Kindle Accessibility Plugin

The Kindle for PC with the Accessibility Plugin has so few problems that I am truly impressed with just how well a job the Amazon Kindle development team did on this app. Amazon's Kindle group is in a special class all it's own. As so many have said in the past. Explore content on your Fire tablet using accessibility gestures to navigate item-by-item as well as by touch. Fire tablet recognizes accessibility shortcut gestures that help you quickly navigate to home, go back, or access your notifications. In order to use Amcrest, you must first install/update the ActiveX plugin.

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Use our smart resizing tool to make your text readable on any device

With one click you can ensure your text will always be visible on any screen or device

Kindle Accessibility Plugin

Highlight any link with an anchor text to ensure better user experience

Make your website more accessible using our wide range of accessibility features

Skip to Content

Allow your keyboard-only users to easily skip from link to link

Focusable Elements

Use Tab to focus on the various elements on the page

Remove Target Attribute

Make sure links open in the current tab & don't interrupt flow

ARIA Landmarks

Use ARIA landmarks to identify regions of the page

Wordpress Accessibility Plugin

Customize Your Toolbar

Prioritize the accessibility features that are most important to you

SVG Icons

Ensure sure your SVG icons are accessible and scalable

Kindle Accessibility Plugin

Sitewide Accessibility

Kindle For Pc With Accessibility Plugin

Kindle Accessibility Plugin

Turn on accessibility on your entire site

Kindle For Pc With Accessibility Plugin

Remember Your Choice

Save your accessibility preferences automatically

Help people with low vision see your website content better with dark text on light background

Provide high contrast for lighter shaded text by using a dark background and inverted colors

Google Docs On Amazon Fire Tablet

Ensure sufficient contrast on your website by reducing colors to grayscale

Kindle Accessibility Plugin

Compatible With Any WordPress Theme or Page Builder