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Midnight Club: Los Angeles is a computer game in the Midnight Club arrangement of dashing computer games. It was formally reported for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on January 11, 2008 by Rockstar Games. The amusement was created by Rockstar San Diego. The amusement highlights 43 autos and 4 cruisers. Midnight Club Los Angeles PC Game Is A Racing Game. Rockstar San Diego Have Developed This Driving Game. Rockstar Games Have Published This Open World Game. This Game Is One Of The Street Racing Games In The Midnight Club Series.

Let’s start with addressing the elephant in the room, is this Need for Speed? Yes, however, it is Need for Speed with improvements and more player freedom. Seeing Rockstar create another open-world game is no surprise, but competing head to head with Need For Speed and other racing games is a bit odd.

Graphics and Scale

This game has a massive open world for you to race through, larger than the past three titles in the series combined. The game also includes a day-night cycle with weather effects and of course local traffic. For a game that was released in 2008, it looks pretty darn good, but not as amazing as some other games on the PS3 and Xbox 360. However, I think this is mainly because they used the power of this generation for more than just graphics. When roads are wet from rain, it affects how slippery it is and instead of focusing on immense detail, the game leans more to having nice lighting. Looks really nice during any time of the day-night cycle.

Gameplay & User Interface

The gameplay is smooth and controls well. Bumping into other cars or walls feels how you’d expect it too and each car feels unique. The user interface is similar to Need for Speed in a lot of ways but does a better job of getting the player into actual racing events faster, without cutscenes, long loading screens, or gimmicks getting in the way. The game also allows you to use ‘Rep Points’ to upgrade your cars and customize them in just about any way you can imagine. The game also offers a lot of freedom, allowing you to race any other racer at any time, however, boss races only appear once you’ve worked your way up by beating other racers first.

Midnight Club La Pc


Throughout the day-night cycle the density of traffic changes, with medium amounts of traffic from morning to early afternoon, with heavy traffic in the evening, and little traffic at night. Roads become slippery when wet, and of this game features police. Sadly, the game does not feature split-screen multiplayer, but it does feature online multiplayer, but I’d be surprised if the servers are even online let alone no empty. This game hardly has a story, you are a nameless protagonist given vague and genric reasons as to why to race and become the best in the city while making a lot of money while doing it.


The only real flaw this game has is the AI racers essentially cheat in order to scale the game’s difficulty. They magically get speed boosts despite them taking a corner poorly, when you use nitrous they also somehow use nitrous despite not actually using it. A common and cheap way to make a racing game challenging. My only other complaint would be that it only takes about 10 hours to complete. That’s not particularly short but I’d expect more of a company like Rockstar, and most racing games.

This is a great game that really gives Need for Speed and other racing games a run for their money. Definitely a game I’d recommend to anyone wanting a good street racing game. Despite the age of Midnight Club Los Angeles, it is still a great game that holds up well. The Fast & Fun, Los Angeles Drift (Sorry I couldn’t resist)


  • Good lighting
  • Good customization
  • Good gameplay
  • Easy & Fast UI
  • Simple story that doesn’t get in the way


  • The map doesn’t rotate views which can make it hard to navigate sometimes
  • No Split-screen
  • AI Racers Cheat
Overall rating: 8

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Midnight Club Los Angeles is set in the city of Los Angeles, again giving an alternative to totally free-wander (in anopen world environment bigger than all the three urban communities joined from the past amusement, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition). New options are a 24-hour day-to-night cycle, climate impacts and movement with authorized vehicles, adding a reasonable viewpoint to the amusement.

Los Angeles is said to be the longest of the four Midnight Club diversions, with more than ten distinctive sorts of races including arrangement races, competitions, pink slip races, and road races! For the greater part of these races, players must race an adversary to the begin line with a specific end goal to procure additional rep (a leveling framework used to decide the player’s aptitude in the diversion) before the real race starts, despite the fact that this can be skipped. Races have four challenges: simplest, medium, hard, and hardest. These troubles are shading coded with green being simplest, yellow being medium, orange being hard, and red being hardest. Each progressive trouble of race has more noteworthy prizes than the previous.

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Midnight Club Pc Game Download

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