Light Sylph

Sylphs of Light are, in all honesty, a little-researched class - ironic, for the sort of people they are. This admittedly makes writing about them rather difficult, and I am more than happy to say that this has been one of the harder Classpects for me to write on - and one I feel the least confident about.

They are frequently seeking more Information and learning how to spread that Information to others, and how to act on that Information as well - though it must be noted that a Sylph can never become too fervent in their actions, as a Sylph who goes too far risks obscuring the very people they are trying to help from the Light they wish to share.

Sylphs are fey spirits of the air, creatures of high mountaintops, fierce winds, and scouring tempests. Similar to pixies, but larger and wilder, sylphs spend their time cavorting in the breezes, wandering from place to place. 1 Physical Appearance 2 Combat 3 Society 3.1 Allies 3.2 Enemies Sylphs are on the small side, standing about 5 feet tall. They possess gossamer dragonfly wings that are. Sylph is a group of monsters in Summoners War that consists of 5 natural 4 star monsters. Monsters: Fire Sylph Baretta, Water Sylph Tyron, Wind Sylph Shimitae, Light Sylph Eredas, Dark Sylph Aschubel.

True Sylph of Light

Main Analysis

A True Sylph of Light is one who meddles in and heals the lack of Light, but perhaps does not achieve the final goal of acting upon their own advice.

They are incredibly adept at finding any sort of Information; if it holds Importance to even the tiniest degree, the True Sylph of Light has already read it, picked it for meaning, memorised it, and come to their own conclusion on the subject. They are, in essence, scavengers for Information, as they believe that the more Information they have, the better equipped they will be to handle and Inform others.

They are widely read and have a profound knowledge on a variety of subjects, likely able to tell you even the most obscure facts that nobody else is privy to, and they are more than eager to share their Information and to bring to Light the Importance of what they have found. They may not be very well directed in this; their hard-earned knowledge will likely come out all at once in a large info dump, badly placed in a conversation or brought upon without reason. They may end up confusing people more than anything, expecting others to sit there and listen to everything they say when it may not even be relevant to the conversation. They are so bursting with knowledge and the desire to share it, to reveal its Importance, that it tends to come out in all the wrong ways.

That said, they enjoy more than anything else the ability to try and fix Light. If something is not understood, they will go over it in extensive detail - sometimes in too much detail, overwhelming the person they are talking to with Information that they simply can’t process - and will continue to do so until the thing in question is understood. They are highly opinionated and enjoy debating to try and change the views and states of minds of those around them, especially if they think that misinformation has spread or if they notice a lack of Information within a person, but are comparatively bad at realising when a debate won’t go their way; if a racist, for instance, starts spewing incorrect Facts, the True Sylph of Light would argue till they were blue in the face trying to correct the racist, not comprehending that the racist is in no way interested in listening to what they have to say. The concept that some people are completely closed off to Information is, in the mind of the True Sylph of Light, impossible.

Beyond raising the Awareness of things and Information, they also spend incredible amounts of time on trying to make their friends Important. If they believe that someone steeped in Void or obscurity is actually a Key player, or even if they just want to try and heal the lack of Light within a person by thrusting them into the Light, then nothing will stop them from dragging that person into a place of Importance - though whether or not the person wants this may be questionable. The True Sylph of Light is perhaps too eager to try and fix their Aspect, not taking into account that some people need to be eased into it rather than suddenly placed on a pedestal that discomforts them. It is, however, safe to say that the person in question will never be a background character, a shadow on the wall, again; their Importance will have been so amped up by the True Sylph of Light and their knowledge that the Light will follow them wherever they go.

To a slightly lesser degree, they may become fixated on the concept of Luck, finding things that are Lucky and giving them to people who seem to lack Luck. This might make them adept that understanding what Luck is as a set of statistics and ensuing others are able to influence their own Luck - such as by understanding the maths behind “chance” Casino or card games.

