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I did manage to make the cake for Captain Irving, but delivering it was another matter. It was gorgeous if I do say so myself; white fondant over a devil's food chocolate with full algebraic equations in blue and red on it. For those I had to thank my associate, Naomi since she took the time to find a few good ones on the internet, and it took some delicate work with the frosting bag to make them look right. Once we were done though, it was whole 'nother matter to get the cake to the party. I'd offered to deliver it, but given the depth of the snow it was probably going to be taking it over by sled instead of car. The good news was that I had a sled and the walk wouldn't be far; about a mile and a half or so.

A recent episode of Sleepy Hollow, titled And the Abyss Gazes Back (airdate: 10/27/14) featured a Wendigo, the legendary monster of Algonquian tribes. 9 Things To Know About 'Sleepy Hollow' a list of 9 images updated 12 Jan 2017 IMDb Picks: January TV Premieres a list of 39 titles updated 29 Dec 2016 2015-16 TV Season: Renewed, Canceled, and on the Bubble a list of 225 images updated 23 Sep 2016. Wendigo Chapter 1, a sleepy hollow fanfic FanFiction Sometimes walking around Sleepy Hollow is a real pain. You might think I mean that in a figurative sense, but I'm here to tell you that's not the case. I mean it actually does hurt. Has Sleepy Hollow been saving up its CGI budget for the Joe-to-Wendigo transformation? I was a bit blown away by what I saw when Abbie and Crane find Joe again in the woods, where he’s gone to.


The bad news was the snow was still falling and visibility was pretty poor even here in the center of town. Naomi and I wrapped the cake up in the sturdiest, heaviest box we had and strapped it down on my old flexible flyer, keeping it as secure as we could. Naomi would keep the shop open for another few hours then close early. I told her to stay over if the roads out her way weren't plowed and she agreed.

I wanted Wolf to stay home since a trek like the one I was going to make wouldn't be a lot of fun but he ignored my suggestions to stay put, and hovered right next to the door like the bossy haystack he was. 'All right,' I told him with a resigned sigh, 'don't come whining to me if your special parts freeze off.'

To be honest though, I was secretly glad to have him coming along. Ever since spotting the Hungry One, I was nervous about going out alone, particularly past the park. I wasn't the only one either; Naomi fretted and made me promise to text her once I got to Captain Irving's house. I nodded through my scarves and mufflers, then got down to business hauling the cake. Wolf slipped past me out into the white stuff and then it was onward, into the swirling flakes.

Captain Miller's house was an old one out along Tarrytown Avenue, just past the little league diamond, which meant I'd have a pretty level route if I stuck near the sidewalks. Since it was daylight—sort of—the streetlights wouldn't be on yet, but I could see far enough to be safe. A more sensible baker might have postponed the delivery but I had a stubborn streak in me. I wanted to see the girl's face when she got her first look at that cake, and honestly, I also didn't want to let the captain down. From what I could see he had enough troubles to deal with at the moment and I'd be damned if I added to those.

That was my crush talking, but I kept tamping it down and hoping I didn't end up making a fool of myself by getting frostbite on the way over. Anyway, Wolf and I set out down the sidewalk together with the wind at our backs. I pulled the sled and the furry one romped ahead, looking like he was having the time of his life. I hoped to God Captain Irving didn't mind having a soon-to-be wet frizzball show up on his doorstep, along with her dog. The coffee in my gut fortified me, and I trudged on, moving three blocks with the help of the gusts pushing me along.

When we got closer to the diamond, I slowed a little, the muffler around my lower face already hot and wet. Since there were fewer buildings here I heard the howl of the wind much more clearly now, and braced myself, waiting for . . . something. Wolf circled around the sled, considerably less bouncy now than when we started out, and he thrust his muzzle against my thigh, looking as anxious as I did, I'm sure.

I looked around carefully, tensing against both the cold and the fear. There's something about being in the open when you know there's danger around that makes every sound suspicious, even the ones you recognize. Things were quiet, except for the low moan of the wind, but I did a three sixty just because . . . well, because I'm that way.

Nothing in any direction that shouldn't have been there, but I was losing the light, and began to chew my lips when I realized that it would be dark when I headed back. That was not a good thought, so I picked up the rope, increasing my pace along the edge of the baseball diamond.

Only a few cars were moving by, mostly the bigger trucks with good snow tires. Lights shone in the houses and that cheered me a bit, particularly when I spotted a string of party lights around someone's front window. Wolf was loping along, sticking close and giving a few disgusted chuffs every now and then as his token protests about the trip.

