealing with them.
SWF Catcher is an Internet Explorer and Firefox extension that lets you easily extract flash animations and games from any website.
To capture an animation using Internet Explorer 7 you must got to the toolbar and click on the Sothink SWF Catcher option. On Firefox, this option is also located on the toolbar under the same name.
The Firefox version displays a sidebar which lists all available animations. If you select one of them, SWF Catcher highlights it from the rest of the website. The Internet Explorer version does the same, only in a new preview window.

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Sothink Swf Catcher Key

Sothink swf catcher key

Sothink Swf Catcher Registration Key


For Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. The Firefox version of SWF Catcher can be downloaded here.