The powers of a True Sylph of Light range drastically. The may be able to quite literally make someone Glow, ensuring that the limelight will always be on them, or that they can’t fade back into obscurity. They may simply be incredibly good at revealing Information and the Importance in seemingly unimportant texts - perhaps physically making the Important lines stick out on the page. They may eventually have a Glow around themselves, a consistent Shine that grows and fades with their own Importance or the Importance of the thing they are around.

Personality Analysis

A True Sylph of Life shifts between a calm, quiet isolation - in which they read extensively, pick apart Importance and Meaning, observe the things around them and create their own opinions and views - and Vibrant and Bright personality, frequently tripping over themselves to be the first to reveal some new piece of Information. They are mostly excitable and expressive when sharing their ideas, and become almost fanatical when they finally have the opportunity to infodump - whether or not it’s actually the right time to do so. They can pull away and bury themselves under books and Information for weeks on end, and then come back with a brand new sense of Vibrancy, eager to tell as many people as possible about what they have found. They can sometimes be blind to a person’s lack of interest, and may even go to the extent of begging or paying someone to listen to what they know.

They are often eager to help those they believe need help, perhaps moreso than any other Sylph, and will meddle with an air of “I know what’s best, listen to me!” However, they are not inherently rude people, and don’t actively mean to force people to listen to them; they’re simply so excited that they can’t contain themselves, and aren’t always aware of when is the best time to speak, and when it’s best to hold off.

Home Life Analysis

A True Sylph of Light has likely been raised in a household where they are the only one with a distinct form of education - especially higher education - or have found themselves entrenched in things their family and others around them don’t understand. This could mean that they picked up complex concepts far easier than anyone else around them, and, noticing the lack of Information, were quick to try and spread what they knew as quickly as possible. They may have never really have been able to effectively share their Information, opinions, or Awareness of the world around them, or might even have been much too able to do so; it’s completely likely that they were encouraged at school in debates because of how quickly they seemed to pick things up, but then never had any other outlet for it, requiring them to find their own. Or, perhaps, they simply weren’t taught to use what they knew effectively, leading to them being eager to explain things, but not understanding what to do once those things were explained - how to take it that step further. They may even have come from a family where their Information gave them Attention, and thus they crave Attention and the ability to spread Awareness.

Knowing what it is like to not be seen, or to not be Important, they may be eager to try and make those around them Important, too.

Realised Sylph of Light

Main Analysis

A Realised Sylph of Light is one who meddles and heals the lack of Light, and takes matters into their own hands when required.

They are incredibly similar to the True Sylph of Light, and admittedly little truly separates them; they are quick to find any Information with even the smallest hint of Importance, and pick it apart to the bones to find the Truth that lies inside. They form their own opinions based on what they have found, finding Importance and Meaning in things that others may not have suspected to look at. They are amazing data miners, and can tell at a glance whether or not something is Important or Truthful - or, at the very least, whether Importance or Truth lies within a statement or fact. More than anything, they enjoy collecting as much knowledge as possible, and can share even the tiniest detail about any given subject - though they tend to do so only when it is relevant to be told.

The main difference between a True and a Realised Sylph of Light is that Realised ones will lead by example. They are quick to put themselves in the spotlight, encouraging others to follow their actions, seeking Attention in order to spread the Truth and Information and Importance they hold. For as much advice that they give, they also take it, striving forward and waiting for others to follow; if the Realised Sylph of Light knows that a point of Importance lies in the distance, they won’t wait around and just tell people about it. They’ll march on to find that Important thing, and having found it, will wait for everyone else to realise that their advice had merit and should be listened to.

Realised Sylphs of Light heal Information and Importance by putting into action the things they say. If a person needs to step into the limelight, they will encourage them to step up to task, bit by bit building up the Light inside them until they naturally step forward. There is a sense of patience about the Realised Sylph of Light, who knows that to achieve their end goal they need to step back, take their time, and let people Learn at their own pace. Even if Information is relevant and needs to be shared, they know when the best opportunity to do so is, when it holds its most Importance in a conversation or scenario, and reveal what they know at that point and that point only; in this sense, they always seem to fix all the plot holes exactly when they’re being questioned, or clear up misunderstandings right when they need to be solved. People are always willing to listen, because they choose their times and speak only when they know they have the Light shining on them.