'Don't give me that,' I told him. 'You chose to come, furball. You could have stayed with Naomi, nice and warm.'

He pretended to sniff a fire hydrant to avoid me, even though two thirds of it was buried in snow, and I laughed, which wounded his dignity.

Only a few blocks more. I checked Google maps again to make sure I was heading the right way and tried not to fret about not being able to feel my toes. It was only as I got closer to the house that it dawned on me I was going to be a bit of an uninvited guest. That made me slow down on the sidewalk in front of the house, because it's difficult to reconcile being a professional with being an inconvenience, right?

It's nuts, really. I'm a grown woman, and just because I happen to have a crush on a man doesn't mean I'm not aware of the social niceties, even during a snowstorm. If the weather had been anything other than this, I'd be able to drop off the cake and return home, but the way things were shaping up at the moment I was going to need some thaw out time before venturing out again, that was pretty obvious.

But Wolf had bounded ahead and was already on the porch, shaking his fur and making little whiny noises, embarrassing me the whole time. I sighed and pulled the sled up, peeking into the big front window into the gap of the curtains. Lights shone through but I couldn't see much and I didn't want to get caught peeking, so I lifted the sled onto the porch and rang the bell, wishing I didn't look as bad as I suspected I did.

Footsteps and then Captain Irving, in a sweatshirt and jeans no less. He blinked and then broke into a smile—one that warmed me up immediately.

'Hi. Uh, cake's here,' I told him, realizing how obvious that was.

'I am impressed,' Irving told me, and added, 'Inside and get over to the fireplace; I'll get this thing unstrapped.'

I wasn't sure if he meant the cake or Wolf, since Mr. Furry was sitting and wagging his tail, waiting to be invited in. Irving gave a whistle and motioned into the house and that was all it took for my furball to dart inside. I followed, glad of the warmth and the scent of something savory in the air.

Barbeque? From the beeline Wolf made towards the kitchen that's what it had to be. I looked around and caught the glitter of steel spokes as a girl in a wheelchair rolled towards me, looking me up and down.

'I'm Macy,' she announced. 'Your dog is huge.'

'I'm Hannah, and yes he is. He's also very wet . . .' But I was too late. Wolf came back and gave a huge shake, splattering me, Macy and the walls with his force. Luckily she laughed, but I was a bit mortified.

'Dog!' I chided him, but Wolf was busy licking Macy's fingers and blissing out, probably from the sauce on them.

'It's okay, no damage done,' Irving murmured close behind me and I nearly jumped. After the cold and creepy walk over, I was already on sensory overload, and having him back there left me skittish. I spun and nearly knocked the cake box out of his hands but he lifted it higher and gave me a direct look.

'You all right, Miss Duncan?'

'Fine,' I assured him in a less than convincing voice. Before I could say more, I caught sight of Abbie peeking around the hallway and breaking into a smile.

'Just when I thought we'd end up eating ice cream with no cake—nice timing!'

We all moved as a group to the living room, and I looked around, guessing it was a furnished rental. Crane was by the fireplace, poking the fire into greater flames. He rose up and gave a little head bow towards me. 'Come; warm yourself Miss Duncan.'

I did, unpeeling my scarf and soaking in the lovely heat rising from the hearth. Abbie came over and took a seat on an ottoman nearby, giving me an empathetic glance. 'I thought that 'neither sleet nor snow'motto was for the Post Office, Hannah.'

'Birthdays are important,' I muttered back. 'Besides, I put a lot of work into this cake.'

'Your culinary skills are exemplary; therefore this shall undoubtedly be a crowning achievement,' Crane assured me.

'It's got quadratic equations!' came a shriek of joy from the kitchen and I grinned at the fire.

'Mathematics, on a birthday cake?' Abbie gave me a look, but Crane was smiling, and when Irving came into the room, he beamed.

That warmed me more than the fire, to be honest. He gave a little shake of his head. 'My faith in miracles returns. I don't know how you did it, but thank you, Miss Duncan.'

'Hannah. Just call me Hannah,' I told him as Wolf pushed his way into the living room and claimed a spot in front of the fire. Crane shifted over to give him room and my dog took it, settling down like he owned the place.

'Call me Frank,' the captain replied and I nodded. Macy came rolling in, beaming just the way her father had.

'They're all correct, too! It's SO cool that you didn't just write equations that didn't make sense. I've already Instagramed every one of them to Cody and Serena!'

'Friends,' Frank informed me.

Abbie was already looking at Crane. 'Instagraming means sent pictures of the cake.'

