Rappelz Card Collection

12) The chance of triggering the Fear skill on the Abhuva Card has been reduced. 13) Distorted space Governor Skadi's Coat now is 180 level. 14) Added new decorative weapons to Arena Merchant 15) From the 'Gift for online' now you can get the following items: Blessed Power of Change: Armor (Berserker) - from x1 to x3 pieces. Vulcanus Card Collection 05-08-19, 08:24 AM. Rappelz is a free-to-play MMORPG from nFlavor and GalaNet set in a medieval fantasy world. The game features a deep job system that allows for unique character builds, pets, PvE and PvP combat. Ultimate Witch Boss Card. Your Rappelz team. You also acknowledge that this forum may be hosted outside your country and you consent to the collection. Struggling to get any dropping in cc. UW dropping a card for the collection is a bad idea, just means people trying to complete the quest are not going to find the boss there at all as someone pops on, kills it, relogs ten minutes later and probably doesn't even look to.

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Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.


Rappelz is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game is developed by the Korean company nFlavor, and published by the Californian company Gala-Net Inc. As of October 2008, Rappelz is also being published by the South East Asia based game publishing company AsiaSoft, as RappelzSEA.

Rappelz is set in a medieval fantasy world, dominated by three races: the Deva, who represent light, the Asura, who represent darkness, and the Gaia, humans that possess an affinity with nature.

Each major installment of the game is referred to as an 'Epic', similar to Lineage II's 'Chronicles'. The current installment is called 'Epic 6: Navislamia'.

The oldest race is the Gaia, and to assist them, the gods of Creation and Extinction brought two more races into the world. They were the Deva who represented the Light and the Asura who represented the Darkness. With this, there was a period of peace and stability in the world.

As the ages passed by, there was one among the Gaia who called herself 'The Witch'. Over time, she grew in tremendous power and with a ruthless ambition, rallied the people of Gaia to rebel against the world.

Not all the people of Gaia heeded this call, however, and the world was thrown into chaos. It was only through the combined efforts of the three races of Deva, Asura, and Gaia that 'The Witch' was finally captured and burnt alive. It was a victorious outcome of a unity between the three races.

Now at the present time, the three races continue to co-exist with each other in the world of Rappelz but dark rumors have surfaced about the second coming of 'The Witch' and the return of her terrible forces. The backstory plays a substantial role in the game itself.

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!!ATTENTION!! For the update to work correctly, you need to download a new client from our website (Updating through the launcher for technical reasons will NOT work for about a DAY !!!)
1) Server was updated to Full 9.5.2
More info : http://forum.webzen.com/forum/en/rappel ... atch-notes
http://forum.webzen.com/forum/en/rappel ... dom-part-2 (not all from this update will works at start and will be fixed in next updates)
2) Raised prices for items:
Rank 7 Amalgam
Rank 7 Invar
Before price was 25m now price is 125m
3) For technical reasons, the maximum level of pets is reduced to level 180.
4) Emblems now can be awakened with 'Awakening Stone: Accessories'. - Can be obtained for completing some quests.
Remove awakening can with 'Sealing Scroll: Accessories'. - You can buy it from Trader Ivi
5) Added [Legendary] The Boss Collection, when you use it you will get buff +300 to character basic characteristics and +600 to basic characteristics all summoned pets.
You can get the collection from smuggler Maksim in the horizon.
List of items needed to get [Legendary] The Boss Collection:
Bahamut Card №1 - x10
Bahamut Card №2 - x10
Bahamut Card №3 - x10
Baron Madius Card - x100
Emmanuel Raymond Card - x100
Ultimate Witch Card - x100
Bear Mother Card - x100
Oforia Card - x100More Rappelz Card Collection videos
Abhuva Card - x100
Primal Scream Card - x100
Taranida Card - x100
Crustalino Card - x100
Likirus Card - x100
Soulseeker Card - x100
Takin Card - x100
Lucius Card - x100
Silex Card - x100
Kiscia Card - x100
Lady Ruina Card - x100
Aurumis Card - x100
Dominatus the Mad Card - x100
Queen Eratia Card - x100
Ilrios Card - x100
Betrayal Card - x100
Ashmaw Card - x100
Sand Lord Kynish Card - x100
Draka Card - x100
Queen Eva Card - x100
Obsidikar Card - x100
Vulcanus Card - x100
Butkadah card - x100
Medusa Card - x100
Black Widow Card - x100
Microraptor Card - x100
Bone Dragon Card - x100
Mephisto Card - x100
Lilith Card - x100
Soul of Lunacy Card - x100
The Boss Collection - x1
Also added new collections from 9.5.2
More info : https://rappelz.fandom.com/wiki/Categor ... ollections
6) Items Sickle [RZWOW] and Gift donation box now again drop from monsters.
7) Now 2 guild buffs are available, the old one from the guild officer and the new one through the guild menu.
8) The maximum character level is now 225.
9) Now the helmet of enchantment level +20 and above can be awakened with the help of the item 'Final Awakening Stone: Armor' and get + to the level of all skills (Before awakening, you need to remove the blue awakening if there is one, you can remove it with the item Final Sealing Scroll: Armor), also if the helmet already has +1 to a some skill from awaking with a crystal - +1 to this ability will remain (As a result, get +4 to one skill and +3 to all others)!
Example : http://rzwow.ru/screenshot/helmet_skills.png
10) To Cash shop was added items - Box with 225 level for character and [Legendary] The Boss Collection
11) From 25.08.2019 to 25.09.2019 from all monsters will drop - 'Lost Box' from which you can get one of the following items:
Fairy's Lock - from 1 to 50 pieces
Ancient Magic Scroll - from 1 to 25 pieces
Lightless Magic Scroll - from 1 to 25 pieces
Mithril Ore - from 500 to 2000 pieces
Enhanced potion experience (210-220 levels) - 1 to 10 pieces
Scroll of the awakening of Nusilit - from 1 to 10 pieces
Gold Ingot - from 1 to 25 pieces
Scroll of Spirits - from 1 to 10 pieces
Scroll of Creature Taming - from 1 to 25 pieces
Powerful Scroll of Creature Taming - from 1 to 10 pieces
Coin of Asura - from 1 to 15 pieces
Crystal of Awakening - Armor - from 1 to 20 pieces
Crystal of Awakening - Rings - from 1 to 20 pieces
Crystal of Awakening - Earrings - from 1 to 20 pieces
Crystal of Awakening - Necklace - from 1 to 20 pieces
Red Star - from 1 to 20 pieces
St George ribbon - from 1 to 20 pieces
Box of 10m holic(gen) points - from 1 to 3 pieces
Particle of ring №1 - from 1 to 3 pieces
Particle of ring №2 - from 1 to 3 pieces
Particles of the ring are needed to create a dragon ring.
Particle of ring №1 (1 piece) + Particle of ring №2 (1 piece) + Saliva of ogre (1 piece) = World cup ring 7 days
Particle of ring №1 (5 pieces) + Particle of ring №2 (5 pieces) + Glue (1 piece) = World cup ring 14 days
Particle ring №1 (10 pieces) + Particle ring №2 (10 pieces) + Professional ring repair kit (1 piece) = World cup ring 28 days
Saliva ogres, Clay and a professional ring repair kit can be bought from the 'Ring Repair master' which can be found in Horizon, Laksy and Katane.
12) Added gifts for raising 221-225 character levels. List of gifts:Cartes
221 level
Gold Ingot - x300
box with 10m holic(gen) points - x2
Combined candy - Level 3 - x50
Red Star - x50
St. George Ribbon - x50
222 level
Gold Ingot - x400
box with 10m holic(gen) points - x2
Combined candy - Level 3 - x100
Red Star - x100
St. George Ribbon - x100
223 level
Gold Ingot - x300
box with 10m holic(gen) points - x4
Combined candy - Level 3 - x100
Red Star - x100
St. George Ribbon - x100
224 level
Gold Ingot - x400
box with 10m holic(gen) points - x3
Combined candy - Level 3 - x75
Red Star - x75
St. George Ribbon - x75
225 level
Gold Ingot - x600
box with 10m holic(gen) points - x4
Combined candy - Level 3 - x100

