How To Curve Text In Powerpoint 2007

How to curve text in powerpoint 2007 text

How To Curve Text In Powerpoint 2007 Text

How To Curve Text In Powerpoint 2007How to make curved text in powerpoint
I'm trying to create some documents and am in need of adding some curved text (similar to WordArt) in Pages. Is there some key combination that will allow me to modify (click/drag) the Text Box containing my text to create a curve. I found the rotate commands but nothing for my current need. I have previously done this by using Word, creating the necessary text in WordArt and then copying it to my Pages document. This works but is archaic, believing that Pages should be robust enough to perform this function as well, given it's claim to being a Word Processing/Page Layout product. This process doesn't allow me much flexibility in modifying the text or the curvature after the fact. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance...

Creating Curved Shapes; Text in Shapes. PowerPoint 2007 for Windows. Learn how to copy and remove highlighting for text in PowerPoint 2013. In order to curve the text using WordArt in PowerPoint you need to highlight the text shape and then go to Format and click on drop down menu Text Effects. Then, look for Transform option and here you can see a few options for curved text and arc effects under the section Follow Path.


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