How To Create Android Virus Using Notepad

Its easy to create a simple virus using notepad Disclaimer:- This video is only for educational purpose. Trying to create the virus is your own risk. You won't be able to attach the virus to an email, as most email services block BAT files. Create a ZIP file with the fake virus inside. You can then attach that ZIP file to your email. Tell your friend that there's a fun game in the ZIP file.

  1. Notepad Virus Harmful
  2. Create Android Virus With Notepad
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Today we are going to share some of the funniest notepad pranks with you . These pranks are totally harmless and you can share them with your friends without any fear. Follow The steps given below to create a harmless funny virus with your notepad.

Steps To Create a harmless funny virus :

How To Create Android Virus Using Notepad

Virus 1 : Continuously Ejects your the CD-ROM :

This trick will create a code in your PC which will continuously eject all the connected Optical drives. Even if you put them back , it will pop them out again and again .

Step 1 : Copy the below given code and paste it in your Notepad .

Step 2 : Save that file with ” .vbs ” extension i.e as ” Harmless.vbs ” . You can save it with what ever name you want .

Step 3 : Double click on the file to open . I hope you will be impressed a lot with this awesome trick.

To stop it :

=>Open your task manager by pressing ctrl+ alt+ del .
=> Go to the process tab and select the wscript.exe .
=> Now click on end process.


Virus 2 : Make a Fake Virus Batch File:

This is also a funny virus prank that I recently came across . The best thing about this prank is that it resembles an original virus attack . Just try it by yourself to see whats happens.

Step 1 : Open Notepad .

Step 2 : Copy and paste the below code in your notepad .

Notepad Virus Harmful

Step 3 : Save this file with ” .bat ” extension i.e as ” Joke.bat ” .

Create Android Virus With Notepad


Step 4 : Double click on the file to open .


Notepad No Internet Virus

I Hope You All Like It . Share your views in form of comments ….