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僅在使用WiFi時更新 (Muzei 功能) 下載原始解析度圖片; 支援的模式 推薦; 收藏; 排行榜; 過濾 最少瀏覽次數; 最少收藏次數; R18 圖片; 尺寸過小的圖片; 使用方法. 安裝 Muzei; 安裝 Muzei Pixiv Source; 開啟Muzei Pixiv Source並登入 Pixiv (非必須,建議) 從Muzei. ‘My Photos’ art source Changes to adding individual photos. In past versions of Muzei, each photo you added to the My Photos source was an. Adding folders of photos. One of the most requested features since Muzei’s inception has been the ability to add an. Muzei’s DocumentsProvider. A Muzei source to use Magic the Gathering wallpapers from Wizards.

Chromecast is great for streaming all kinds of online and local media. Even when you’re not using it, Chromecast can serve as a digital frame of sorts, with awesome photographs, images from satellites, and even your personal photos.

Without any setup, Chromecast will cycle through its curated collection of wallpapers. There aren’t many (less than 1000), but each one of them is awesome. I love this about Chromecast and I’m not alone.

If you’ve ever thought to have those wallpapers on your desktop, Android or any device really, today is your lucky day. For I’m going to tell you how to spread the Chromecast wallpaper love across all the screens you own.

1. Download Chromecast Wallpapers for Desktop

Alex Meub has created a website that curates the Chromecast wallpapers in question. You can browse through all of them and download the ones that particularly strike your fancy.

There’s also a Downloads section from where you can download all the wallpapers in Full HD in one zipped file. The zip file is pretty heavy though – at 238 MB.

2. Chromecast Wallpapers Slideshow on the Web

There’s even a way to get the exact Chromecast wallpaper slideshow feeling, complete with things like the current time right in your browser. Just go to this URL.

Note: Since this will run in the browser there’s not much you can do with it except manually switch to this tab and use it as a screensaver of sorts.

3. Chromecast Wallpapers on Android

There are two ways to get Chromecast Wallpapers on Android. You can just select one design and set it as a wallpaper or create something similar to Chromecast where all the wallpapers are cycled through at a set interval of time. We’ll take a look at the latter first.

Muzei Sources

Automated Switching Chromecast Backgrounds

Muzei Sources

We’ll be using a live wallpaper app called Muzei to source the Chromecast wallpapers. If you’re not aware, Muzei is an awesome wallpaper switcher app with a great API. This means other developers can create Android apps with different sources that can then be plugged into Muzei. I’ve covered it in detail before.

Muzei Sources Online

After installing Muzei, install Cast for Muzei (the app that will get us Chromecast wallpapers).

Open Muzei, click the three dotted menu button and choose Customize. Now, you’ll see a page called Sources. Swipe to the right and tap Cast for Muzei. You can tap the Gear icon and customize things like the refresh rate for wallpapers or limiting wallpaper downloads to only Wi-Fi.

Come back to the main screen and press the double arrow button pointing right and now you’re cycling Chromecast wallpapers on Android.

You’ll notice that by default, Muzei wallpapers have a blurred tint. You can disable that by clicking the Sources button and choosing Advanced.

Static Chromecast Backgrounds

When you downloaded Cast for Muzei, it created an app called Gallery (could have gone with a better name). This is essentially an app that lists all the Chromecast images sent to Muzei.

Setting an image from here as a wallpaper is as easy as tap > Set as > Wallpaper.

How Do You Use Chromecast?

What’s your favorite use for Chromecast? I love watching TV shows downloaded to PC and listening to podcasts. Share yours in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Guide to Chromecast.

Muzei Sources Meaning

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Did You Know

You can use the Chrome search bar as a calculator.

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Muzei is a live wallpaper that gently refreshes your home screen each day with famous works of art. It also recedes into the background, blurring and dimming artwork to keep your icons and widgets in the spotlight. Simply double touch the wallpaper or open the Muzei app to enjoy and explore the artwork in its full glory. Alternatively, you can choose your favorite photos from your own gallery or other apps to use on your home screen. To keep your wallpaper fresh, Muzei will rotate through your favorite photos every few hours. Finally, Muzei is developer-friendly. All the code is available at and Muzei even offers a simple API that allows you to build your own wallpaper source. For API details, visit Muzei now includes a watch face for Android Wear, so you can see your latest wallpaper right on your wrist! Made in New York by Roman Nurik. Muzei is a transliteration of the Russian word ?????, which means “museum.” Featured artwork in Muzei is curated daily by our small staff and made possible thanks to and its contributors. Many thanks to Ian Lake for the watch face, and the many other contributors that help make Muzei possible. For more insite on some of my thoughts on the benefits of building on Android visit here: