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Garmin has launched a new version of its NAVIGON navigation app for iPhone, with v2.0 adding the option to download maps for offline access as well as introducing quarterly map updates. NAVIGON 2.0 for iPhone follows Nokia Maps’ offline mapping with state-by-state downloads in the US (those using the app outside the US will likely get country-by-country download options) so that you can navigate while your data connection is turned off.

Navigon MobileNavigator for iPhone Review James Morris | March 6, 2020 10:33 am GMT The personal sat-nav started out as a PDA add-on, but sales really took off when standalone devices began. NAVIGON 2.0 for iPhone is available now as a free update to existing users, or as a $39.99 purchase for the North American edition iTunes link. In-app purchases will get up to $25 discounts.

That’s useful for frequent travelers, who can avoid extortionate roaming costs by downloading the maps for their upcoming destinations to the iPhone’s local storage rather than accessing it over a data connection while there. By splitting the core app and the navigation data, Garmin has also streamlined the update process: rather than everything being downloaded each time a new version is pushed out, only the app changes need be delivered.

Meanwhile, there’s a new UI with animated menus and new gesture support, and Garmin has sensibly split the settings options away from the main functionality of the app to keep things easier to use while on the move. 3D map navigation has been simplified too.

“The new Settings menu allows users to easily customize functions and change preferences, for example when to receive speed warnings, while the new Actions menu lets you use functions that are needed while navigating such as points of interest search and social network postings” Garmin

NAVIGON 2.0 for iPhone is available now as a free update to existing users, or as a $39.99 purchase for the North American edition [iTunes link]. In-app purchases will get up to $25 discounts until the end of the month.

Satellite navigation expert Navigon has launched the second major version of its popular GPS iPhone app, Navigon 2.0. The new version is said to “completely redefine” key navigation elements by adding a unique map management function and an in app purchase option for timely map updates.

The update delivers an even more simple and intuitive user interface and existing Navigon users will receive the newly updated version free of charge.

The maps need to be downloaded separately after installing Navigon 2.0. Both downloads require an internet connection.

Users of the USA version will be able to pick only the states they want immediately and download additional regions whenever the feel like it.

Since users can save only the maps they need locally, this saves storage and, of course, download time.


This also simplifies future updates, according to Navigon. Users can update the 40MB app without having to reinstall maps over and over again.


Commenting on their new release, Gerhard Mayr, NAVIGON vice-president of worldwide mobile phone business, said, “Navigation systems have become more complex over the last years. We’ve added over 30 new features to our app since it first launched, ranging from traffic and parking information to advanced lane guidance, and our challenge with this new version was to not just add new functionalities but take the overall user experience to the next level.”

“We completely rethought the way the app interface is structured and as a result, NAVIGON 2.0 is more intuitive and easier to use than ever before. We’re also the first ones to solve the problem of having to save large amounts of map data on the phone to be independent of a data connection. The new version allows users to pick exactly which maps they need on their iPhone, leaving more room for other apps or photos and videos, for example,” Mayr added.

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Navigon’s entire set of iOS apps can be found on Apple’s iTunes App Store here.