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Jinny has this ezily. 2017-05-06 00:49 #12 NippleInspector go go mith. 2017-05-06 09:39 #13. Danish Throat Disease 62 Coldzera 20 STOP USING STEAM RIGHT NOW 3 NAVI Junior vs Hard Legion 47 Nordavind sign H4RR3. เกมออนไลน์ / คอนโซล; อึ้งทั้งฮอลล์! ช็อตระเบิดไม่ตายในการแข่ง pubg ทีมงานยันไม่ใช่บัคแต่เป็นมุมกล้อง!

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  • May 22nd - MiTH announce Streamer Team , consists of Freddy , JinNy , CigaretteS , dmt As a full-time streamer's team participating both Competitive PUBG and CSGO.[1]
  • June 22nd - viperdemon and MYM joins MiTH.Streamer[2]
Mith Jinny Steam

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  • January - MYM leaves to pursue competitive Counter-Strike.
  • February 8th - MiTH announces their exit from Competitive PUBG. In which Predator League 2019 Finals will be the farewell tournament. Remaining players in the roster continues under MiTH.Streamers. [3]
  • February 25th - MiTH announces new roster for FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic, will played under MiTH-S in which S are Specific which formed a roster for a specific tournament as a one-off with a true interest. Consists of MinORu, Ezqelusia, Neotica. SviTT joins as standin. [4]
  • February 26th - HoN_BoYa leaves. [5]