Realised Sylphs of Light tend to be much better at healing the Light of things their allies feel are Important, too. This could range from an old memento or a lost family heirloom, and the seeking of these things or the raising of their Importance so that they are never lost or forgotten - such as by ensuring friends are aware of the personal Importance of a necklace handed down by a lost grandparent, or by helping to find the necklace should it be lost - to actively making allies aware of the things that are Important in their lives that may have lost Importance some time ago, and faded into obscurity - such as a promise that was made when they were young, or an item that reminded them of a lost one that they had discarded and forgotten about.

In some cases, they may simply be effective at healing a person’s sense of Awareness; slowly but steadily teaching them what to look out for, how to keep a keen eye and a quick mind, how to interpret the things around them until they achieve a higher sense of Clarity than they had before. Maybe this means they simply remove the wool from a person’s eyes, providing Information to debunk a threat or to disprove an “everything is well” campaign - such as by showing someone Information to prove that a president’s words are, in fact, made of lies - or maybe it simply means helping them to be more Analytical. They teach others how to find the Truth and the Importance in things, and don’t just hoard that Information for themselves - though they do remain a frequent source of interpretation for that Information, just in case.

Realised Sylphs of Light are more aware of when and where their Information will be effective than True Sylphs of Light; they know when to push, when to lead by example, and when it’s best to just drop something and move on. If they know a person won’t change their point of view, they won’t waste their energy attempting the impossible. Instead, they’ll continue healing the lack of Information in other places, slowly patching all of the plot holes until the person who refused to listen becomes such a minority viewpoint that they become Insignificant. This can be best explained with the racist example used with the True Sylph of Light; rather than argue a point they know won’t sink in, the Realised Sylph of Light will spread Awareness to other people, change their minds and make them more Aware that the way of racist thinking is wrong, harmful, and needs to be stopped. They will patch up the lies in racist ideology with the Truth of actual life, until eventually the racist’s voice is drowned out by the calls of those who demand change. In a SBURB setting, this could simply be seen as the Realised Sylph of Light bringing to Light a more Important course of action, directing people away from something that exists only as a distraction.

A Realised Sylph of Light’s powers are amazing and hold endless potential for both themself and their friends. They are likely to be able to physically Glow, demanding the Attention of the room or drawing all eyes their way; if they do not physically Glow, then their words and actions how a non-physical Glow to them, an allure that draws people in to listen. They are able to gift others with the ability to “see” the way they do, with imperfect third eyes or perhaps simply by a gift of Enlightenment. They can make others Glow, or assist them in having the non-physical Glow to their actions and words. They may also be able to draw Attention to things and actions like one would with a highlighter on a page, fixing the Importance of the thing in question by changing the place of focus. They may also be able to fix old lucky charms for people, increasing the Luck of the individual exponentially - and ensuring it only works for the person it belongs to.

Personality Analysis

The Realised Sylph of Light is calm and collected. They spend time in almost-isolation, reading as much as they can both for enjoyment and for the benefit of Knowledge; they dislike the idea of there being anything that is hidden from them, and will often thrust themselves into new studies in order to catch themselves up to date on things. They can be Dazzling at times, their personalities demanding Attention in order for them to lead by example, and they tend to become excited when someone follows their advice, or follows their lead. They may be Bright and Vibrant, but tend to do so only when necessary, and may even seem somewhat subdued most of the time. When the Realised Sylph of Light wants to be noticed, however, there is no potential of not noticing them; they command the room and they hold Attention well, no matter the audience. They may also be somewhat coy, and deeply enjoy the spectacle of revealing Information that other people may not have known; the moment where everything clicks into place for other people, or when new Information is shared, delights them to no end. They may sometimes even play it up a little, just to make it seem that much more Important - but for all their fun, they are still a fairly studious and serious person, and will ensure that their point is made well before revelling in the moment.

