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  • This is a Mass Effect based, total conversion mod for Star Wars: Empire at War Forces of Corruption. The mod adds four new factions: the Alliance of Unified Species (AUS)(playable - replacing the Rebel Alliance), the Collectors (playable - replacing the Zann Consortium), the Geth (playable - replacing the Empire) and the Pirates/Slavers (non-playable - replacing Black Sun Pirates).
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'radio/hologram/etc. communication'

Ship Names


You get the point.

'Let Thessia burn we have enough on our plate already!'

-Unknown Turian soldier when hearing about the Asari plea for help

2580/2170 June 10th, Restaurant on Eden Prime

Fedorian never liked official dinners, always a hidden agenda behind it or a way to win him over to the hosts side. This dinner was no different since the humans could have invited the Asari instead of him if they truly wanted to just talk. Not to mention showing off their new ship which was bloody 4 kilometers long.

'I hope the food is to your liking Primarch, while we cant compare to palaven chefs this is the best we have on Eden Prime' said the human directly opposite of him. President Jonathan Maxwell.

'It is missing a few things but overall, it is a very good meal. However, I am sure me and my delegation weren't invited here to tell you if turian food here is good or bad' he leaned back in the chair as much as he could. 'So what is it that you truly want to discuss mister President?'

The Human expression darkened, almost depressingly dark 'You are correct, I didn't invite you here to have you taste test things for us. The purpose of this meeting is far more Sinister. Harper if you would?'

The Human that introduced himself as Admiral Harper reached for something inside of his coat, Fedorian soon found out what it was, a Paper Envelope, not seen in the galaxy unless you wanted something to be kept top secret. He handed the envelope to fedorian who opened it.

Inside were two things, a paper with something written on it and a data chip. Fedorian took the paper and started to read. 'This…This has to be fake, there is no way for it to be true.'

Exhaling smoke the human that handed him the envelope spoke 'It is unfortunately the truth; the data chip holds the recording of the conversation'

The human female Admiral Drescher said 'That is why we are building ships as large as what you saw, we have to prepare for what is to come, even if they cost a Ludacris amount of money to build'

'How…how many know about this ?' asked Fedorian with a shaking voice.

'Only the ones present here today, everyone else is dead already, even the agents preforming the interrogation' said Harper

'We are telling this to you so that there are at least some people that will be prepared, as much as you can, for something of this caliber. The asari would take to long to convince and even longer for them to actually build up enough strength to fight whatever is coming. The Salarians would want to investigate it themselves, they would spend too much time on it, not to mention fighting a War that we don't even know if we can win is not in their nature. The Krogan would be perfectly suited for it, except they are currently pre-occupied going extinct. The Quarians are already undergoing modifications to their ships as you have seen yourself, even if they don't know about the enemy yet. The Batarians are a bunch we can't talk to. The Turians remained the only sane choice.' Said Drescher.

'And the Sangheili, do they know?' asked Fedorian

'They do' answered Jonathan

'How large?' Fedorian asked once again

'a few 5-kilometer-long ones and one 28-kilometer-long one in construction' answered Drescher

'Spirits. Do we even know if we have a fighting chance? They wiped out the Protheans and Races that came before them if what you are saying is true'

'We don't know, simply speaking we don't even know what we are up against, the VI wasn't very helpful in that regard, all we do know is that something is coming and its coming fast. By our estimates, we have 10 to 20 years at best' said General Williams

'Will the turian people prepare for this?' asked Jonathan

'We are already building 3 new dreadnaughts, building more right of the bat will attract suspicion, questions will be asked. If you want to keep this a secret I don't know if we can if we also start preparing' answered Fedorian

'A Pretext will come; I am sure we will cause enough noise to warrant a construction of new ships' said Harper exhaling smoke

'Can we count on support from the Human side?' asked fedorian

'Not from the government itself, but if lets say, we open up export into the Turian space for our Military contractors we can provide you with weapons and armor through less conspicuous means. Everyone knows a company will never let a opportunity for profit or new clients pass them. We wouldn't be able to sell you our current equipment but we could design equipment for you. No one will ask questions then and both sides end up getting what they wanted' said Jonathan

Fedorian stayed silent for a moment 'We will prepare the best we can'

2584/2174 April 25th, Palaven, Primarchs office

Fedorian sighed as he finished talking to Sparatus, he started sighing a lot lately. Its been 4 years Afterall, Times used to be easier, before humanity was discovered and revealed some of their secrets to him. Since then Fedorian has been working none stop on building up the Turian military the best he could without causing suspicion.

