Politically Exposed Person List Download

Politically exposed persons (PEPs) are high risk clients according to the international anti-money laundering standards. Search online for PEPs, their close associates and affiliated entities. The term “politically exposed person”, sometimes used interchangeably with “Senior Foreign Political Figure”, emerged in the late 1990s in the wake of the Abacha Affair: a money-laundering scandal in Nigeria which galvanized global efforts to prevent abuse of the financial system by political figures.

PEP Desk®

Following country-specific and FATF rules

Gov’t Officials

A deeper look at current officials not on the PEP list

SOE Stakeholders

Politically Exposed Person List Download

Key execs, owners, and boards at state-owned enterprises

Politically Exposed Persons List Download

International PEP screening compliance, plus lists for government officials and state-owned enterprises.

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Search all the political exposure information you need for customer due diligence in one step. WorldWatch Plus enables a thorough PEP search, plus information on current government officials, state-owned enterprises and their key leaders. With our enhanced profile searches, and easy-to-use features for flexible screening and tailored alerts, you can identify real risks faster and reduce false positives.

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Politically Exposed Persons

PEP searches check the Info4c PEP Desk® with over 1 million records on PEPs in every country and territory. PEP Desk® information follows regulatory requirements and international PEP definitions, to maximize efficiency in matching names, and minimize effort in analyzing results. Categorization and structure of the data allows selection of information in line with internal company guidelines or local requirements.

State Owned Enterprises (SOE)

Politically Exposed Person Search

Continue your due diligence with an automatic search for executives, board members and major stakeholders in state-owned enterprises (SOE). Included as an option with the PEP search, the SOE search checks thousands of SOE registrations.

Comply with all global
PEP tracking rules

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Be equally informed about
local government officials

Use Monitoring alerts to keep
informed about status changes

'Using WorldWatch Plus saved us from making the wrong decision on an individual who had been cleared by INTERPOL but still appeared in a database service.'

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