'Is that not unkind, since they will not be sharing in the repast?'

'Serena's gluten-intolerant and Cody's on a sugar-restricted diet,' Macy offered up, 'but they'll go crazy for the design. Thanks Pop.'

'I simply made the suggestion; all credit goes to the baker,' Frank told her and I blushed, hard. It made me feel good to hear how much the cake was appreciated and certainly made the trip worth it.

'Have you dined, Miss Duncan?' Crane asked me, and I shook my head. That was the cue for Abbie and Frank to bring me a plate of the barbeque while Macy filled me in on how much snow had fallen and how messed up the New York turnpikes were getting because of it. I nodded and ate, letting her run on about things for a bit. Wolf positioned himself closer to my feet, clearly intending to pull his sad eyes mooch routine on me but I declined. The bones probably would have been fine but I didn't want any sauce to stain the carpet.

'Dad says the only reason we're not getting more coverage is because there are so many other events going on all through the state,' Macy wound down. 'It's just weird.'

'Very,' I agreed, noting how close-mouthed the other adults were. 'Although it's great weather for hot chocolate. I've got a candy-cane mocha cake I'm considering making, although I can't find the recipe anymore.'

'Oh I'm on it!' Macy assured me, grinning. 'Dad, give me a few minutes before we take care of this cake, okay? I'll Google and find some contenders.'

Once Macy was out of the room I looked at the other three and it didn't take much to see the worry there. I took a deep breath and spoke up, hoping my instincts were right. 'I think there's something you folks ought to know. There is an entity out there beyond the snow that isn't . . . safe.'

Frank cocked his head, not doubting me, but not totally accepting what I was saying. Crane however, shot me a sharp look, and Abbie gave me a slow, encouraging nod. That helped, and I spoke again. 'Before you think the chill's gotten to my brain, let me be clear. I saw it. Saturday, out in the park, just after sunset, and if I hadn't have Wolf with me . . .'

They got the picture, I could tell. Frank looked over his shoulder towards where his daughter had gone while Crane leaned forward, his hands clasped between his knees. 'Describe it,' he ordered.

'Uh, huge. Furry, with twisted broken antlers. Bloody eyes—' I tried not to shiver but did against my will. 'Hungry.'


He looked at me and it was then that I realized Seamus was right; Crane was part of the balance against Evil.

Abbie leaned in and spoke up. 'Do you know what it was?'

I nodded. 'Wiindigoo,' I whispered.

'Wendigo,' Crane echoed. 'One of the legendary monsters known to the Ojibwe and Algonquin nations. An emaciated beast who personifies starvation. Who represents . . . famine.'

'As the token representative for the logical explanation society, it could have been a wild animal. A moose with rabies maybe,' Frank murmured skeptically.

I knew he had to consider all sides of the situation, but it kind of hurt to have him play Devil's Advocate, particularly after I'd just risked life and limb to bring Macy's cake over, so I just pursed my mouth and said nothing.

Crane though, arched an eyebrow. 'How many reports of missing persons have you had in the last week or so, captain?'

Frank hesitated. We all saw it, all knew underneath the conversation just what that little pause meant, too. 'Three,' he finally admitted. 'But given this weather that's not unusual. People get lost in the snow or trapped somewhere for the duration—sort of the way we probably will if we don't get a break tonight.'

'Any proximity among the three?' Abbie wanted to know, but Macy came rolling back in, so all of us stopped talking and tried to look casual. She was too excited about the paper she handed me to notice, thank goodness.

'Okay, these were the top three mocha cake recipes, according to Foodhunter, Yummley and Foodily and speaking of cake, I think we should have some right now,' she burbled at me. Everyone lightened up, shifting a little, and that was precisely when-

The power went out.

It's Sleepy Hollow Round Table time, welcome back! This week we met Sheriff Corbin's son, who also happened to be a Wendigo. Scary wasn't he?

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Whitney Evans, Stacy Glanzman and Henry A. Otero as we discuss Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 6. Below, we touch on everything from Daniel Boone, to potential love triangles and that poison spider. Take part in the discussion by adding your own answers in the comments below...

What was your first impression of Joe Corbin? Did you know right away he was the Wendigo?