And staying true to their words Humanity really stirred up something in the backyard. Now a major military expansion would not be question but was actively encouraged. Many of his Generals and Admirals pushed for more cruisers and dreadnaughts after the news of Torfan reached Citadel Space.

But building them was easier said then done. Clearing it out with the Volus was the first step in getting those new ships. Knowing if they could afford them with the recent expenses on Human equipment was no easy task, Afterall they were expensive with the trade tariffs they had to pay. They did promise to get rid of them soon but until that happened Fedorians hands were tied, not knowing if even a single new dreadnaught could be build this or next year.

Times were not easy, and as the years passed he grew more and more anxious of the inevitable. 'Primarch, the volus are here for the meeting' his secretary said over the phone.

'Tell them I will be right there' he said and turned to the door. After this all ends he would retire, he was getting too old for this.

2584/2174 April 26th, Thessia, Temple of Athame

'Scanning data, please wait a moment…Scan complete, Radiation matches the one created by Slipspace wormholes' said a distinguishable robotic voice.

'What is this…slipspace you are talking about ?' asked a calm female voice.

'The Data in the beacon states that it is the 11th dimension, a theoretical FTL method, it doesn't look like the protheans managed to develop it however before they disappeared' said a Asari in research garments.

'Anything else of value?' asked the same calm voice

'Mentions of a race called the 'Forerunners' and a research site dedicated to them with a thing called 'slipspace drive'. There is no location attached to it however, we might have to look deeper for it' replied the Researcher

'Do it so, we will be contacting you by the end of the week for any findings. Until then good luck' said the calm voice

'Ofcourse we will work at our best to find the location. And thank you Matriarch Aethyta' replied the Researcher as she turned back to her console. 'Now lets see what you are hiding.

2584/2174 April 26th, Sur'Kesh, Top Secret STG base

'What about the Radiations bursts?' asked Valern

'Cherenkov radiation, caused by the rift observed to be used as their FTL method, the rift itself, at least in the case of human ships, is caused by creating a blackhole that turns into the rift in a moment's notice. We have no idea how that create it and the Sangheili drives are another matter entirely. Besides the radiation we have no idea what method they use to open the rift' responded a Scientist.

'That's very concerning. This explains how they managed to create such large ships, do we know if they can make larger ones ?' asked Valern

A different Scientist answered this one 'Definitely, the only limitations that we can think of are raw metals and the energy generators. But seeing as we only detect small traces of Element Zero in the 1 kilometer and under ships, I would guess that they don't use element zero as a base of their technology'

'What do we do Dalatrass?' asked Valern looking at the Dalatrass

Dalatrass Linron sat in silence for a moment, thinking, before answering 'With the Turians getting closer and closer to Humanity we only have 2 choices. One is to hope they are stupid enough to give this drive to the Turians and 'borrow' it from them. The other is to get closer to the humans just like the Turians are doing.