Rappelz Boss Card Collection

Red Star - x100
St. George Ribbon - x100
Box Arena Points (1000 AP) - x20
13) Was changed skills of enchanted(stage) ent buffer :
Ent buffer s1
Speed of the Wind - 31 level
Rock Energy - 31 level
Force of Sacred Fire - 31 level
Blessing of Vitality - 31 level
Blessing of Intelligence - 31 level
Blessing of Wisdom - 31 level
Blessing of Strength - 31 level
Wind Weapon - 31 level
Shining Armor - 31 level
Shining Weapon - 31 level
Dark Might - 41 level
Asuran Haste - 21 level
Gaian Strength - 21 level
Divine Purpose - 21 level
Ent buffer s2
Speed of the Wind - 32 level
Rock Energy - 32 level
Force of Sacred Fire - 32 level
Blessing of Vitality - 32 level
Blessing of Intelligence - 32 level
Blessing of Wisdom - 32 level
Blessing of Strength - 32 level
Wind Weapon - 32 level
Shining Armor - 32 level
Shining Weapon - 32 level
Dark Might - 42 level
Asuran Haste - 22 level
Gaian Strength - 22 level
Divine Purpose - 22 level
Ent buffer s3
Speed of the Wind - 33 level
Rock Energy - 33 level
Force of Sacred Fire - 33 level
Blessing of Vitality - 33 level
Blessing of Intelligence - 33 level
Blessing of Wisdom - 33 level
Blessing of Strength - 33 level
Wind Weapon - 33 level
Shining Armor - 33 level
Shining Weapon - 33 level
Dark Might - 44 level
Asuran Haste - 23 level
Gaian Strength - 23 level
Divine Purpose - 23 level
Ent buffer s4
Speed of the Wind - 34 level
Rock Energy - 34 level
Force of Sacred Fire - 34 level
Blessing of Vitality - 34 level
Blessing of Intelligence - 34 level
Blessing of Wisdom - 34 level
Blessing of Strength - 34 level
Wind Weapon - 34 level
Shining Armor - 34 level
Shining Weapon - 34 level
Dark Might - 46 level
Asuran Haste - 24 level
Gaian Strength - 24 level
Divine Purpose - 24 level
Ent buffer s5
Speed of the Wind - 37 level
Rock Energy - 37 level
Force of Sacred Fire - 37 level
Blessing of Vitality - 37 level
Blessing of Intelligence - 37 level
Blessing of Wisdom - 37 level
Blessing of Strength - 37 level
Protector's Force - 3 level
Angel's Force - 3 level
Intuition- 3 level
Wind Weapon - 37 level


Shining Armor - 37 levelCard
Shining Weapon - 37 level
Dark Might - 50 level
Asuran Haste - 25 level
Rappelz Card CollectionGaian Strength - 25 level
Divine Purpose - 25 level
Demonic Howl - 2 level
14) Who used the pass to the hidden village - issued new passes in the item box
For learning new skills to your ent, speak with Breeder and click UP lvl pets
Until 01.09.2019 inclusive in the cash shop there is a 30% discount, and also x2 exp and drop on all servers (on RZWOW[x3000] - x6000, on RZWOW[x450] - x900)!
Active players got gifts in item box!
Have a good game!