Reset Epson R1900

THE WIC Reset Utility WILL RESET Your Epson Inkjet Printers WASTE INK COUNTERS which are stopping You from printing. IF YOU DID NOT ALREADY KNOW EPSON BUILD IN TO THEIR PRINTERS A SYSTEM WHERE BY THE PRINTER WILL STOP WORKING AND REQUIRE ATTENTION FROM A SERVICE CENTER TO GET THEM WORKING AGAIN. One thing i learned about the R1900 is that unlike the 1400 in which the CIS chips auto reset for continuous operation, the R1900 can not - you can blame Epson for that. Just like the R280, apparently Epson is putting motion sensors on their newer printers as a final step in the cartridge replacing process.

  1. Epson R1900 Reset Counter
  2. Reset Epson 1400

When the Epson R2000 printer shows “Service required-Parts inside your printer are near the end of their service life”(As the photo). You don’t need to over worry about it and you don’t even have to replace any parts. You just need to reset the wasted ink pad counter, and then the Epson R2000 printer will be return normal again.

If you see the service required someday, then you have to do the same as below.

Step 1, There is an Epson Adjustment program coming with the printer USB drive. Considering this program only works at Windows XP perfectly, so we have to use the compatibility mode in Windows 7,8,10 systems.

Step 2,Right-click “AdjProgcracked”,choose”Properties-Compatibility“. See below photo.

Step 3,Double-click “AdjProgcracked”,then choose “Stylus Photo R2000”

Select R2000

Step 4,Click “Particular adjustment mode

Step 5,And choose “Waste ink pad counter

Waste ink pad counter

Step 6,Click “Initialization

Step 7,Quit the program and restart your printer, the printer will return normal again.

If you still have any doubts about our guidance, you can follow our video step by step. Or we can help you to fix this issue by teamviewer.

How to fix Epson R1800 printer red light blinking and show the error message “The printer’s ink Pads are at the end of their service life. Please contact the Epson Support” by using WIC Reset Tool (or Epson R1800 RESSETTER) and Wic Reset Key.

The Waste Ink Counter Overflow is a common error in the Epson R1800 printer as well as almost of Epson printer.

Most of them has this error and let’s watch out some following signals. When your printer stops working and appear the message on the screen “The Printer’s Ink Pads are at the end of their service life. Please contact Epson Support” and the red light is continuously blinking.

Now you can conclude that your printer is having the Waste Ink Counter Overflow however you can fix this error according to our instruction.

What is the Waste Ink Counter on Epson R1800 Printer? How can you fix?

The users who use the Epson R1800 printer nearly got on with this problem. Some of them waste a lot of money for fixing this problem. However, you can fix it on your own in case it has this problem after you check your printer carefully.

How to realize the Waste Ink Counter Overflow in Epson R1800 printer

Epson r1900 reset utility

There are three popular methods to know that your Epson R1800 printer has Waste Ink Counter overflowed:

– First of all, when your Epson R1800 printer is working and suddenly stops printing as well as the red light is flashing continuously.

– Secondly, there is an problem message: “The Printer’s Ink Pads are at the end of Their service life. Please contact Epson Support” or “The Printer’s Ink Pad is at the end of its service life. Please contact Epson Support”.

– Thirdly, when you use the Epson R1800 Resetter and also WIC Reset Tool to read the numbers the Waste Ink counters and you can see the number is bigger that 100%

What is Epson R1800 Waste ink pad? What is Epson R1800 Waste ink counter?

Waste Ink Pads are actually a number of porous pads in the Epson R1800 printer that collect, distribute, and very importantly contain the ink that is not used on printed pages (Waste Ink).

Waste Ink is collected by these pads during the initial setup of the product, during cleaning cycles and when printing borderless photographs.

So one time it can be overflowed because it could not absorb ink anymore then the ink will leak from the bottom of the Epson R1800 printer.

