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Miele induction schott ceran user manualMiele Induction Schott Ceran

By Jaimie Zinski Schott Ceran is a German maker of glass-ceramic cooktops that don't utilize toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process, such as arsenic and antimony. As with other brands of ceramic cooktops, Schott Ceran.

What are SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop panels made of?

How it works: The induction cooktop Pots and pans set over an open flame, or a glowing orange coil beneath a slab of glass-ceramic. That’s what many of us envision when we think about how to boil water, slowly melt butter. Ceran: The SVVSD Student Homepage is a place where students can easily access the many online resources we have available here in the St. Vrain Valley School District.

SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop panels are made of a patented glass-ceramic – a material that combines the aesthetics of glass with enormous heat resistance and stability. Quartz sand is the most important raw material in manufacturing glass, and it is available in virtually unlimited quantities. The ceramization process is then what turns glass into a glass-ceramic.Mode

Is SCHOTT CERAN® environmentally friendly?

SCHOTT CERAN® is the world’s only black glass-ceramic that is manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner – in other words, without using the heavy metal additives arsenic and antimony in the production process. This is made possible by a melting technique that we developed on our own that protects nature as well as people’s health. Furthermore, SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic is completely recyclable.

What properties make SCHOTT CERAN® so unique?

SCHOTT CERAN® is extremely durable – the normal thermal and physical stresses typical of everyday kitchen life do not have any effect on the stability of our glass-ceramic cooktop panels.
SCHOTT CERAN® is extremely temperature stable – this material withstands even sudden temperature shocks in the range of up to 750 °C (1,380 °F).
SCHOTT CERAN®Miele Induction Schott Ceran is energy efficient – the cooktop panel that is only 4 mm thick conducts heat extremely well. The heat energy thus reaches the cooking vessel virtually without any heat losses. Additionally, hardly any heat escapes along the sides.
SCHOTT CERAN® is safe – Due to how little heat is conducted on the sides, only the heating zones get hot. The rest of the surface remains relatively cool.

How many different designs does it come in?

Home appliance manufacturers can choose their favorites from more than 1,000 different decors and then install them in their appliances. Thanks to the combination of more than 30 specially developed decor colors, there are also a number of multi-colored decors on black glass-ceramic. SCHOTT CERAN® is generally available as a black, white and transparent glass-ceramic. Which of the different varieties you are offered will depend on the respective home appliance manufacturer’s range of products.

What was SCHOTT CERAN® certified by TÜV Rheinland for?

As a neutral testing service, TÜV Rheinland certified that our glass-ceramic was tested for harmful ingredients, is suited for use with food and has been subjected to testing on a regular basis.Miele induction schott ceran user manual

Schott Ceran Cooktop Instructions

What happens if a pot slips out of my hand and drops on the cooktop panel?

A SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panel easily withstands normal mechanical stresses during cooking without losing any of its stability (according to EN 60335). Nevertheless, we do not recommend to drop pots or any other kitchen accessories on the cooktop panel.

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What happens if cold water is poured onto a hot cooktop panel?

Regardless of whether it’s ice cubes or cold water – our glass-ceramic cooktop panels meet all of the quality standards and even stand up to sudden temperature shocks of up to 750 °C (1,380 °F).

Schott Ceran Induction Cooktop

[KBIS 2008 Review]
The sleek and Eco friendly glass-ceramic cooktop panels from SCHOTT are made of shiny metallic CERAN Cleartrans. Designed specifically for use in the kitchen, CERAN cooktop panels were developed to stand up to the daily wear and tear. With the smooth, non-porous and easy-to-clean surface, such a panel keeps like-new appearance forever. Beautifully crafted, a high performance CERAN cooktop panel adds to the attractive appeal of your kitchen. Made by SCHOTT in Mainz, Germany, the panels are manufactured of a special glass-ceramic with extraordinary thermal stability and resistance to thermal shocks of up to +700°C. And your typical 4 millimeter thick CERAN cooktop panel transmits heat very efficiently, with almost no heat loss. Other remarkable physical properties of CERAN are virtually zero thermal expansion, high temperature stability and durability, high mechanical stability, system-optimized IR transmittance and low thermal conductivity.
Created to bring a new level of elegance and distinction to kitchen design, CERAN Cleartrans cooktops feature sophisticated, modern colors that incorporate thin coatings of precious metals, including gold and platinum applied to the bottom side, resulting in reflective, metallic and even 3-D effects. With CERAN Cleartrans cooktops you can find the style, design and color to perfectly match your taste, kitchen layout and decor. Cooktop manufacturers can also integrate cooktop controls under a CERAN Cleartrans cooktop, thanks to a semi-transparent metal coating overlaying the control area. This makes it possible to display LEDs in white, green or blue, instead of just the typical red. Full color LCD screen controls can even be achieved with CERAN Cleartrans.
What makes these SCHOTT CERAN panels truly Eco friendly is the total absence of hazardous metals during production. Many other brands of glass-ceramic cooktops are made with a combination of added arsenic and antimony, since these two toxic heavy metals remove bubbles that normally develop in the glass-ceramic as it cools, causing visual imperfections and mechanical cooktop failure. SCHOTT has developed a technique to manufacture CERAN panels without using these toxic heavy metals while still maintaining the highest standards of purity, thermal transmission, and durability. Whirlpool Corporation alone avoids using 60 tons of arsenic in its glass-ceramic cooktops per year because of SCHOTT advanced manufacturing techniques. Miele combisets, Verona cooktops and Thermador induction cooktops are among several brands, using Eco friendly CERAN.
Shown below are 7 out of 10 available CERAN colors, which are aluet, broncet, flash silver, flash ocean-blue, flash night-blue, flash red, flash copper, flash purple, flash green and gold.