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Langit and Marikh have a taste of the outdoors. The Urbanites compete in their first ever quest. Alliances are in question as members of SIC and Squad Goals are split into different camps. Kampung Boy showcases lots of real-life ups-and-downs of rural lifestyle in the typical kampung. Dato' Lat, the creator of Kampung Boy, is a very popular cartoonist in Malaysia. His comics appear regularly in Malaysian newspapers, always poking fun at Malaysians, the Malaysian attitude and plain everyday life in.

Kampung Girl Episod 1-13 (Akhir) Full Download KAMPUNG GIRL (TV3) PELAKON: Nad Zainal dan Akim Ahmad. HARI: setiap malam Jumaat. Episode 10 - Click Episode 11 - Click Episode 12 - Click Episode 13 - Click. Posted by ana at 16:45. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Antara buku yang buat saya enjoy membaca hingga ke akhirnya.:) Kisah si egois Ashraf Khairi (Ashraf) yang bermati-matian menolak Ainnur Azmi (Ain) untuk dijodohkan dengannya. Diorang berdua ni sepupu. Ashraf ni pula memang sejak azali suka pandang rendah pada orang kampung, lebih-lebih lagi pada si Ain yang suka menempel dengan dia dari zaman kanak-kanak lagi. Next Episode (airs 5 Jan. 2021) Episode #5.5. Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. Current Episode (aired 17 Nov. A list of 10 titles updated 1 month ago October 2020 TV and Streaming Calendar a list of 182 titles.

Kampung Quest
Created byFeisal Azizuddin
Opening theme
  • 'Live The Adventure' by Phil Larson
  • 'This Adventure Is For You' by Amanda Oei
Country of originMalaysia
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes21
Executive producers
  • Ghif Suleiman
  • Jaffrin Shahrom
  • Rethish Raghu
Production locationsKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Running timeapprox. 30 minutes
Production companies
Original networkWebsite
Original releaseJanuary 1, 2014 –
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Kampung Quest is a reality game show produced in Malaysia. In the show, contestants are divided into two camps; one isolated in the jungle and the other in a 'kampung' (village) house. Each day the camps compete in challenges where they can earn survival items. The contestants are progressively eliminated at a campfire where members of the camp can vote off one another until only one final contestant is left and is crowned 'Winner of Kampung Quest'.

The show concept was created by Feisal Azizuddin in May 2013, with show production starting in June 2013.:[1] The show is largely set outdoors in Malaysia.

EpisodeKampung Quest is an independent production by two brothers, Feisal and Iskander Azizuddin.[2] The show features 10 urban Malaysians who compete against each other in physical, mental and social challenges, called ‘quests'.


10 urban Malaysians, known in the show as Urbanites are placed in a rural setting and put through a series of quests over a period of 7 days. The urbanites are split into two camps of five; Merantau Camp and Merapi Camp. Both camps are set daily challenges, 'quests', which their team must win if they wish to sleep the night in the kampung house. The losing camp has to stay outside overnight as well as vote one of their own out of the show.Each day consists of three key events; the Reward Quest, the Elimination Quest and The Campfire. In the Reward Quest, both camps compete to be rewarded with sponsored prizes. In the Elimination Quest, both camps compete for basic necessity items (shampoo, inflatable pillow) and to be exempted from attending the campfire where the losing camp will have to vote out one member from their camp.
Feisal & Iskander Azizuddin, Creator & Executive Producer of Kampung Quest


Contestants for each season are selected from applicants who have to submit a 15-second video describing why they should be on the show. The applicants are shortlisted to 20 potential contestants who are then interviewed by the producers before further narrowed down to the final 10. Contestants are chosen based on several criteria such as image, personality, communication skills as well as the ability to speak English.[3] Contestants on the show are referred to as 'Urbanites' indicating their urban background and city upbringing.
The Urbanites of Season 2


10 urbanites are divided into 2 camps - a mixture of male and female. The camps compete against each other until later in the game, they compete individually.


Each day there are 3 quests[4]

  • Physical quest: Tests the urbanites' strength, agility and team work.
  • Mental quest: Tests the urbanites' thinking, logic and mind over matter.
  • Social quests: Puts the urbanites' in social conundrums by pitting them against fellow camp members

The Campfire[edit]

The losing camp of the elimination quest (usually the final quest of the day) will have vote out one of their camp members. Camps who attend the campfire (the losing camp) will have to live in the Malaysian jungle for a night, until the next elimination quest.