Home Life Analysis

A Realised Sylph of Light is one who was guided in their understanding of Light and all of its concepts, taught how to effectively use it and perhaps even shown by example. They might be following in the footsteps of a teacher, or of a family member, or simply of someone they look up to; someone who held Importance in their life, and thus someone they wanted to model themself after. They learnt through this source that there is a time and a place for everything, and that choosing the right time to speak can increase the Importance of what is being said; in this sense, they were likely taught young how to structure essays or how to understand lulls in human conversation. It definitely suggests that they were taught by a more competent teacher or by a family member who was Light-orientated themself. They, essentially, had a mentor who showed them how to guide others, how to interpret things for themselves, how to seek Truth in Information, and how to be Aware or raise Awareness in others.

Failed Sylph of Light

Main Analysis

A Failed Sylph of Light is one who neither acts as the purest form of their description, nor as an active participant in their Classpect.

Failed Sylphs of Light attempt to become too active. They are a passive class by nature, and thrive by guiding, teaching, and leading by example; they are not Maids and cannot create, instead healing what was already there and encouraging others to follow a similar path. Those that try to act too fervently tend to try and make themselves too Important; they believe their Information is flawless, that there is nothing more that they could learn or that they know everything they need to know, and they act quickly to enact upon what they think is right. This does not always end well; they often end up in over their heads, or only serve to have their plans backfire on themselves, as it may turn out that they didn’t truly have every piece of Information required or that they were simply too prideful or confident in their knowledge to realise their own flaws. They may attempt to change the Importance of things that shouldn’t - or can’t - be changed, or might simply try to do so in a way that’s too heavy-handed to work.

Like the others, Failed Sylphs of Light enjoy exposition, but may find it harder to command the room in order to actually provide their Information and interpretation of it; perhaps they have spoken about it too much, and it has lost Importance in the minds of others, or perhaps they haven’t alluded to the fact that they know these things, obscuring their Information from people who might actually be interested. Their sense of what is and isn’t Important isn’t as refined as it could be, and as such, much like the True Sylph of Light, they might go on long rambles about subjects that others have almost no interest in, or gloss over the truly Important parts or simply fail to highlight their Importance.

They may accidentally warp their own Perception of their actions and the world around them, as well as the consequences; if they believe in their own Importance enough, they may act in ways that suggest they can act outside their abilities, when in truth all they’re doing is Obscuring the very things they are trying to fix. A Failed Sylph of Light in a debate, for instance, may so fervently believe that they are right that they’ll bet on a specific course of action taking place, and even go so far as to attempt to prove it - only to find out that they were, in fact, wrong, because their Information was not foolproof, or their methodology was flawed. It may surprise them to realise this, as it may not have occurred to them that they had missed information or acted too quickly. In essence, they’re a mix of believing they’ve found every piece of Information on any given thing and thus not continuing to read and grow, and believing that they know exactly what has to be done and jumping right in to make it happen, attempting to take on the role of the Important factor of the situation, when in truth that is not how it was meant to be - they often miss vital points of Information or a lack of Awareness.

Failed Sylphs of Light actively struggle against their Classpect, disliking the concept that they can’t act more fervently upon what they know. They work under the concept that because they know it, because they understand Importance and Awareness and Perception, they should be able to thrust themselves into things more wholeheartedly, bypassing the middleman of teaching other people how to understand Light and the concepts it contains. They skip the point of fixing individual Importance and attempt to dive right into the big Importance, perhaps not even realising that by doing so they are Obscuring their allies from the very outcome they seek to create. They essentially fail at spreading Enlightenment onto other people, and thus hinder their own Enlightenment as a whole. I suppose in this sense they may act as if they are Mages, believing that they understand Light to such an extent that their outcome is possible.