We will do both, I want our assets in Turian space to be on extra lookout for Human technology. Valern you and the Embassy staff are too slowly foster a friendly Relationship with the human and Sangheili embassy. You are also permitted to launch your operation Lieutenant General'

'Of course, but what do we do about the Asari?' asked Valern

'The Asari are not going to take the insults thrown their way lightly, the chances of them talking to humans are slim. They will likely use that Beacon they have; did you manage to find out where it is?' said Linron as she looked at the STG agent present

Lieutenant General Vix answered 'The location of it is still unknown, the Asari are keeping it a secret surprisingly well. We managed to bring the number of potential locations down to Thessia and Lessus'

'Keep trying to find it, if we could get our hands on it or at the very least force the Asari to reveal it we will learn much from it. As for you Valern, keep your neutrality in the council as of now, try to postpone any action against Humans, make Tevos slip up and the other Matriarchs will slip' Said Linron and disconnected

2584/2174 28th of April, Eden Prime, Mass Relay sector UNSC HQ

'Private Jenkins, step forward' said a loud voice. Jenkins wearing his dress uniform stood up from his chair and walked forward to where General White was standing. 'Private Jenkins, for your action during the defense of Elysium and attack on Torfan, you have shown great heroism and selflessness. As such you have earned the Legion of Honor and are being promoted to private first class' she finished talking and gave him a Salute

Jenkins saluted back to her and said 'Thank you ma'am' before Turning back and taking a seat.

'Sergeant Shepard, step forward' said the same loud voice. Shepard also in his dress uniform stood up and walked up to General White. 'Segeant Shepard, for your actions during the defense of Elysium where you rallied a defense force until reinforcements could arrive and your actions on Torfan, you are being awarded the Legion of honor alongside a promotion to Staff Sergeant' She saluted him.

Shepard saluted saying 'Its an honor, ma'am' before turning back to sit. White continued to hand out different medals and promotions for a good hour before the ceremony was over. Major Kyle took Shepard to the side saying that there was something important that he has to hear.

He soon found out what it was as General white approached him. Shepard and Kyle saluted immedietly, with white saluting back and saying 'At ease' the 2 men then relaxed. 'Have you told him yet Major?' asked White

Kyle replied saying 'No ma'am, I haven't yet'

'Good then I shall. Shepard, following your actions on Elysium I received orders from higher up regarding you specifically' shepard was surprised. 'Following that, your company that was supposed to be rotated out to receive some needed R&R and some fresh recruits got put on the front lines as an evaluation of you. Fortunately for us, the losses were light thanks to the companies experience and as such the report from Major Kyle was what the higher ups wanted to see

Shepard, what I am about to tell you is not to be told to anyone. You have been chosen for N7 training, the only questions is if you accept it?'

Shepard was surprised with the offer, he never thought about getting into the ODSTs not to mention N7s, he like many others heard the stories about their training and their missions. 'Its an honor, ma'am but why me, especially after what happened at torfan?'

'I don't know shepard, command wasn't exactly forthcoming with why they wanted you. Even I don't know why certain individuals are chosen for the project, all I do know is that they want you and that they want to answer fast. So, do you accept?' she said

Shepard thought for a moment before replying with 'I do ma'am'

White said 'Great, pack your things, you are leaving for earth tomorrow at 0500 hours' before she turned around and walked away.

Shepard also started walking to the exit when he noticed in the corner of his eye Jenkins being approached by a officer wearing all black, not thinking to much about it and having to get a good nights of sleep he left early.

2584/2174 15th of May, Unknown System south southwest of the Serpent Nebula, Surface of unknown planet

'Research log #001: We landed on the planet a day ago and the things we found here amaze me. Prothean equipment in pristine condition, an entire location I could only call a research outpost. Prothean buildings and even ships, all intact. Though I have to note that the Buildings are constructed rather haphazardly, nothing like the Previous dig sites I was at. The ship itself while intact on the outside is a mess on the inside, engine, drive core and navigational computer missing. Some tools are still laying around in it suggesting its components were used to repair another ship. Weapons and research terminals are still in the buildings. We have found a location in one of the Terminals, we presume it to be the main site, the captain the the Nerfana is sending equipment for us to allow us for further exploration

-Doctor Liara T'soni'