Creators & Producers[edit]

The show was created by Feisal Azizuddin with his brother, Iskander Azizuddin as Executive Producer. For the first season, Ghifari Suleiman was a consultant producer on the show.

The concept of Kampung QuestKampung Girl Episode 10 began in early 2013. A detailed episode script and challenge obstacles breakdown was complete in May 2013. Feisal and Iskander had previously been producing corporate and wedding videos. Being a reality show fan, Feisal developed a reality show concept inspired by Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother. The word 'kampung' means village in the Malaysian language.[5]

Prior to filming, the production crew carried out locations and quests planning, and also simulated the quests. Principal photography was completed by September 2013. Feisal and Iskander opted for guerrilla filmmaking. Kampung Quest was filmed 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, on the outskirts of Gombak. The 'kampung' house was part of a 'kampung' retreat called Alang Manja. The first season of Kampung Quest was filmed by a crew of 6 people.[6]

Kampung Quest cost approximately RM150,000 to produce.[7] It was produced with no outside funding.Girl


The theme song for Kampung Quest is titled 'This Adventure is for You', composed by Amanda Oei.

The soundtrack for Season 2 was composed by American composer, Phil Larson.[8] Larson was contacted by Iskander and Feisal after seeing his compositions on AudioJungle.net.[9]


The show was initially set to feature 8 contestants. Contestant submissions were opened from July to August 2013.

Towards the end of August, due to a large number of applications, this was changed 10 contestants. Most of the contestants reside in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.[citation needed]

The producers shortlisted suitable candidates of whom each were interviewed before selecting the final 10 urbanites. The selected contestants ranged from students to young working adults from diverse cultural backgrounds.



Kampung Quest is hosted by Jeremy Teo,[10] a Malaysian radio deejay[11] who joined the production in season two and was signed again for season three.

Season One[edit]

The contestants in the first season were Wei-sheng, Nadia, Deborah, Cheryl, Mikey, James, Hani, Ivan, Prav and ZuraSeason One was aired online and then broadcast on the HyppTV network in October 2014.[12]

Kampung Girl Episode 10 Dailymotion

Season Two[edit]

Kampung Girl Episode 100

The contestants in the second season were Ashley, Jason, Nik Danial, Ming, Dini, Mia, Thivian, Aveena, Cindy, and Boey.

In Season Two, the contestants were exposed to the traditional performing arts, such as the face-mask changing dance (Bian Lian), the classical Indian dance of Odissi, and the sounds of the Malay gamelan ensemble.

Kampung girl episode 101Season Two had a limited release on a private server and then subsequently aired on YouTube end 2015.


Approx. duration
The Adventure Begins
Kambing Run, Bamboo Task, Teka-Teki-Tiki
32 mins
Culture Stock, Rope Task, The Sungai
34 mins
The Art of Sleeping Outside
Satu Teh Tarik, Baling Selipar Task, Galah Panjang
32 mins
Sink or Swim
Guli Golf, Raft Task, Have Raft Will Travel
32 mins
Live The Adventure
Cili Champion, Shelter Task, The Sumpit
34 mins
The Cultured Three
32 mins
The Final Campfire
Fugee School Visit
32 mins
Episode Look-Back
32 mins
The Adventure Begins Again
The Selection Ring
20 mins
Two Sides of the River
Local Delicacies, The Sumpit 2.0, Lumpur
21 mins
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
The Bamboo Puzzle
20 mins
Self Sacrifice
Kampung Quest Fishing, Drag Race
24 mins
Gettin' Down & Dirty
Satu Teh Ais, Padang
23 mins
True Calling
Confession Ring, Rambutans
20 mins
Torn Between Two Brothers
The Hunt, Only The Strong
17 mins
The Game Is Always Evolving
18 mins
Playing The Game
Balance on Barrel, Wheelbarrow
19 mins
Live Together, Outlast Everyone
Tyre’d Out, Confession Ring
24 mins
The Pit
16 mins
School of Orphans Visit, Face Your Reptile Fear
16 mins
The Final Campfire
25 mins


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