Lg Ms870 Firmware

LG MS870 download the firmware for free! Detailed installation instruction. Video review of the model and its features. User feedback and latest news. Dowload LG H870(LGH870) LG G6 all Stock kdz Firmware for download.

How to Download Firmware for LG Spirit 4G MS870?

This database is gathered stock firmware for LG devices. Check out if the flash for LG Spirit 4G MS870 is available. All files contain official LG stock firmware. You can download Android software for LG Spirit 4G MS870 for free. Use the following flash to update, downgrade or simply flash your device.

ModelFirmware nameAndroid version
G Pad X 10.1 UK750 G Pad X 10.1 UK750 11a 01 0622 6.0.1
Aristo 2 X210MA Aristo 2 X210MA 10l 00 MPCS US OP 1003 MTK7.1
Aristo 2+ X212TA Aristo 2 Plus X212TA 10k 00 TMO US OP 10037.1
F60 D390 F60 D390 20a 5.0
G3 D855 G3 D855 30a 00 0225 6AF6.0
G4 H815 G4 H815 20f 00 0523 BAL 6.0
G5 H850 G5 H850 30f 00 OPEN EU OP 1122 NEU 8.1
G5 VS987 G5 VS987 2EA 00 0227 ARB00 USA 7.0
G6 VS988t G6 VS988t 16A 00 0214 ARB00 USA 7.0
G6 VS988 G6 VS988 20a 01 0423 ARB00 USA 8.0
G6 MG600L G6 MG600L G600L 20p 00 1214 LGT 8.0
G6 H870 G6 H870 20i 00 OPEN EU OP 0322 8.0
G6 H873 LTE-A G6 H873 20i 00 OPEN CA OP 0204 AVC 8.0
G7 Thinq G710EM G7 G710EM 10s 00 OPEN EU OP 0219 NEU 8.1
G7 Thinq G710AWM G7 G710AWM 10f 00 OPEN CA OP 0627 CAN 8.1
G7 Thinq G710N G7 G710NO 20g 00 OPEN KR OP 0404 KOR 8.1
G7 Thinq G710EMW G7 G710EMW 10t 00 0218 IND 8.1
JOY Y30 H221AR JOY H221AR 10d 00 0219 ARG 4.4
K4 X230 K4 X230DS V10d MAi 312017 Brazil6.0
K8 US375 K8 US375 15c 01 0329 USA6.0.1
K8 2017 X240AR K8 LGX240ARAT V10a 722 34 MAY11 2017 PRN6.0.1
K9 X210HM K9 X210HM 10a 02 TCL MX OP 0511 6CL7.1
K10 K430DS K10 K420ds 10d 00 0120 IND5.1
K10 K430TV K10 K430TV 11n 00 0219 BRA6.0
K10 K430T K10 K430T 10b 00 0805 CAD6.0
L70 MS323 L70 MS323 10d 00 MTK4.4
Spirit H440AR Spirit H440AR 10d 00 1208 ARG5.0
V10 H900 V10 H900 21w 00 0921 ATT6.0
V20 VS995 V20 VS995 1BA 01 0321 ARB00 USA7.0
V20 H915 V20 H915 10e 00 VTR CA OP 1205 AVC7.0
V20 Dual H990DS V20 H990DS 20a 00 OPEN ESA DS OP 1121 IND 8.1
V30 VS996 V30 VS996 10d 00 1102 ARB00 USA 7.1.2
V30 VS996 V30 VS996 20b 03 0312 ARB00 USA 8.0
V30 Plus H930DS V30+ H930DS 20b 00 OPEN ESA DS OP 0808 IND 8.0
V30 Plus US998 V30+ US998 20h 00 0318 1UC 8.1
Q6 US700 Q6 US700 10h 00 NAO US OP 1208 7.0
Q6 M700n Q6 M700n 20b 00 OPEN EU OP 0723 8.0
Q6 M700DSK Q6 M700DSK 20a 00 OPEN ESA DS OP 0824 8.0
X Style K200F K200F 10b 00 ENT CL OP 0731 Chile 6.0.1
X Power 2 M320 X Power 2 M320 10d OPEN AME DS OP 0922 AGR 7.1

In order to flash your LG Spirit 4G MS870 you need to check out either your device is using MTK (the firmware name should contain 'MT') or Qualcomm chipset(the firmware name should contain 'MSM'). In the case of MTK, you need to use the SP Flash tool to flash the software.

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This is the official Firmware/Stock Rom for LG Spirit 4G (LG MS870):”MS87010a”

The LG MS870, also known as LG Spirit 4G, was released by MetroPCS. The device is shipped with Firmware “MS87010a”.


Those who need to download the official Firmware/Stock Rom for LG Spirit 4G (LG MS870) can click below link to Download the LG Spirit 4G (LG MS870) firmware “MS87010a”.

Lg Ms870 Firmware Pro

Carrier: MetroPCS
Latest Firmware:MS87010A_05
Download Firmware Available

Lg Ms870 Firmware Download

Please notes that the file comes with a .cab extention, You need some tools to convert it to a .KDZ file, so that you can use the KDZ_UPDATE_tools to flash this stock ROM onto your device.