These Failed Sylphs of Light need to learn to slow down and come to terms with the fact that no matter how well read they believe themselves to be, some things can’t be changed, sometimes they are not the Important factor, and there is always more to Understand. They need to learn, too, not to try and hog Attention or Importance, but to distribute it so that any one event can take place with more overall Importance. Aranea is a good example of this; instead of taking the path of Importance to the story - the attempt to raise a ghost army - she attempted to change a timeline that could never be changed because she believed in her powers as a Sylph too much, due to the eons she had spent in the dreambubbles. She attempted to act as a Maid/Mage - two active classes - and diminished her own Importance in the story as a result. She warped her own Perception of the timeline and her fundamental understanding of it, and that ultimately caused her downfall. Not to mention, of course, that in attempting to make herself the most Important character, she took away from characters who were equally or even more Important - and in a session like Homestuck, those who lack Importance quickly die.

The Failed Sylph of Light’s powers are diminished in comparison to their Realised and Failed counterparts. They might be able to make themselves glow, but are not able to make others glow; they are capable of highlighting Information, but cannot highlight their own words or actions, or perhaps don’t even think to do so. In trying to be active, they let their passive abilities slip from their grasp.

Personality Analysis


A Failed Sylph of Light might slip between personalities, seeming haughty in their knowledge or simply excitable in their desire to share it. They may be convinced that their Information and their understanding of it is flawless, and that their Perception of the world and events around them are unique but perfect. Missing information does not bother them as much as it does for the other Sylphs; they do not go looking after every piece of information, but only that which they deem Important, and so the lack of knowing tends not to worry or affect them. They make their own assumptions, assume they are right, and move on. They are perhaps not so Bright or Vibrant, but make up for it with a Studious and Superior personality, or a gentle and calm one. They may even flit between the two, assuming they know more than other people and becoming snooty because of it one moment, and simply being genuinely pleased that they can share what they know the next.

Home Life Analysis

A Failed Sylph of Light is one who was raised equating knowledge to action. It may be that they gained their information from active sources - the internet, for example, in the form of rights campaigns - and wished to follow in the footsteps of those sources. They may also have been placed in situations where there Information should have helped, but they were unable to warn people in time; perhaps they were in a position where they were Aware that a politician was truly evil and was going to harm the people of their town if he came to power, but again were ignored. They were raised in a place where their voice was drowned out, and they desire nothing more than to find the Light, and stay firmly within it, acting in such a way that allows them to do instead of simply advise.

Or perhaps they were simply raised being ignored, making them crave the limelight in a more active and open way. They were not taught how to effectively use the things that they read about, the Information they collected, and were not able to learn how to actually Perceive the world around them in order to find the Truth; instead, they were raised on a sense of limited Importance, and never took the time to research into things beyond what they thought was immediately Important - meaning they never learnt to effectively data mine or find even minute details in any given piece of Information.

The Sylph

Usually known as a Healer Class, and occasionally paired with the Witch Class as its Active Counterpart, the Sylph has way more uses than merely Healing, and more similarities with the Maid than with the Witch. Making is its primary function, and while Healing falls under that same Spectrum, Creation and Improvement in general are powers that often fall under the Sylph’s domain.

The Maid

Similarly, the Maid is often paired with the Heir Class, and the similarities are there- But their ties to Creation, Faes and their consistent show of Self-Resurrection peg the two as strong counterparts. Much like the Sylph, Maids Make and, metaphorically speaking at least, are Madeof their Aspect. Whatever this means for each Aspect can be fuzzy, but the wordplay is presented quite interestingly. Maids often begin their journey oppressed by their Aspect in some regard- But as an intrinsic part of themselves, they must get rid of their shackles and embrace the facets of their Aspect that make them up.

The Aspects

The Sylph of Time would be that who Makes Time for Others. This could be seen as them being keepers of the Timeline, ensuring their friends have enough time to fulfill their Quests and reach their Goals. It may also relate to literally freezing things in Time to give an edge on how much Time they have left. Healing through Time could be akin to allowing them to increase or improve the natural healing of their body, making fresh wounds scar instantly, or letting regeneration kick in more quickly. As the Aspect representing strife and destruction, however, they may also incite fighting and challenge- Healing through strife could be seen as trying to toughen people up for what’s to come.