'Research log #003: We arrived at the main dig site, the base is huge almost a square kilometer with many buildings even having several underground levels. We have found a large entrance of unknown kind in the center of the site. This is presumably what they were researching here. Equipment is still attached to the doors but from what we can tell it they weren't able to be opened. More equipment was found in the buildings, food, weapons and what we can only presume to be medication. Filled to the brim, we have found several grave like structures on the outer perimeter of the site, all are however missing any type of coffin or body. The remaining equipment and remains of ships suggest that the Protheans had to leave this place in a hurry and couldn't take their things with them. We have currently no idea how any of these structures and equipment are still intact and in this almost perfect state. We will continue our research in the morning

-Doctor Liara T'soni'

'Research log #015: The doors are proving very hard to open, we attempted to use the prothean data on the doors, but even that provided no insight on how to open them or what they are keeping inside. The translators are saying that some of the data speaks of having to find a way to open this 'fortress' as they called it or else they don't know if they can win a war they were fighting. While providing no idea on how to open the door it did provide a theory on what happened to the protheans. No mentions are found on who exactly they were fighting. Our security team is reporting sightings of some flying objects far off in the distance

Mass Effect Galaxy Map Music

-Doctor Liara T'soni'

'Research log #020: Attempts to use a cutting laser on the door proved uneventful, the material is highly resistant to kinetic energy as well as heat. We are slowly running out of ideas on how to open the door. More sightings of those flying objects are reported and our security teams is growing restless, they sent out a small scout party earlier today to find these things. A Transport arrived today to retrieve the prothean equipment not needed for our attempts to open the door, most computers stayed as we are still looking through the data to find a way to open the door. More and more messages are found about the desperation to win this war and even some requests for transfer to a planet called 'Eden IV' by a certain security commander 'Javik'

-Doctor Liara T'soni'

'Research log #024: Doctor T'soni was hit by an electric current after she and several others attempted to use biotics on the door mechanisms. Since then she is unconscious on the Nerfan. The Scout party returned finding nothing of notice except a ruined research site 50 kilometers north of here. More ground crews are arriving from the Nerfan and are being send to the different research sites on the planet in an attempt to find any data on how to open the doors. Until Doctor T'soni wakes up, I am taking over as head researcher.

-Doctor Lesia T'loke

'Research log #034: Following my wake up, Doctor T'loke has provided me with the information they managed to obtain from the other research sites. We have gained a basic understanding of where to Doors lead and how to open them. The doors are an entrance to an underground complex covering an area of over 10 square kilometers and almost 3 kilometers underground. Simply said it's a massive facility. From Prothean reports there are 4 ways to open the door. First is having a special access level with you, in what form we are unaware to. Second is to have the Underground facilities central computer open it for you, how to do that we don't know. The Third way to open it is with brute force either from a ship cannon or explosives, the prothean crew requested an antimatter bomb to be shipped to them but the request was denied due to the ongoing war with an unknown enemy. The fourth and final way is an electric current of high enough voltage can force the door mechanism to open. Prothean crews only speculated the voltage required but weren't able to test it due to an evacuation order send their way. We will make preparations to force the door open with the electric current while prothean tech and data is moved onto transport ships in case we need to use the Nerfan's cannon to destroy the door.

-Doctor Liar T'soni'

'Just a moment longer…and its send!' yelled a asari standing next to a terminal. Several sparks flew out of the door and nothing happened. That is until, while they were charging the next current the door simply opened startling everyone there. The Guards raised their weapons on reflex and pointed them at the inside. After several tense minutes nothing came chargin at them and turning them into monsters so the guards relaxed.

'Gather everything we need and lets move inside, we have a whole new race to discover!' yelled out Liara and everyone got to work. She never thought she would get this assignment. Being very young by asari standards she was only 97 years old and was handed a task from the matriarchs themselves, even if her Mother wasn't liked by them very much. She couldn't pass up such an opportunity, she was an expert in things prothean related Afterall and who better to pick then her for such a mission, with all the black ink involved.

As they started entering the complex she and others were amazed by the architecture, even if the colors were a little bit bland, with silver as far the eye could see. But as they entered deeper into the hallway that stretched for a good 200 meters, the doors behind them closed causing panic. A message came over the radio 'Are you alright in there?' it was from the security chief.

