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//March 20, 2016

Having trouble getting your LG TV to save your WiFi network settings?

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Well, your not alone. This seems to be a common problem with LG TVs, Sony TV, Samsung and other big manufacturers. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that will allow your LG to save your wireless network settings and you won’t need to manually enter the information every time you restart your “SmartTV” (just not smart enough to automatically detect WiFi settings).

Lg Wireless Broadband/dlna Adaptor Wifi Dongle

The trick is entering your network SSID information manually instead of selecting it from the generated list. Once this is done your settings should be saved and the next time you turn your LG TV on, the network should be automatically detected (it may take a couple of minutes).

Depending on your software version, you may need to choose “Set Expert” to enter your SSID information. Below are a few screenshots from a 3D LG Smart TV.

After you enter your network name and password, you may be asked if you want to manually enter your IP Address, Sub Mask, etc. You can select the option for it to automatically detect your IP Address and other information. The LG TV will still save your WiFI settings. After the TV is connected to the internet, turn it off, then back on to see if it will automatically recognize your WiFi network. Give it a couple of minutes to connect and hopefully this solved your problem or try changing the WiFi security on your router setting from (WPA/WPA2) to WEP. Go back to the Smart TV and reconnect to your network with your selected security key.

Another Method to save TV Wi-Fi Setting by: Chris
The solution for me was to create an LG user account using the menu on the smart tv. Once I did that the tv would stop losing its wi-fi settings every time that I turned the tv off

Here’s how to create an LG user account using the TV menu

Using the remote and menu go to:
Settings->Advanced->General->Account Management

Fill out all the details to create an account
Verify your account by opening the email they send you and click the verify button
Login to your new account using the email you used for signing up
The TV will now remember your wifi settings

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