The Maid of Time would have a similar set of abilities. As the Active Counterpart, however, they would primarily Make Time for Themselves. While still able to perform actions for others, their focus would be internal, self-improvement through time and perhaps training, fated recovery and even rebirth. Making Time and Improving Time for themselves could be a similar skill to the Sylph’s supposed Time Freeze, but more oriented to protecting themselves and giving them the Time they need to escape or do what they want. They’ve got all the Time in the world to do what they need- They’re Made of It after all.

The Sylph of Space would be that who Makes Space for Others. Space is the Aspect of Creation, which puts the Sylph as the Creator of Creation- Able to physically shape the setting around them for the benefit of others could be quite the strong Skill. In a more metaphorical sense, they are pacifiers and auspistices, separating people, putting Space between them for their benefit, and of course, able to ‘Create Space’ within people, they could be seen as people able to tear others in half. Healing Space, on the other hand, could be seen as mending tears in the fabric of reality.

The Maid of Space would have a similar set of powers, but aimed for Themselves. Along with the already inherent implication of laying back and isolationism given by the Aspect, Maids of Space may be ones to push things holding them back away, creating Space between them. Shaping reality for themselves and however they see is most beneficial to their well being. Creating and Improving Space could, additionally, be seen as allowing the creation of Pocket Dimensions and Hammerspace Enclosures, letting them put away and retrieve things from spaces that seem too reduced. Of course, someone Made of Space could act as a Portal or gateway to other places themselves, or even come to Embody the Universe in the same way Snowman did.

The Sylph of Heart would be the one who Makes Heart for Others, and with Heart’s Relation to Romantic and Emotional Attachment, they could be seen as a Cupid-like figure, making Feelings blossom between people they think would be good for each other, and improving relationships between others. They can be Healers of the Self, as therapists for those who’ve lost themselves, or even perhaps literally saving Souls that have been corrupted in some way. Creating Souls, similarly, could imply a degree of manipulation over what’s Living and what Isn’t, allowing them to give a Soul to inanimate things.

The Maid of Heart would have a similar powerset, but aimed for Themselves. While certainly able to make emotions blossom between others, they would be more likely to make these emotions benefit themselves, drawing people to be romantically interested in them, or drawing people together so that someone else is left available to them. Made of Heart could hint to them being quite romantically oriented, but it could also mean they themselves are a vessel for more than one Soul. With its Romantic meaning and the possibility of Creating or Mending Souls, Creation of Heart appears as quite the imposing power with intense ramifications.

The Sylph of Mind would be the one who Creates Mind for Others. Mind as Thoughts, with the fussy nature of Sylphs, would put them in quite a bossy position, perhaps thinking they know better than those around them. Creating Choices and Improving Choices speaks of someone who weeds out the bad Choices and gives good alternatives to bad plans. However, creating Mind as the way they present themselves, and Improving Mind for others, may mean they’re constantly trying to adapt to how others see them or what others need, instead of focusing on what they need.

The Maid of Mind would, however, present themselves as the Active Counterpart. Making Mind for Them may refer to a strategist that keeps to themselves, always having a plan on what to do next, but possibly leaving others in the dark as they go. Creating Choice for themselves may have them be a bit of a Wildcard, going with what they think would be the best course of action, even if it forces others in positions they’re not comfortable with. Creating Mind for Themselves could also refer to someone hiding their true identity, showing only what they want others to see, and acting however is more beneficial to achieve their goal. Someone Made of Mind, may be at risk of losing their True Self to their many facades.

The Sylph of Hope would be the one who Creates Hope for Others. A noble sounding God Tier, the ability to make others Hopeful could easily shift the tides of the Battle, make everyone trust there’s something worth fighting for. It could also refer to helping others who’re in a desperate place, and the possibility of Healing through Prayer. With its connotations regarding sexuality, however, Creating Hope and Healing through Hope could also lead to a bit more of a… Risque interpretation of this Classpect.

