Magento 2.1 9 Demo

Other Features

The template has built with more amazing features, easy to use, some of most important features are listed here:

Market – 2020’s The Best-selling eCommerce Magento 2.4.x and Magento 1.9 Theme with 23+ Homepage Layouts. Market is a Responsive Magento 2 & 1.9 Theme which is fully customizable and suitable for online stores, especially for multi-category store with multiple branches and products such as online market store, supermarket store, digital store, hi-tech store, watch store, fashion store. Download Magento 2 & 1.9 By Bruce May 3, 2018 If you are searching “ Magento download “ or “ download Magento 2 with sample data “, this resource is completely for you!

Responsive & Retina Ready


Integrating responsive function that gives your online store a beautiful interface on any high resolution devices or mobile and tablet.

Mega Menu & Vertical Menu

Our built-in mega menu is the perfect choice for large menus. You can set up columns and rows, use icons and images easily.

Google Fonts

Market was built with new web technology: Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, LESS, CSS3, HTML5 that makes the theme more powerful and flexible.

Rich Snippets

Allows you to control appearance of your product such as product name, image, reviews and other useful information in organic Google search results

Unlimited Color

There are various colors available for your choose from in them Admin Panel; you can also make your own color theme easily.

Easy Customizable

Easy change theme options such as homepage layout, color, menu styles, etc in admin panel without touch any code lines.

Color Swatches

Magento 2.1 9 Demo Free

Color watches function integrated into configurable product which can show to your customers how a product looks like in different colors.

Quick View

Your product detail will open with full necessary information like image product, product price, description, product reviews, product attributes.

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Hi everyone, now we have a more powerful and stable version of Magento than ever, Magento 2. After hearing so much about Magento 2 news, roadmap as well as new features, you probably want to experience this newest version by yourself. The most basic way is installing Magento 2 on localhost, but it is quite inconvenient while you can just use that Magento 2 demo only on your computer. That’s the result why we create this online version of Magento 2 demo with sample data, you can experience the real demo store on magento (including front-end and back-end): Luma like on your computer with fast and stable hosting solution as well as well optimization.


  • 2 Magento 2 Demo Features
    • 2.1 Demo admin panel
    • 2.2 Magento 2 demo admin workspace
  • 3 Magento 2 Demo Front End

Magento 2 Demo backend

This is a screenshot of Magento 2 Sign In interface :

You can follow the link above to experience both front-end demo and back-end demo on Magento 2 with the account default ID: admin and password: nublue2test. I’m sure that this is the most stable and fastest Magento 2 demo site that you can have on the Internet. Thanks to Nublue Magento 2 has created a new breakthrough in comparison with Magento 1, and it’s a mistake if we- Number 1 Magento retailer solution provider in the world- can’t bring Magento 2 to you. Let’s enjoy it with us! Cheer!

Magento 2 Demo Features

But, before you start, I believe that having an overview of Magento 2 is very necessary!

Demo admin panel

As you know, Magento 1 admin panel lied on top but now It has been moved to the left side bar, saluted! It’s also fully responsive and fully touch friendly which allow you easily access your store resource on mobile phone and tablet. This is the feature that I like best In Magento 2, back to the old day in Magento 1, it’s very difficult to manage Magento store, but now, with Magento 2, the admin sidebar help store owners, as well as Magento developers, manage Magento site easier with a more visual way.

With this flyout Magento 2 admin menu, you can easily access all data of your store, which will be introduced below.


This metric allows you to track all of the overviews of the important metrics include Lifetime Sales, Average Order, Last Orders by customer with detailed information (Name, Items, Total).

Moreover, on the right of Demo Dashboard shows all Orders or Amount filtered by times: Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Current Month, Year To Date, 2 Year To Date. The information shown contains of: Revenue, Tax, Shipping, and Quantity.

On the bottom corner is Best Sellers, Most Viewed products, New Customers, Customers which help store owners target the right potential customer.

Also, you can check if there is some updates related to Magento 2 Admin Demo.


If with Dashboard you can see an overview of Sale performance, in this Sales menu you can see everything relate to Sale of your Magento 2 store such as Orders, Invoices, Shipments, Transaction, etc.

  • Orders: show all information which an order should have: ID, Purchase Point, Purchase Date, Bill-to Name, Ship-to Name, Grand Total (Base), Grand Total (Purchased), Status, Action and Signifyd Guarantee Decision. You will find “Create New Order” button the right top corner of Sales path. It means that you can create an order manually right on the back-end in case customer using phone or email to make an order. Export function is also available if needed.
  • Invoices: manage all invoices information on grid view: Invoice, Invoice Date, Order, Order Date, Bill-to Name, Status, Grand Total (Base), Grand Total (Purchased), Action. You could export data to CSV or XML file.
  • Shipments: manage all shipment data on grid view: Shipment, Ship Date, Order, Order Date, Ship-to Date, Total Quantity, Action. All data could be exported easily!

