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NL Lock by LpLOCKS: Enter existing code to unlock safe. The safe door must be opened during a 3 second time period or the lock automatically relocks. Conduct combination changing with the safe door open. Operating combinations must consist of 6 digits. To change the combination: Press and hold the '0' key until a double signal is sounded. Healthy; Radon in Water; Water Contaminants – Simplified; The Water-Health Connection; Select Page. Please fill out the form below so one of our Water Quality Advisors can contact you to talk. 265 Main Street Bolton, MA 01740. Email us 888-450-9355. Best time to reach you? Morning Afternoon Evening. Insert batteries into the power supply, then connect the jack plug into the Jack Plug Socket on the front of the safe. Press “#” to startup the electronic lock. Enter preset user code “1234”, then press the “#“ key. This should then enable you to turn the Door Knob 90° clockwise allowing you to open the door.

Safewell Electronic Safe

Safewell Electronic Safe Change Code

We often get asked about the replacement of lost keys or supply of additional keys. We can only provide replacement keys for a small selection of manufacturers and if you have purchased the safe from us.

Extra and replacement keys for elsewhere bought safes

Securely store jewelry, hand guns, money and more with the Stalwart Electronic Digital Safe. Protect valuable assets in your home, business or while traveling. The Stalwart Electronic Digital Safe mounts to the floor or wall for maximum protection. Rest easy with the protection of the Stalwart Electronic Digital Safe. Safewell Group Holdings Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of theft-proof safe, fireproof safe, bank vault door, alarm and other security products.

If you have purchased a safe from a different retailer such as B&Q, Screwfix, Homebase or other DIY chains then we are not able to assist you and you would need to contact a local locksmith to have them pick the lock or drill it open.

Extra and replacement keys for our safes

If your safe is one that we stock we may be able to help. We will try to source the keys from the manufacturer as we do not hold stock of spare keys or blanks.

The average high street key cutting shop will not be able to provide you with suitable replacement keys for your safe. To locate a reputable locksmith we recommend you visit and search your local postcode for safe services.

Emergency codes for electronic safes

A large proportion of our electronic safes come with an emergency backup key to gain access to a safe when the batteries have expired or if you have simply forgotten the code. These are often tubular in shape.

We can also provide hotel safes with an emergency override key that will open a number of electronic safes when you order batches of the same safe to be used within hotel rooms. Please contact us for a quotation should you require this service.

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With product selling well all over the world, our company has passed lots of international certification,such as UL, SP, CE as well as the ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification, which tremendously contributes to our solid brand image among the safe market. Moreover, Safewell has set up 32 offices and 218 franchised shops around China and ranked the 1st in China market. Besides, Safewell also makes great efforts to develop its overseas market and currently enjoys high reputation for its perfect service, reliable quality, timely delivery and competitive price in more than 120 countries.