Jim: Yeah, I had a feeling that he only survived because he was supernatural.
Stacy: My first impression of him made me think the casting director of this show must be female because he was very pretty. Yeah, I suspected it was probably him.
Whitney: My first thought was why is he being so mean to Abbie? But after they fleshed him out and we learned more about their background, I saw where he was coming from. And by the end of the episode I was kind of hoping he would be sticking around for a bit. I also suspected he was the wendigo right away.
Hank: I thought it was too obvious Joe was the creature and expected the writers to go in a different direction. When it became more about saving him than killing the Wendigo that felt satisfying to me. Like Whitney I was hoping Joe would stick around, who knows maybe he'll pop up again this season.

Share your thoughts on Ichabod's Daniel Boone and Shawnee history lesson.

Jim: I enjoyed it. As my family comes from Oklahoma where we have Shawnee in our bloodline (very diluted by now), it was nice to them use a different Indian nationality.
Stacy: Is there anyone from the Colonial time period or the Revolutionary War that Ichabod didn't know? He must have really gotten around. I'm not complaining though because I loved his explanation for why he wore the coon-skin cap.
Whitney: I agree with Stacy here. There really isn't anything or anyone in that time period Ichabod isn't familiar with. He was clearly a very busy and popular guy. But I love the way the show incorporates history. It always makes for fun reveals.
Hank: I've complained before about the fact Colonial times seem to have revolved around Ichabod. Now I just go with the flow, it's the shows shtick so I laugh it off. As Stacy mentioned the explanation for Boone's coon-skin cap was great. I love when the series introduces Native American myths and lore, more of that please!

Sleepy Hollow Wendigo

Is a love triangle between Nick Hawley and the Mills sisters inevitable? How do you feel about that?

Jim: I don't think it will be a triangle, but I can tell there is some history between Nick and Jenny. Of course Nick just gets cutier every episode, so maybe Abbie will get on board after all.
Stacy: I hope not. I really like that this show isn't about relationship drama and I don't really want to go there. However, when I saw Jenny kiss him last week I definitely thought 'at least someone is taking advantage of all the good looking men on this show.'
Whitney: I can't really see Abbie fighting someone over a man. Now Jenny on the other hand, I could totally see fighting over someone. And I would not want to mess with her. Well, maybe if it's Hawley.
Hank: I'm with Stacy, Sleepy Hollow doesn't need relationship drama... it's the end of days people, get your demon hunting on! That said, I have a bad feeling we're heading to love-triangleville. Ugh!

Favorite Ichabodism?

Sleepy Hollow Wendigo Death

Jim: I loved him and Abbie talking about the rodent-hat wearing Daniel Boone. I drove through the Daniel Boone national forest on Saturday, so it made me laugh a little harder.
Stacy: This is a tough one. The yoga scene was hilarious but I think I have to go with Ichabod trash talking while playing the online video game. That seemed to be a much better way for him to vent his frustration.
Whitney: Ichabod playing video games was the biggest laugh of the night for me. His trash talking skills could use some help, though.
Hank: That's awesome Jim haha. The Yoga scene was fun, I liked the line... 'I find Yoga neither soothing nor relaxing. Made more uncomfortable still by discussion of my double jugg.' Never heard of one's backside referred to as the 'double jugg.' Hilarious stuff!

Will the poison spider kill Katrina? Or is Henry up to something much more evil? Is Henry Parrish redeemable?

Jim: I hope it doesn't kill Katrina, but given her overall 'meh' contribution this season, it wouldn't be that big of loss. And I think Henry Parrish needs to be beaten with a stick, then beaten with a shovel, then set on fire, and finally chopped into little bits - THEN check and see if he is redeemable.
Stacy: I don't think so. It's too early in the series/season to kill off Katrina. We've barely even gotten to see much of her so far. I think this is a way to bring her into the show more and let her interact with our heroes again. It could be meant as a distraction for them while Henry plots something even worse. As far as him being redeemable, at this point I haven't seen anything from him that shows he still has his humanity, so I would say no. Maybe that will change but right now he seems pretty evil.
Whitney: I can't imagine Henry's master plan is to kill Katrina with a spider. I think it's a way to bring Ichabod and Abbie to her, but while they're preoccupied with that I don't know what he will be doing. I've never been a big Katrina fan, but I certainly can't see them killing her off this early into the second season. I think Henry is a lost cause. Just pure, pure evil.
Hank: My theory is that the spider poisoned her womb to allow Moloch to be reborn outside purgatory. The writers have to bring the big bad out of purgatory at some point, why not use Katrina (a vessel) right? It just all adds up, but will she die in childbirth? That remains to be seen. As far as Henry, I can't imagine Ichabod telling him he loves his son is going to move Henry much. Still, even Darth Vader was redeemed by his son so you never know.

Sleepy Hollow Wendigo Transformation

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