Liara answered 'We are all fine captain, what caused the door to close?'

'We don't know, it suddenly started to close, we can't find any problems from this side except the terminal that we used to open it being fried' responded the captain.

'The Data mentioned the central computer controlling the doors, we will try to find it. In the meantime, try opening the door from your side captain'

'Will do doctor, be careful we don't know what is down there'

'We will captain, don't worry' as liara finished talking she and the other researchers and their guards moved down the hallway finding a door that opened for them as they got close. It led them to an elevator that started going down as soon as all of them were on it.

'Guess the computer or whoever is in charge of this place wants to talk to us eh?' said one of the guards. Others agreed, nodded or said something under their nose. Liara was no different thinking that this all was to convenient for them, so whoever or whatever was in charge of this place must have wanted to talk to them.

Once the elevator stopped, they got off of it and found a corridor with many small doors on the side and a large one at the end. The smaller ones had a glass window in them to look inside, in there you could see holograms of planets, computers and something resembling a storage crate. Each room behind these doors had doors leading further in but you couldn't tell what was behind them.

As they got closer the door at the end of the corridor opened up for them and they continued to go down there until eventually finding another elevator that took them further down. When they stepped off of the elevator a giant door about 50 meters high opened up to a gigantic room that had a hologram of the star system in the center and a bridge/catwalk going around it. And a single floating metal ball with yellow glowing eye in its center doing something at a terminal.

They stepped further into the room and the ball turned around and started lazily floating up to them. The guards tensed up and pointed their weapons at it. They could hear the ball humming as it got closer and closer before stopping just a few meters away from them.

'Welcome meddlers, may I ask what your purpose is here?' asked the ball

Everyone was silent, dumbstruck really by the floating ball that spoke in their language. The ball itself was silent for a while before speaking again 'Perhaps the language I translated is the wrong one…problematic' and started to float back to the console as it hummed

Liara broke from her amazement and spoke 'Wait!'

The ball in turn turned around and floated up to liara 'Yes?'

'W- What are you?' she asked

The ball after a moment said 'The same question as last time, very well. I am 384 Ruthless Guardian, Monitor of this outpost. Now who are you and what is your purpose here?'

'A Monitor?' she asked

'Cant answer a simple question, what is it with the Meddlers? Answer my question first, im not going to ask again' said the ball now identified as Ruthless Guardian as his eye changed from yellow to red.

Liara panicked and quickly answered 'uh… we are researchers, we came here to find out more about this complex!'

Guardians eye changed back from red to yellow 'Intriguing, but I must disappoint you, there is nothing interesting here. Not for you atleast, now please leave my facility and go back to your ship' he started humming again as he slowly floated back to the console.

'Can you answer our questions first?!' yelled out Liara catching the attention of the Monitor.

'Depends on the questions'

'What is your purpose here?'

'My purpose is to await the reclaimers and help them in accessing the location of the archives'

'Reclaimers? What is a reclaimer?'

'The Reclaimers are the ones chosen to inherit all that my creators left behind as a way of repayment for what my creators did to them and in hopes of them guiding the galaxy to a better future'

'If we are not these…Reclaimers, then why did you let us in?'

'Your attempts at entering this facility have been most annoying, that is one of a few reasons, another one is your ship in orbit being similar to the ones used by the reclaimers in the past and finally your genetic makeup is very similar to that of the reclaimers. I couldn't get a exact scan on it unless you were present Infront of me like you are now'

'How do the reclaimers look like?'

'Unknown, that information is locked inside of my databanks with no way for me to access it, all I know is how their genetic makeup looks like. I can only speculate as to why, but I am certain if I saw one I would recognize them immediately'

'And this archive? What is it?'

Guardian stayed silent for a moment before saying 'I am not allowed to answer that question'

'Okay…and the protheans that were researching this place before us, what can you tell us about them?'

