Sainsburys Sick Policy 2019

If you change your mind, we’ll be happy to exchange or refund it for you. If it’s within 30 days, in its original condition and you’ve got proof of purchase, you can return your item to any of our stores. Some items cannot be returned unless faulty and you can view the list here.

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For any items bought from 9th June onwards, customers have 30 days to return their general merchandise and clothing product. Any items bought between 1st March and 8th June can be returned within 100 days of the date of purchase. Your statutory rights are not affected.


As I remember my probation period with Sainsburys, depot not store, it was sickness over a year not the 12 weeks as such and adherence to policy rather than non-attendance. So this was not turning up without using the correct procedure, phoning the sickness absence line is correct procedure. Reports, Policies and Standards Being transparent about how we are doing is an important part of building trust. Discover more about our approach to sustainability in our reports, policies and standards below.

At the moment, we're not able to accept returns unless your return falls into one of the above categories. If the item you're returning is a product we accept back and If you have a credit/debit statement showing the transaction, this can be used as proof of purchase. Alternatively, the store may also be able to provide a duplicate receipt if you can provide the date and time of transaction.

Sainsburys Sick Policy 2019

If an item from your grocery delivery is:

  • Unwanted
  • Missing
  • Short in their ‘use by’ date (within 48 hours of delivery only)
  • Damaged

Then please use our refund request form here

We're sorry you're not happy with the quality of your items, at the moment we're unable to accept returns to store. Please call our Careline on 0800 636 262 for further advice.


Refunds for transactions made by debit card will take 7-10 working days

If your electrical product appears to be faulty you should contact our Electrical Helpline on 0800 63 62 62, option 4, who will assist you with queries about setting up and using your new product. If your product had developed a fault, they will be able to arrange a repair if applicable or advise you what you should do next. If following assessment your item needs to be returned to store, please ensure all manuals, accessories and components are included. For other products: If it goes wrong within 12 months, we’ll be happy to give you an exchange if the product is still available, or a full refund. Just bring it back to any of our stores with your proof of purchase. We’re sorry but we can’t accept grocery returns by post. If it’s after 12 months, you may be entitled to a replacement or partial refund for the faulty product. Please ask one of our store colleagues for more info. You can also contact our Careline on 0800 636262

We guarantee most electrical items for 1 year. If anything goes wrong in the first 30 days you can simply return the item, complete with all accessories, to any Sainsbury’s store with proof of purchase and we will be happy to give you an exchange or refund. After 30 days, but within the one year guarantee period, you should contact our Electrical Helpline on 0800 63 62 62, option 4, who will assist you and arrange a repair if applicable. Our Kitchen Collection range is slightly different and offers a 2 year guarantee. Some manufacturers offer an extended warranty as standard. Check the documentation that came with the product for more information. If there is an extended warranty you would need to contact the manufacturer directly should your product develop a fault during the second year. You should be able to find contact information for the manufacturer on the documentation that came with the product or on the manufacturers website.

Sainsbury's staff at a distribution centre in Essex are continuing their ongoing strike action against management attempts to impose a new sick-leave policy.


After years of negotiations aimed at reducing the current safeguards for staff when they are sick, Sainsbury's management ordered each member of staff to sign a new contract. Every warehouse distribution employee signed it under threat of dismissal. Lots signed under protest, paving the way for industrial action in the form of strikes.

One-day rolling strikes have been going on now for a few months. This month, strikes were ramped up, marking the midway point of the agreed six-month period of strike action.

Members of USDAW - the UK's biggest retail and distribution union - will be balloted again soon for a further six months of action. The union is particularly looking to hit the company during its very busy Christmas shopping season later this year.

It’s another day on strike for workers at @sainsburys Waltham Point Depot 24 hour stoppage due to imposed absence policy @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]

— Usdaw Eastern (@UsdawCDivision) August 25, 2019

Mood of confidence

Socialist Appeal supporters spoke with people on the picket. On the ground, union representatives remain steadfast. They are confident that their action will get the company to reverse the imposed sickness policy.

Sainsburys Sick Pay Policy 2019

One representative stated how significant the strike action had been. Apparently Sainsbury's hasn't experienced a strike of its workers anywhere in the country since the 1970s.

Sainsburys Sick Policy 2019 2020

It can be seen that support for the workers amongst the local community is high. There was a constant beeping of horns, for example, as passing drivers showed solidarity with the workers on the picket line. There was also a good natured atmosphere on the picket.

What is needed going forward is for unified action between the different unions that represent workers in the same workplace. All the truck drivers we saw, for example, drove through the picket line. Many of them were members of Unite the Union. This is despite Unite officials saying that they would support the strike by asking drivers not to cross picket lines.

Unity is strength. Without solidarity from other unions, there is a heightened risk that this strike will be broken. This is especially the case given that precarious agency workers - who make up a big chunk of the workforce - are in a difficult position to join in and take strike action.

Militancy pays

This initiative by USDAW members and their representatives is a big achievement, setting an example for other unions to follow.

This recent strike activity follows on from similar action in other big supermarket companies. At Asda, for example, workers have responded to at attempt by managers to impose a harsh new contract.

At the Tesco distribution centre in Dagenham last year, meanwhile, workers also took strike - again, for the first time in several decades. This strike action was highly successful, with Tesco bosses giving into the workers’ demands after just the first wave of strikes.

Sainsburys Sick Policy 2019 2018

All of these examples indicate the way forward. Organisation and action yields results. Militancy pays.

Sainsburys Sick Policy 2019 Pdf

The next round of strikes at the Sainsbury's distribution centre is set to take place in October at the same place: Waltham Point, Waltham Abbey.