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Snow Peak submits all of its products to the highest standards of engineering and testing to ensure long-lasting durability in even the most challenging outdoor conditions. If you ever find that one of our products doesn't function properly, simply contact Snow Peak User Services, or take it to one of our certified dealers. This is 'Mini Hozuki: How-To' by Snow Peak on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

The Mini hozuki lantern is a compact, bright and versatile LED camping light. Intuitive controls, warm candle-like tone and a powerful magnetic fastener make this the perfect light source whether lighting your Snow Peak tent or used as a reading light in your home. Snow Peak + Camp & Hike Snow Peak Camp & Hike Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lanterns Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lanterns Q&A Snow Peak + Camp & Hike Snow Peak Camp & Hike.


Snow Peak's line of premium camping gear fits perfectly in your apartment or house. Features like USB wall plug-in’s, double wall coffee cups, folding chopping board cutlery set, lights that flicker like a candle, and easy stow folding chairs will pair nicely with any home that has an appreciation for smart design. Snow Peak's journey began in 1958 when founder, Yukio Yamai, an accomplished mountaineer, created his own line of superior gear out of the dissatisfaction with available products. With a true aesthetic in mind, Snow Peak has built a line of natural lifestyle products that are regarded as the best in the industry. They create products that inspire people to enjoy the outdoors, seek harmony between people and nature, and manufacturer with high quality standards so that their products will last for generations to come.

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September 30, 2013 updated Jun 25, 2014

Snow Peak is a great brand, with products whose sleekness and aesthetic is on the level with a company like Apple Computers. This could have been a game-changer for lanterns:, there'd be no need to buy any other lantern than this one. However, poorly-manufactured components have a difficult time staying assembled, and this wound-up being an REI store return for me.
While I really appreciate a yellow, warm LED light (which I will admittedly miss), I ultimately couldn't rely on this lantern to stay in one piece.


  • Magnetic loop able to hang off hooks or be clipped onto hanging points
  • Lightweight (3.1 oz)
  • 'Mini' is right - only measures 2.2' X 2'!
  • Shatter-proof, flexible silicone 'lampshade'
  • 60 strong lumens of warm, yellow-hued LED light


  • Silicone lampshade prone to become loose and easily come off over time
  • Battery door assembly has difficulty keeping a tight and consistent seal (not a weatherproof lantern)


This year, I've promised myself that if I'm not 100% satisfied with a product, it's returned to the store and replaced with something that works better.

Snow Peak's Mini Hozuki lantern - sadly - is one of those items.


This lantern was used over the past year on all of my car camping trips and all but the most recent of my backpacking trips: hung inside a tent, hung off tree branches, stuck to metal poles, and stored both inside and on the gear loops of my pack.


This product had me honestly excited. Backpacker Magazine RAVED about it, and even made it an Editor's Choice item. It instantly made it onto my 2012 Christmas list, and eventually beneath the Christmas tree. I still remember how shocked I was opening the box, and seeing how small it was (3.1 oz and 2.2' X 2')!


A lantern that small couldn't possibly put out a usable amount of light, could it?

Well, it can.

60 lumens on high, powered by three 'AAA' batteries.


There are three brightness settings (high/medium/low), a strobe mode, and a 'candle-light' mode that flickers like the flame of a candle would.

Cool, right?

Turns out I only got use out of the lantern when set to 'high,' and didn't have much use for the other lighting modes. Each mode is activated by how many times and for how long you push directly on the plastic-domed bulb.


That said, it will eat-up batteries more quickly when kept on high.

SP quotes the battery life at 40 hours on high, and 70 hours on low. I've found it can get you by on a weekend or 3-day trip on one set of batteries, and that's when you keep it turned on from sunset until bedtime each night.


Once the battery gets low enough, the snowflake-shaped logo debossed into the white top half will engage a red warning light to suggest changing batteries.


The lampshade is made from silicone rubber (making it shatterproof and something you can pack thoughtlessly), and diffuses the light nicely, leaving the bottom diameter open for more direct light. It lights up a 2-3 person tent well, but careful not to stare directly up at the light - the white LED is harsh on the eyes. Better to place it toward the corner and let it diffuse more evenly.

Snow peak mini hozuki instructions guide


LOVE the warm-hued, yellow LED light.


I really wish more lantern manufacturers would make theirs with the same kind of LED.

It makes a tent so much more livable, comfortable, and cozy.


The biggest concept this lantern introduces is the magnetic hanging loop.

The ball-shaped magnetic end of the rubber loop detaches from the top of the lantern, and is secured back in place via a magnet built into the top lid.

Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Instructions Download

You can:

A.) Thread it through a gear loop

B.) Keep the loop closed and hang it from a hook

C.) Hang it from a line or tree branch, because why not?

Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Instructions

D.) Stick the magnetic end directly onto a metal surface and the magnet will hold it into place.

Again, all cool, but I wound-up threading it through my tent and pack's gear loops most the time.

And this is where I began having problems.



Because the silicone rubber lampshade is readily flexible (you can remove it and turn it inside-out for cleaning, too) this also means it loosens over time, and doesn't stay on the lantern as strongly as it did fresh out of the box. My lampshade kept falling off the lantern assembly, and I could no longer trust it would stay in one piece if hung on the outside of my pack.


Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Instructions Bike

Much the same, the two halves of the lantern twist together, and - in conjunction with a loosened lampshade - become increasingly difficult to keep tightly sealed. I wouldn't dare test the water-resistance of this lantern, that said.

MY $0.02

If SP's construction and quality could match their concepts, I'd buy this again in a heart beat. Sadly I couldn't rely on this lantern and was forced to take it back.

Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Instructions Manual

Source: received it as a personal gift