'The meddlers left after managing to force the door open which they tried for 421 days. The Security staff was moved to a planet they called Eden IV and the research staff to a planet they called 'Illos' they left in a hurry leaving much information behind, allowing me to learn a lot'

Before Liara could ask another question, the ball spoke first 'Now that I answered your questions I must ask for compensation. I would ask for the data on your computer that you have around your arm'

Liara thought for a moment about what it could mean, lighting up her omni-tool asking 'You mean my omni-tool?'

The ball answered 'Yes' Liara nodded and allowed the ball to gain access into her Omni-tool. It took just a fraction of a second before the ball resonated in happiness 'My, this is most excellent, the reclaimers are out there alive! Oh the thing they could ask of me, the reports I compieled in their absence.' It kept on rambling for a while before regaining its composure. 'This information was most helpful, as such I will answer one more question before I ask you to leave, I have protocols that need to be activated and executed'

Liara thought for a moment before asking 'What exactly are you?'

*Research logs correspond to the days spend on the digsite.

2584/2174 April 26th, Citadel, Presidium

Garrus had the luck to be chosen for the most boring posting on the citadel maybe ever. He had the task of Watching over the Human and Sangheili guards of their embassies, now it wouldn't be so bad if he had good company with him. Unfortunately, he had a fellow turian named Harkin alongside him. Everyone knew that Harkin wasn't the guy you wanted to be with you in case something happened.

Yet here he was, standing beside Garrus having a staring contest with the Human Marines that were assigned to their Embassy, the spirits really didn't like Garrus Afterall. 'Hey Garrus' said Harkin

'Yeh? What is it?'

'What do you notice about the Marines?'

'Well, they wear a combat armor, have a rifle, helmet, Magazines for their rifle on their chest with all of that im sure we stand no chance if-'

Mass Effect Galaxy At War

'That's not what I mean, look at their faces and how they act towards their 'allies' standing further away from them'

Now that Harkin mentioned it, Garrus took a closer look. Their faces were scared, eyes looked almost dead as if the life in them was sucked out years ago and they didn't exactly hide their distain for the Sangheili guards standing near the Sangheili embassy.

Actually, both sides didn't look like friends but rather like enemies, they were watching Garrus and Harkin as much as they were watching each other. 'Now that you mention it, they look like they went through a meat grinder and barely kept their sanity. If I had to guess it has something to do with the reason, they are so distant to the Sangheili'

'Makes you wonder why they are allies in the first place if that's the attitude they have to each other'

'I bet they have a good reason'

'Imagine if we got chummy like that with the Krogans'

Garrus laughed at what Harkin said 'Never in a million years, they will never forgive us for the genophage' as he said that the door behind them opened and in from the lobby walked a Krogan in blood red armor and red headplate with the most intriguing companion beside him. The Turian ambassador Octavus.


Harkin and Garrus watched as they walked towards the human guards who stopped them checking them for weapons before letting them walk inside. The Krogan begrudgingly left his shotgun with the Humans and walked alongside octavus into the Sangheili embassy, shorty there after they were joined by the human ambassador who walked out of his office.

'Looks like we might see it Afterall Garrus, sooner then you said' said Harkin still surprised by the whole ordeal and Garrus simply sighed.

'What do you think they are talking in there about Harkin?'

'From the display at torfan and the fact that Turians and Krogans are involved I would say something military related. That reminds me Vakarian, how long till your reservist statues runs out?'

'Was supposed to be off the list in 2 years, but with Torfan happening It got extended to 8 years, thanks to my father mine was rather short'

'Lucky, Brutus was going off in 5 months, now it got extended to 10 years. That man will never see the day with his luck'

'Let's hope my luck strikes then so that nothing happens for me and Brutus'

'Let's hope'

Udina was sliding over a piece of paper to the Krogan named Wrex. As he read through it he stopped several times and read through it again and again. 'If this is a joke human, you will pay dearly for it'

'I assure you its not a joke, it's a genuine offer'

'How can I be certain about it, while I enjoyed how you treated the pyjak shitslingers in the council, you are still getting very friendly with a member of said council'

'What my human colleague is saying is true, the offer is genuine, all that needs to happen is you uniting the clans' said the Sangheili ambassador.