You can find our the last four elements by yourself and we will move to the next path fast!


This is where Magento 2 helps you to manage all of your products. You can see all of the Product as well as Categories in this menu. Create new products of every type, and manage your inventory.

  • Products: provides easy access to product creation, category and inventory management, as well as tools to manage catalog content. Let you know everything about an item (Sprite Foam Yoga Brick for instance): ID, Thumbnail, Name, Type, Attribute Set, SKU, Price, Quantity, Visibility, Status, Website, Action. You can add or remove products attributes manually just by click on a product.
  • Categories: This is where you make rooms for each specific product type. It’s not only help your work easier but also make it more efficient. Create the category structure that is the foundation of your store’s navigation.


Understanding customers behavior is an important point in E-commerce, with Customers menu, this Magento 2 demo admin allows you to see information about customers account, their value base on three separate categories: All Customers, New Online, Customer Groups. Become familiar with the customer account dashboard, and learn to configure customer accounts according to your preference.

  • All Customer: Nothing is important than getting to know your customer deeper, start with their basic demographic: ID, Name, Email, Group, Phone, ZIP, Country, State/Province, Customer Since, Web Site, Confirmed Email, Account Created In, Date of Birth, Tax VAT Number, Gender, Action. If there’s a new potential customer that wants to buy your product but you’re not able to save his information. Don’t worry! You can note on whatever you want and enter it on “Add New Customer” later.
  • Now Online Customer + Customer Groups: these two let you find out customer’s status. Create customer groups that can be referenced in promotions and tax classes.


Magento is well optimized with a lot of useful Marketing object so you can easily make your store becomes more friendly with Google, sending customers promotion email, making sale off event, … I’ll keep it short this part as you’re probably understand what you should do for your Marketing 😉

  • Promotions

Learn to set up catalog and cart price rules that trigger discounts based on a variety of conditions.

  • Communications

Personalize email notifications and sales documents to support your brand. Create newsletters, and manage subscriptions.

  • SEO & Search

Learn about the search tools that are available to your customers. Fine-tune the configuration of your store to increase sales, and learn best practices and techniques to support your SEO initiative.

  • User Content

Manage your product reviews by customer.


Content elements include pages, blocks, and widgets. Learn to create pages with text, images, and dynamic blocks of content that can be linked to other pages, and incorporated into your store’s navigation.

This part decide what your site look like as you can choose your own Design and Elements. With content menu, you can create, edit and remove content in your site, You can see all of your pages, category, blocks, and design an eye-catching template for your Magento 2 store.


Many said that: “Report source on Magento 2 demo are much more easier compare to Magento 1.”

With Magento report, you can have an overview of your business performance as well as insight of each detail niche such as Bestseller products, new products, out of stock products, etc.

Learn how to filter data and online generate reports. The report data can be opened in a spreadsheet or imported into other applications.

There’re tons of reports on demo admin to check your retail performance. By checking all of this, you will have chances to increse your sales and conversion as well as magento site health just by some minor changes!

Magento 2.1 9 demo free


This is where you get all your settings to manage your store: Taxes, Currency, Attributes, Shipping.


On the Admin Sidebar, move on System workplace, you are allowed to create many setting activities in your system.

Import and Export function is supposed to be performance better than on Magento 1, it helps you get a data flow.

Magento 2.1 9 Demo Pc

Magento 2 demo admin workspace

Above is the Magento 2 admin panel, now is the time we go to explore the Magento 2 admin workspace.


The Actions control applies an operation to all selected records. To select a record, mark the checkbox in the first column, or use the Mass Actions control to select multiple records.


With this function, you can sort item in alphabet order.


The filters in the header of each column can be used to limit the list to specific values. Some filters have additional options that can be selected from a list box, and for others, you can simply type the value you want to find.

Magento 2.1 9 Demo

Global search

With this function, admin can search any information in Magento 2 site database includes post, product, customers …. everything.


The pagination controls are used to view the additional pages of results.

Magento 2 Demo Front End


In this post, I have introduced with you the overview of Magento 2 as well as the Magento 2 demo store. You can use it to learn to manage Magento 2 easily! Thank you for reading!
For more Magento Demo tutorial you can visit here: Magento 2 Demo Search

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