Madden 2008 Xbox 360 Controls

Madden 2008 Xbox 360 ControlsLet me start off by saying that there is little-to-no information about this topic on the web with the exception of one or two comments in various threads on this forum. It definitely warrants a dedicated discussion.

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  1. Here’s the gameplay controls you need to know. Here are some of the most important controls to get you started in your first game. Check out the full manual for Madden NFL 19 on PC to see all of the controls. Using an Xbox One controller to play? Check out the Xbox One manual, too.
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*** NOTE: The method below will work for wired connections (USB) to the Xbox One controllers as well as WIRELESS connections via the licensed M$ adapter.
So what we're going to be doing is fooling a pre-xbox one game module into recognizing a device which was non-existent when it was released. Everyone here knows and understands that the XBOX 360 controllers and XBOX One controllers are fairly identical right? 'Right...'
So here's the short version, and I'm not going to get into the long, extensive, list of failed attempts at resolving this which I've performed.
1. Do the registry edit. You're going to go to run> 'regedit', or otherwise open your windows 7/vista/8/8.1/10 registry. BE ADVISED. Should you modify the wrong file here, or accidentally delete something, you could do serious damage to the infrastructure of your operating system.
- Go to FIND (Ctrl + F) 'OEMName'. This is the generic Microsoft registry name for the XBOX One controllers.
- Modify OEMName's value to 'XBOX 360 Controller for Windows'. It probably looked something like 'Controller (XBOX One For Windows)' before.
*** NOTE: There's at least three variations of that phrase in parenthesis which work for most games. This one worked for me.
*** Note2: You're not RENAMING 'OEMName', you're right clicking> Modify value, and pasting 'XBOX 360 Controller for Windows' without the parenthesis, and then saving. You will do this for the new folders in this directory which spawn with new controller connects as well.
2. Boot the controllers before Madden 08's mainapp.exe, then on the bottom right of the dashboard go to File>Profile>Controllers... You get it. You should see options for Keyboard, Keyboard + Mouse, and 'Xbox 360 Controller'. Guess which one you want?
3. When you're scrolling through play menus, simply hold the Left Trigger. In the STANDARD configuration, once you've selected a play, you'll notice that the sidebars (options & audibles etc) are forced onto the screen for each controller player after you're on the field. This function will be negated by simply pressing the Left Trigger half way and releasing it. Once those menus disappear, the Left Trigger will no longer interfere with your gameplay. (At least not as far as I've noticed).
So as sad as I am to report that I have had ZERO success in disabling the analog functions through drivers and calibration , it's actually 100% playable with the Xbox One controller if you can understand these two points. (At least in two weeks' gameplay I haven't found it to impede anything).
Hope this saves some googlers a headache (and Yes, I'm using Windows 8.1 with the iso-disc version, and it worked before I installed the FF XV mods). This modification appears to NOT affect games which recognize the Xbox-One controller itself.

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Also, for you OCD cats, this method is highly advantageous over an alternative joypad configuration file mod or xpadder etc as

Madden 2008 Xbox 360

it will display the corresponding buttons on the screen nice and professionally.