'Lets say for a moment that I agree to your proposal, what kind of forces will you commit?'

Udina said 'We can commit one or two Special forces teams to assist in the unification and-removal-of problematic individuals. After the unification is complete the second stage will begind'

'We can provide a few Special operations teams to assist aswell and ofcourse help in the second stage to the best of abilities'

'We cant commit much, even with our militaristic ways order will be questioned. The best we can do is provide patrol routes and leave spots open for drop off missions in the system' said Octavus

'Figures the Turians washing their hands off of this. But besides that, you cant spare any supplies or anything?'

'Too high of a risk, providing large enough quantaties and supply lines for their use would be hard and easily found out' said Udna

Mass Effect Galaxy Edition

'Alright, lets say I unite the clans and you do your things. What is your stake in this, I don't imagine you are doing this because of the good of your heart'

Risk: Mass Effect Galaxy At War Edition

Octavus said 'The Primarch is bolstering defensive lines, creating new fleets and every ship is needed, having your system stop being a DMZ would help that a lot. For what reason he is doing that is unkown to me'

'My government is also preparing for something, no idea what but it has to be something large, I am sure news has reached the wider galaxy of the quarians being spotted entering our space a few years ago. Their entire fleet is undergoing retrofits. Then the friendship with the Turians if you can call it that.' Said Udina

The Sangheili said 'None of us know what is happening but the leaders and militaries has been ramping up production, exercise, size and contingency plans for a good part of a decade now. Whatever is happening requires the Krogans, united and strong'

Wrex thought for a bit 'Alright, ill do it. But I better learn what is going on sooner rather then later'

Hi there, long time waiting and I know a short chapter. My excuse? Im having a bit of a hard time right now finding a school/job with corona running around the block and as such haven't had much time to write.

Lets head onto the reviews, I chose to do them at the end since things in this chapter explained some of the questions you guys had.

Havalt300: That comes due to the massive power difference in basically everything.

Micetto: Ofcourse humans know how dangerous they can be so they have agents assigned to them as to make them behave, and its better to let them in and keep a watch on them then having them pester you for the rest of eternity. As for the Turians well it was explained at the beginning of this chapter. Also yeah, they are on their way to become actual allies

Srosan99: I see where you are coming from, but in my opinion the Council being under the leadership of the Asari are still blinded by the asari strategy of long sight or whatever its called. And a government not joining the citadel at first chance didn't cause much worry of them. Torfan came as a wake up call to everyone especially the Asari that Humanity didn't plan on playing into Citadel Hands. As for a good villain, one must first have a good cause for a villain to become the villain. Torfan again came as a wakeup call for everyone and the gears start turning. As you said in your review and I said in the previous chapter, 'competition leads to innovation' The council being stuck in the same state for close to 2000 years showed little innovation leading to something akin to stagnation in almost ever regard.

Guest: Cole Protocol only works for as long as Humans are the only ones aware of the location of earth. But you know, There was the first battle and the Second battle of earth that made Cole Protocol Pointless since the location was no longer secret.

Cooldude101011: Buying a design is all good but the problem comes in being able to produce the thing you just bought designs for. Its like telling WW2 germany to build the Leopard MBT in 1940, they might have the detailed blueprints but they don't have the technology to build the thing. There is also the Sangheili trying to keep an card against humanity in case they go to war again.

Randomreader: As I explained in another answer they were stagnant for close to 2000 years only innovating when Humanity kicked the Turian ass over shanxi and when Sovereign attacked the Citadel, Torfan and the UEG behaviour is that spark that is needed for the Council races to innovate

DomR1997: No

Roting: I don't know the ass end of Atriox from his face. That is my description of my knowledge on the Banished, I don't know much about them and don't feel as if I could write them in any good way.