Human Resource Management Books For Mba Pdf

Human Resource Management Books For Mba PdfHuman Resource Management Books For Mba Pdf
  1. Introduction to Human Resource Management. This book explains the following topics: Introduction to Human Resource Management, Human Resource Planning, Job Analysis and Job Design, Recruitment, Selection, Employee Training, Executive Development, Performance Appraisal, Wage and Salary Administration, Compensation and Incentives, Industrial Relation, Trade Unions, Human Resource Accounting.
  2. 1.12 Reference Books 1.0 Objectives After studying this unit, you will be able to: Understand the basic concepts of human resource management (HRM). Explain what human resource management is and how it relates to the management.

MBA Human Resource Management Complete Notes Pdf – Download MBA 2nd Sem Study Materials & Books May 13, 2020 by Kishen Leave a Comment Given the importance of HR manager in multinational companies as well start-ups, b schools across the world are ramping up their HR curriculums and pedagogy according to the needs and desires of the industry.

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Hi Friends,
You can now download the eBook of Human resource management in PDF format. This is a resource for all MBA and management students.The lecture notes on Human resource management is also available on this forum.
The topics covered in this eBook of Human resource management are as follows:
> Introduction to Human Resource Management: Introduction: Nature, Philosophy, Need, Objectives and Evolution of Human Resources Management; HRM Functions; HRD Concept; HRD Strategy; HR Responsibilities; Environmental Factors of HRM: Environmental Factors, Challenges to HRM.
> Concepts and Process of Human Resource Planning: Human Resource Planning: Importance, Process, Barriers; Strategic Planning; Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS); Forecasting Demands: Forecasting Supply; Man Power Forecasting. Emerging Trends in HRM Outsourcing and its HR Dimensions; Human Resource Planning and Downsizing: Voluntary Redundancy and Ways of Downsizing Processing; Importance of Bench Marking; Case Study: Bench Marking VRS Practices and Compensation Management.
> Job Analysis: Recruitment and Selection: Job Analysis: 6 Steps, Job Description vs. Job Specification, Methods of Collecting Job Analysis Information; Role of Recruitment and Selection: Situational Factors in Recruitment, Recruitment Policy, External and internal Sources of Recruiting and its Merits and Demerits, Selection Process and its Types, Structured Interview Guide.
> Training and Development: Orientation; Training and Development; the Steps in Training Process; Career and Succession Planning: Career Stages, Career Development, Career Management Succession Planning; Case Discussion on Succession Planning.
> Compensation: Introduction: Meaning, Objectives of Compensation; Components of Compensation System; Compensation Management Process; Factors of Determining Pay Rates; Pay Incentives; Employee Benefits and Services; Case Study: Comparing Industry Trends in Pay Rates such as FMCG.
> Performance Appraisal: Introduction; Methods of Performance Appraisal; 360 Degree Feedback; Problems in Performance Appraisal; Potential Appraisal: Steps of Potential Appraisal; Case Study: Performance Appraisal Systems in Indian Banks.
Click here to download Human resource management MBA Notes and summary eBook PDF file.

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MS-05Management of Machines and MaterialsDownload
MS-06Marketing for ManagersDownload
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