Korean Drama Background Music Free Download

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Korean Drama Background Music Free Download

In recent years, Korean dramas have been quite popular in Asia and other areas around the world. Millions of people are binge-watching Korean dramas which are produced and released in a very high frequency every month. Thanks to the vast resources on the internet, people outside Korea or Asia are able to watch the interesting dramas. However, it always matters to have a website or a platform where they can stream or download those Korean drama episodes easily. One of the most incredible facts about Korean drama is that they have a very clean and cultured story in it. That’s why users are very excited to watch every latest release of the newest episode.

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To watch these episodes, you have to approach some sort of websites which provide the resources of Korean drama. Most Korean drama streaming websites are either full of ads or exclusive for paid users. However, there are websites where you can download Korean dramas to local disk drive for offline watching which we are going to list in this article. Just look out the features of every website for Korean drama one by one and pick out your favorite one.

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1) Viki

Download korean drama with english subtitle

The first name which comes in mind when we look for the best websites providing Korean dramas is Viki. It is probably one of the finest websites you can see on the web which provide unlimited resources of Korean drama for free to all users. You can register on this website for its regular updates so that every time a new series is added on this website, you will be notified first.

2) NewAsianTv

This is another very popular website for you to download Korean drama. The most exciting and adorable feature of this website is a clean and neat interface. Each series added on this website is displayed in a separate section called Latest Releases so that users don’t get confused with the old and new series. Moreover, you can also find some best Bollywood movies available on this site.

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3) Dramago

The huge fan base of this website is the sign of its popularity. Dramago website contains over 100 Korean dramas on its database which are available for free to stream and download. Moreover, users can search their favorite web series by searching its name in the search box.

4) Dramanice

At first sight of this website, it can attract any user who visits it. From the past many times, this website has become one of the three major websites offering Korean drama. But for some time now, it has reduced the frequency of adding the latest episodes to its database, which directly affects its fan base. However, from our perspective, Dramanice is still a very good website for Korean drama watching and downloading.

5) GoodDrama

It’s a brilliant website which is mainly for Korean drama providing. And if you are a big fan of Indian, Japanese and Chinese dramas, then this website will serve you all these web series at once. This website contains a very neat and clean graphic user-interface, which enhances the watching experience of users up to a very large extent. The main downside of this website is the advertisement campaigns which is very annoying.

6) DramaFire

DramaFire is another very well-reputed website for you to download Korean dramas for free. This website is so well-designed that you will never encounter any type of issue or dispute. The clean user-interface of this website further contributes towards the success of it among Korean people. You will surely like the architecture and features of this website for sure.

7) KissAsian

Korean dramas are very frequently added on this website. Not only can Korean dramas be downloaded, but other dramas like Japanese and Chinese dramas are also can be found on it, which makes this website a primary choice for users. The graphic user-interface of this website is also a very interesting part which cannot be ignored. You can navigate to any Korean drama series very easily by searching it manually.

8) DramaCool

This is undoubtedly one of the coolest websites providing Korean and Japanese dramas series. This website has been launched recently and that’s why this website is not able to provide you with the old series which is released years ago. So, please make sure about this point and if you want to stream new latest releases of Korean dramas, then this website is the most suitable option in this list for you.

9) MyDramaList

This website is purely dedicated to enabling you to watch online and download Korean dramas for free. Some episodes can also be downloaded, but most of the time you have to play them online. All you need to do is to create an account with your email ID and the password to start streaming on the site without restriction.

10) ViewAsian

This is our last pick in this list but trust us that it is another very good website where you can easily watch and download Korean drama. The best part of this website is that it has its own official mobile application, which makes the overall watching experience much better. ViewAsian consists of a huge database on which most of the famous and blockbuster series are added on regular basis.


This list of Korean drama providing websites ends here. These websites will definitely help you find your favorite Korean drama series for sure. Please share your feedback and experience with these websites in the comment section so that other users can also come to know about the detailed description of these websites. You can also share the name of some other websites for users to watch or download Korean drama for free in the comment section too.

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Finally! I get to make a list about a really cool and amazing drama in which I loved almost every song. I am not exaggerating. The music of this great story gave life to the scenes to the point that you can almost remember the whole combo.

Already talked to you about my thoughts on Empress Ki Korean Drama Review. I encourage you to watch it asap if you didn’t. Maybe this article will make you decide, since a lot of people chose not to watch long productions (it had 51 episodes), to finally enter the adventure of a great story with even greater performances.

But enough with the drama so I don’t repeat myself, because I loved it and the OST had to do with my fanaticism. A lot of great names you will see that will make you get goosebumps every time you hear them.

The instrumentals here are awesome so I would try to include some of them if I find them, just because they make a whole story behind the story and wouldn’t be fair to leave them out, they are absolutely monumental.

Korean Drama Background Music Free Download Bollywood

Empress Ki Original Soundtrak List

Korean Drama Free Download With Eng Subs

  1. Empress Ki Opening Title by Kim Jang Woo.
  2. Thorn Love by 4MEN.
  3. Love Wind by WAX.
  4. I Love You by XIA Junsu.
  5. Just Once by Soyou.
  6. The Wind by Park Wan Kyu.
  7. The Day by Zia.
  8. To the Butterfly by Ji Chang Wook.
  9. Empress Ki Main Theme by Kim Jang Woo.

Download Korean Drama With English Subtitle

My favorites from this, although I love the entire list, are: Love Wind by WAX, I Love You by XIA Junsu, The Wind by Park Wan Kyu and the Instrumental Main Theme by Kim Jang Woo. Instrumentals are great, everything is awesome in this drama, if you haven’t watch it, you should, and if you did, just enjoy this wonderful play list remembering the great story that left behind. Here’s the list! Enjoy!