Wartune Light Sylph

The Maid of Hope would similarly Create Hope, but as an Active Class, the Maid would create it for themselves. Always hopeful that things will turn out right, it would drive them forwards and, rather than directly make it for others, they may become a beacon others look up to. They may also shrug off attacks completely merely because they believe they can power through it, believing in themselves. And in a similar way, while being Made of Hope could stand as being a beacon, they could as easily appear to showcase their sexuality more than anything else.

The Sylph of Rage could be seen as that who Creates Rage for Others. Not necessarily in the sense that they make others Angry, either, Rage is much more than that. Creating Rage for others means for the benefit of others, and ensuring people’s aggression are aimed at unjust causes and actual threats instead of each other is always a good thing to do. Inciting them to show their anger towards a common enemy, as well as creating Anarchy and through Anarchy, trying to take down an absurd system that oppresses others. Healing through Rage seems more difficult, as Rage hardly seems to correlate with Healing. You could Heal Rage, pacifying others, but Healing through Rage could mean different things. Perhaps inducing a berserk-like state in which adrenaline overpowers pain so people can go through. Or perhaps healing in mysterious and bullshit ways- Abusing plot shields knowingly.

The Maid of Rage on the other hand, would use their powers for Themselves. Creating Rage for themselves definitely sounds like being able to go Berserk, and in a similar way, they may abuse their own Plot Shields to power through anything in front of them. They may have confusing goals or use means that leave others questioning them, getting shit done but leaving confusion in their wake. Someone Made of Rage, may be someone who harbors a deep hatred for something deep inside, not necessarily all the time, not necessarily for everything, but definitely something practically consumes their being. They may also merely have a hard to understand or confusing origin.

The Sylph of Light is the one who Creates Light for Others. Recalling truthful information about others and about events to help those around understand everything better, they are loreweavers interested in getting everyone to understand the big picture. However, they may also be more focused on Creating Fortune, or even Relevancy, allowing someone to rise to the occasion, repairing that which is important, improving that matters. With a good deal of focus on what the best would be, and the means to lead down that path.

Summoner War Light Sylph

The Maid of Light would have similar powers, but more oriented to themselves. It should be noted that as Light Creators, it’s very likely both would be able to create flashes of light and solid Light Constructs. Making themselves luckier, increasing their relevancy, putting themselves in the Spotlight and owning it, someone Made of Light is bound to be the centre of attention.

The Sylph of Void would be one to Create Void for Others. Hiding and obscuring the truth, protecting others and protecting secrets from being found out, they’re masters at crafting lies and keeping secrecy. Of course, a Sylph of Void may also Create Irrelevancy, making it so that something they’re doing seems inconspicuous, as much as they may Heal through Irrelevancy- Staying out of the picture or shoving someone aside to heal while other things go on. Creating Void can also be taken as Creating or Bringing Forth something Horrorterror-related, as well as likely collapsing things into Black Holes.

The Maid of Void would have a similar powerset, but aimed to themselves. While Sylphs of Void may make use of their powers more passively, aimed to help those around them, the Maid would instead focus on their own well being- Laying low and seemingly harmless before bouncing back more powerful than anyone else, creating Void could be seen as deciding what doesn’t Exist, collapsing things into Nothingness, erasing things with their attacks, and seemingly just fading away into nothing when they are not actively doing something. Being Made of Void hints to their seeming lack of importance, perhaps to the point of not even existing at all or being mean to Be, until they do something to change that.