Epson R1900 Reset Counter

The printer counts how much ink flow to waste ink pad and stores this number into printer’s memory.
This number is called Protection Counter and also Waste Ink Counter.

What is Epson R1800 Waste ink counter overflow?

To prevent ink leaking outside the Epson R1800 printer from Waste ink Pad, the waste ink counter may be overflowed and printer will stop.

Full waste ink counter is 100%. Overflow means that counters values are more than 100%. If one or two counters are overflow – you can’t print – you need to RESET WASTE INK COUNTERS

The overflowing ink can make the printer dirty and be broken down so the waste ink tray prevents this problem by this flowing process, before the waste ink is full and can be overflowed, the waste ink counter overflow to guarantee the printer’s safety.

So when the waste ink counter is full, you can’t print anymore and you will receive the notification about the full waste ink counter.

There are a lot of waste ink counters in Epson R1800 printer therefore if one of them is more than 100%, the printer will stop printing and all you need is resetting the waste ink counter back to 0% as well as clean the waste ink tray.

How to prevent the waste ink pad overflowing.

If you use the Epson R1800 printer regularly, this problem will usually happen in your Epson printer so you should use some skills in resetting process to prevent overflowing waste ink.

The professional method: you can create an open bottle that contains the waste ink to help it can contain more waste ink. Let’s see the picture below:

But you need to have some tools and your creativity. If you can’t do this, you can use this following way.

This way is very simple, when you reset the waste ink counter, you can dissemble the top of the waste ink tray then take the waste ink out, if you can let’s dissemble the sponge and clean it.

You also buy a new waste ink pad to replace.

The disadvantage of this way is you can forget to clean waste ink pad so the ink can be overflowed. This can be bad effect to the components of the Epson R1800.

Reset Epson R1800 printer Waste ink counter instruction

Step 1: Download Epson R1800 resetter and setup

You can download by select one of these links:

– Download WIC Reset Utility for Windows (.zip): Download here

– Download WIC Reset Utility for Windows (.rar): Download here

– Download WIC Reset Utility for Windows (Mirror): Download here

or go to download page here: Download Epson R1800 Resetter

How to install Epson R1800 resetter:

Step 1.1: Open Wicreset.exe file, click “Yes“, click “I accept the agreement“.

And now click “Next” to continue

Step 1.2: Now, select distination location to setup Epson R1800 resetter. If you would like to select a different folder, click Browse then select a folder. If you want to install Epson R1800 resetter in default folder, click Next to continue

Then, click Next when “Select Start Menu Folder” window appears, if you don’t want to create a start menu folder click on “Don’t create a Start Menu folder“.

Reset Epson 1400

Step 1.3: Click to check “Create a desktop shortcut” then click Next to continue install Epson R1800 resetter

Step 1.4: Click Install to continue with the Epson R1800 Resetter installation

Please wait. Setup has completed installing Epson R1800 resetter on your computer when you see the Window: “Completing the WicReset Setup Wizard

And this is WIC Reset Tool (Epson R1800 resetter)

Step 2: Buy the WIC Reset Key

You can buy the WIC RESET KEY with Paypal, VISA, Master Card or Webmoney. ONE RESET KEY = $8.99 (One time reset only)

Step 2.1:Click here to go to Buy Page, or visit:

Reset Epson R1900

Step 2.2: Enter the number of keys you want to buy in to Quantity box.

Step 2.3: Click on ADD TO CART button, then click Checkout with Paypal to pay the reset key and get the reset key from your email (You will receive the reset key in less than 10 seconds).

if you pay the reset key with Webmoney, please send money to WMZ Wallet: Z230787931543 then contact us ([email protected]) to get the reset key

Step 3: How to reset your Epson R1800 printer’s Waste Ink Counters

Please watch this video to know step to steps to reset your Epson R1800 printer’s Waste ink counters by using Epson R1800 resetter (WIC Reset Tool.)

If you have any problem with Epson R1800 resetter, please don’t hesitate to contact us.