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Download NewBlueFX TotalFX - A multitude of enhancing, 3D tilt, transition, filter and stylizing effects, bundled in a plug-in pack for professional video editing. مجموعه پلاگین NewBlueFX TotalFX v5.0.17-جامع ترین مجموعه ای از عنوان ها، ترنزیشن ها و ویدیو افکت ها که بیش از 1400 پریست از پیش تنظیم را در 129 پلاگین در مجموعه ای جامع از titling ، و transitions و video effect ارائه می کند. Newblue TotalFX v3.0یکی از کاملترین و حرفه ای ترین مجموعه پلاگین ها برای ویرایش فیلم ها و فایل های ویدئویی است که بیشتر از 1400 پریست را در 1299 پلاگین برای ایجاد افکت های ویدئویی و ترنزیشن ها ارائه می دهد. شما می توانید در محیط خود. NewBlueFX cFX Creative Series v3.0 Build همان طور که می دانید پلاگین New Blue Fx یکی از پلاگین های محبوبی می باشد که تمامی ادیتور ها با آن آشنا هستند-این مجموعه شامل 5 پلاگین جدید این شرکت. Subscribe my channel: More Information: Transitions 3 Ultimate Stylizers.

NewBlue cFX Creative Effects Series v3.0.130429

NewBlue cFX Creative Effects Series v3.0.130429 317 Mb

NewBlue cFX Creative Effects Series - gives you 47 feature hundreds of plug-ins and presets for converting conventional movies in a visually interesting works of video art. Using NewBlue Creative Effects Series you can give your video the style of an old school movie, manipulate light or use a virtual artist's brush.
cFX Creative Series includes 5 sets of plug-ins:
Art Effect:
• Creative tools for digital fantasy. NewBlue Art Effects gives the visual style of your video production. This powerful set of 10 specialized video filters with hundreds of effects move your video in a visually stunning alternative reality. Using the plugin, you can do so that your scene will look as if they were knocked out of metal or convert your video image in the visual arts.
Film Effects:
• NewBlue Film Effects gives your video projects real cinematic look, complete with all its shortcomings: tremor, stains, and scratches on the film grain effect. This collection of 81 presets in 5 dynamic filters that includes powerful technology to simulate the color and lighting characteristics of film, so you can simulate the effects of the film or to create your own unique look. The plugin works with almost all popular video editors.
Light Effects:
• NewBlue Light Effects provides tools for creating stylized lighting, electrifying mood or a specialized kind. This is a collection of 10 dynamic filters, with more than a hundred presets to help set up the light in the footage and enhance reality. Light Effects adds shine and dynamics in the footage by soft lights, blinking and flashing. This powerful plug-in creates a special atmosphere in just a few clicks.
Motion Effects:Newblue
• Dynamic effects for fast-developing scenes. This collection of 10 specialized video filters with hundreds of effects adds momentum to the images through a variety of proven methods of movement. Using NewBlue Motion Effects, you can simulate an earthquake, blur, ripple and distort the image for a larger energy to create scenes or action-effects.
Paint Effects:
• NewBlue Paint Effects allows one click to change your video so that it looks like a painting, drawing or cartoon. This best-selling collection features 134 presets in 12 different video effects, and is designed to convert video scenes in artistic style: mosaic, pencil sketch, charcoal, colored pencil, oil, pastel, watercolor, etc. The procedure for treatment:
All that I have not earned the first time as a result of trial and error. Perhaps some gestures were unnecessary, but I'll write an algorithm, which disappeared after the logos and crosses.
I) Turning off the Internet.
II) For each group of plug-ins perform the following sequence of actions (for example, Art Effects):
1) Run the installer NewBlueArtEffectsForWindowsSetup30.exe
2) Run Art Effects - x64 (activate) _Patch.exe
Newblue Totalfx V3 03) Run After Effect, open the project, applies a set of groups (for example, Colorize)
4) Go to the tab Effect control and press the button of the opened window -.
5) Select one of the preset effect, then the cross and the logo should disappear.
6) Close After Effect, apply the patch Art Effects - x64 (update) _Patch.exe.
7) All.
Sometimes after a restart is treated the effect of drawing a cross and logo. Choose any preset (see screenshot) and the logo disappears.
After patching my antivirus began to swear at one patched file is responsible for the activation, it was necessary to add this file to avoid anti-virus.
System requirements:
• Microsoft ® Windows ® XP (SP 3 or later)
• Windows Vista ® (SP 2 or later), or Windows 7
• Mac OS X v 10.6.8, v10.7.2 or later
• 1 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD) Totalfx
• OpenGL 2.1-capable graphics card and minimum 256MB graphics memory.
• 512MB or higher recommended for HD. *
• 200 MB hard-disk space for installation
• 1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM recommended for HD)
• * Radeon HD 2400, GeForce 8600, GeForce 120 or Quadro FX 4500 or better. Intel HD Graphics not supported.
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NewBlueFX TotalFX is a robust collection of plugins for video editing design for transition, optimization, 3D tilt as well as stylizing effects and filters.
With this application you can apply various video enhancing effects, like dynamic tilting, creative effects and color correction methods. There are more than 100 plug-ins included, and you can access them across several categories like Filters, Essentials, Transitions, Elements, Filters and Stylizers.
Any effect can be applied onto videos on a frame-by-frame basis. For example, in Elements you will find numerous compositing techniques, Essentials can be used for image correction and enhancement and Filters bundles plug-ins for creating gradients, and correcting colors.
Styliers enables you to add sketches, dramatic lighting effects and surrealistic filters, while Tilting makes it possible to add various dynamic shapes.
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