Loboleo Female Werewolf

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  • Diana’s eyes suddenly shot open. She sat up in bed, quickly turning her head to glance at her bedside clock. It had been half an hour since she had turned in.

Loboleo Yes, the Transformation is over with page 12 (the full shot) There won't be more updates to this sequence anymore. Sorry if I didn't reply Seacigar about your comment but most of rpg stuff just go and flies pass over my head.

Comic from 2015-18 originally posted for my Patreon Work.

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Loboleo female werewolf costume

Hey!, Somehow I’m still alive! I hope you all are well wherever you are, I’m here just to try and cheer all you up a little bit, After several years I’m unlocking “Beta Collie” out of the exclusive Store/Patreon platforms and finally posting it also here, where it belongs.

Today is only the cover and page 1, but after that, every day will have two new pages. So in about 1 week and a half all, 19 pages will be posted here.

This project started back in 2015 and finished in 2018 (after a few hiatuses) , it was a time when I was starting Patreon and I thought it’d be fun to make a side story for AL, a “what if” scenario for Collie, where she gets to experience a Werewolf Transformation of herself, just like Luna did. Creating a new scenario for out three characters.

If you’re still confused on where and when this takes place, where it diverges from the main story line after Page 36 of Issue 3, you can check the exact point at the Archives link here: https://alphaluna.net/archive/

Now, The Store will still list “Beta Collie” as an available item for purchase. Because that file will still include the High Quality pages, PDF, and Bonus Pics for those who like a more “Complete” version with extra stuff (Now on sale!). Thanks in advance if you decide to support me! ^^

Loboleo Female Werewolf

Loboleo Female Werewolf Costume

But even after all 19 pages are released I’ll be posting something different that expands on the beta-Collie story in a ver meaningful way. Stay tuned 😉

Remember to follow me at @alphalunanet (https://twitter.com/alphalunanet) to get the news faster on upcoming news. Until then, thanks for all your support throughout the years!

Loboleo Female Werewolf Movie