Sublime Text 3 License Mac

Sublime Text 3 License Mac

License Keys are issued by Sublime HQ Pty Ltd, ABN 48 153 193 661, and covered by the End User License Agreement. Sublime HQ Pty Ltd is located in Sydney, Australia. A license is valid for Sublime Text 3, and includes all point updates, as well as access to prior versions (e.g., Sublime Text 2). Future major versions, such as Sublime Text 4, will be a paid upgrade. If you have a license from 2012 or earlier, you can upgrade to a Sublime Text 3 license at a discounted rate. Download Sublime Text v3.0.3 latest version 2019 offline installer for Windows & Mac Version. Sublime Text for Windows 32/64-bit OS & Mac OS X 10.7 or later. This is the popular sophisticated text editor for code, markup & prose. Now Sublime text editor software for OS, its available for Windows, Mac, Linus, And Android versions.



Sublime text is a proprietary cross platform source code editor with a python application programming interface. It supports many programming languages. Sublime text 2.0.2 was released on 8 July, 2013. It contains 22 different themes with the option to download additional themes. In this tutorial, we will install Sublime Text on MacOS.


  1. MacOS
  2. Login as an administrator on terminal


This includes following steps.

1) Download the dmg file

Sublime for mac

Sublime Text 3 License Key 3211 Mac

In order to install sublime text editor, we have to download the disk image file by visiting its official website or by simply pasting the link in our browser's search bar.

2) Mount the File:

Sublime text 3 license cost

The dmg file downloaded from the official website of sublime text needs to be mounted to a Volume. This will be done by the following command.

Sublime Text 3 License Key 3207 Mac

3) Create a link of sublime text into bin:

Sublime text editor is installed into the /applications. To run sublime globally on terminal, we have to first create a symlink of /Applications/'Sublime Text 2'/Contents/SharedSupport/bin/subl into /usr/local/bin. Since it contains all the binary executable files which are identified globally on the system hence now we can run sublime text editor by simply typing sublime on terminal from any location.

Link can be created by using following command.

4) Test Sublime

Now we can create any text file with sublime by simply typing sublime along with file name.

5) Unmount the file

The file needs to be unmounted when we have competed the installation of sublime. For this purpose, use the following command.

Hence, we have installed sublime text 2 on our MacOS successfully.

Sublime Text 3 License Key 2019

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Sublime Text 3 License Key