The Sylph of Breath would be one to Make Breath for Others. Creating direction, being leaders, it seems they could set the goals of their Session, pointing everyone to where they have to go, leaving a trail for the Session to chase after. Creating Freedom, liberating others, creating Detachment to break free of shackles, creating Motion where there was stillness, the Sylph would put things into motion and aid liberating those around them. Creating Wind, of course, would allow them to generate strong currents of air, as well as allow breathing where there’s no air. Similarly, though, they may expand already existing air to some capacity. As for healing through Breath, using their leadership to aid others could be a way, however healing through Breath evokes both Healing Kisses, and Aromatherapy to an extent.

The Maid of Breath on the other hand would use their power for their own Benefit. Rather than creating Freedom and Direction for others, they would certainly focus on doing what they want, following their own ideals without necessarily caring about how they’re leading others. They would inspire others by how they seem to get their way and do whatever they want, but in their wake they may simply separate from their group. They may not even need to Heal Themselves if their detachment from conflict ends up with them not even being harmed. Freeing themselves, Detaching themselves, someone Made of Breath would be boundless, and yet in the process, they may end up distancing themselves from everyone else.

The Sylph of Blood would be the one to Make Blood for Others. With Blood as Attachment, Bonds and Friendship, they would easily bring the team together, forging an Alliance and keeping conflict away from the group, to work towards a common goal. Using these bonds and hard work together to improve the team, and slowly build up to face any challenge in their way. Creating Blood and Healing Blood and Through Blood easily evokes the idea of blood transfusions and bloodletting as ways of healing, purifying the body from toxins and harmful substances, as well as closing wounds. And in the same way to protect those they care about, they won’t hesitate to Create Wounds on their enemies.

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The Maid of Blood would have a similar power set, but aimed for themselves. Creating Bonds for their benefit may still unite the group, but with them as a superior, rather than keeping the group together, they would be the foundation and the ultimate lead. Creating Blood can easily be parsed as creating streams of blood, and Creating through Blood could allow them to create things out of their own blood, making even their wounds a dangerous weapon. Someone Made of Blood is bound to draw in people to their cause, charismatic and friendly, not afraid to pit an army against their foes.

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The Sylph of Life would be the one to Create Life for Others. Given Life is the Aspect of Healing, and their focus on others, the Sylph of Life would appear to be the Ultimate Healing Classpect, however this is not necessarily true. While their Healing Potential is unprecedented, what they do with their Class and Aspect is up to them. Creating Food, they would be ones to keep their friends well fed, and Creating Wealth implies a degree of affluence. Creating Agency, empowering others to act on what they want to do, making those more driven, and Creating Life and Health- Healing any kind of wound, regenerating themselves and others, and perhaps, being able to Grow and Create Plant or Animal Life, living beings and constructs.

The Maid of Life on the other hand, would be more focused on themselves. Still able to Heal those around them, they put a great deal of importance on their own Agency and what they want to do, for themselves and for those around them. Self Regeneration and being empowered to act, building up their wealth to further their goals. Someone Made of Life is bound to be healthy and well fed, and just perhaps, a tad interested in offspring.

The Sylph of Doom would be one to Make Doom for Others. Now this may seem paradoxical, as Doom is seen as something inherently bad, however there are different ways to see Doom. Ending things that are no longer needed and providing comfort to move on can be an important step in growing up, Healing through Doom. When bones break, they become stronger and break less easy, and in the same way, the Sylph may help bear through hard times. They could Create Limits to ensure those around them don’t push themselves too hard, and may also Heal Doom, causing decay and death to fade away, bringing forth something renewed and fresh. And in the same way, they could Create Doom for those who oppose those they care about, taking them out so they won’t cause harm.

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The Maid of Doom on the other hand, would Make Doom for Themselves. Challenging themselves, breaking to rise up stronger than ever, Dooming that which gets in their way, and Healing the Doom from themselves, to keep on going, time and time again. It should be noted, Doom is also related to technology, so Creating Doom may also have to do with creating computer programs and technological gadgets, overcoming their own Limits by Creating things that are less limited. Someone Made of Doom could already be Doomed, but they could also Embody the End of those who oppose them. They could be Harmful, or they could be Accepting and Comforting. What they are to themselves and those around them, is up to them.