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Self harm/suicide TRIGGER WARNING

Comment by Kelsey Panda

Courtney Parker. Her Last Words by Courtney Parker by sweggson published on 2014-01-08T17:45:51Z. Users who reposted this track StarLove19. Bella DeGiovine. Bella DeGiovine 🄱🄻🅄🄴🅉 🄼🅄🅂🄸🄲 🥀Liam Richeson🥀. Courtney Parker 'Her Last Words': Just an average girl She always wore a smile She was cheerful and happy for a short while Now she's. Courtney Parker 'Her Last Words': Just an average girl She always wore a smile She was cheerful and happy for a short while Now she's.

@user-361651154 im here for you,

Comment by Kelsey Panda

I heard this on autoplay and froze for a second

Comment by TJ 🔪🌊

lol nub

Comment by Emilee Caldwell

@cecilia-blevins hey im here for you.

Comment by Cecilia

Good bye🙃

Comment by `~Bear Weeb`~

@user-373576323 me too but it was my sister

Comment by deku or kai

@p-a-s-t-e-l-n-o-b-o-d-y i get this it hits hard-

Comment by deku or kai

@user-819771119 hey are u still there.....

Comment by deku or kai

@user-204604865 im to lazy to count but i have a lot to

Comment by Tamaki's Little Bunny👀💕

@user-361651154 bruhh im trying to find reasons too so if you found any please tell mee <3

Her Last Words Courtney Parker Free Download

Comment by User 361651154

I need to die 😭 I have no one to talk to so why should I live if u have any reasons why I should live pls tell me

Comment by shutupeboy

this , goodnight

Comment by ?what?

@user-373576323: k

Comment by ?what?

@steph-veggies: yes yes yes yes yes yes, YES

Comment by ?what?

Funny how most be talkin about the songs and 'hanging' themselfs and shit while im just like- YOU FELL FOR IT FOOL! THUNDER CROSS SPLIT ATTACK!

Comment by Shallow x

@user-204604865 I have 34

Comment by Dorothy

this line hits different just listening to this song one last time before i leave

Comment by Grace Colling

The memories from when I was 8, my dad tried to rape me. I am now 13 and fallen deep into depression. My dad and mom say that it is just a part of life, my arms are cut up everyday. They know I'm not okay but don't help me. I go to this song cause everyday I feel this. Here I'm overdosed 5 times shocking that I'm still alive.

Comment by Meena Lavander

my mom and dad dont believe in depression.

Comment by lilTrae

in my life rn with the girl I love 😔😞😭

Comment by Karma Garland

This hits deep

Comment by steph veggies


Comment by °○♤♡°•~Keri's Pebble/Deku (pls read bio)~•°♡♤○°

i tried to hang myself once my mom heard the chair fall my door was locked so she had to grab the key I almost died🖤🖤

Comment by gabbymiller18

I found this song again after 3 years. i wish so much that i could go back and tell myself that it will be okay. it’ll take a lot of time to heal but you will make it. “you’ll make it through the night, just hold your pillow tighter”

Comment by teru teru hanamura.(not-offical)

at the age of five i was blinded from what was going on then when i was 7 my mom told me i was scared for life and was crying so much then now i have a fake smile.. it’s not even so hard to cry.

Comment by YuhGirlAngelina:(

@o-ocean-o: dont. i believe in you. stay strong. for me. please. i dont know you at all but i know a lot of people will be upset..

Comment by ☆NERON 61.6 FM☆

@user-189098952 its 7th grade bro, its the hardest few years of your life, trust me from someone whos been there it gets better, not immediately but it defently does

Comment by Gacha life Šťâřbúńñÿ

@user-204604865 Lies

Comment by Alayna

recently having a bullying problem I'm a 7th grader and cut my wrists and I got caught tryna hang myself but my mom walked in and I was listening to this song😔

Comment by • ocean •

one day..maybe one day ill finally do it..

Don't give up.


Comment by chaoticgoodpaladin

to all you people saying things like you're worthless and stuff, you're all dead wrong, you're all important and you matter

Comment by chaoticgoodpaladin

@get-better-min-yoongi thanks ❤

Comment by your.local_failure.melinaaa:)

i’m just a nobody. i just make life worse for everybody, and i’m sorry.

Comment by eu•noia

keep going for me! u can do it 💜


Comment by Zac Smith

You deppresed fucks

Comment by Corina Rodriguez

damn realy going thru it agian if u guys want talk to me on my ig sheluvvs_joel

Comment by conniewasverytasty


Her Last Words Courtney Parker Free Download Free

Comment by conniewasverytasty

@spoopy-sisky: samee lmafooo but the only reason why im alive because im scared my dad is going to be the one to find my body hanging from the ceiling, or in the bathtub, or on my bed with a bottle of pills next to me, and so may more ways

Comment by conniewasverytasty

@taylor-golden-760403534: my opian i feel like its better because you get upset of the fact of leaving your family, its good you want to say for your lil sis <3

Comment by kendra

thim just a waste of space


Comment by Midknight

@user-892453276 thx now one of my best friends.. ended it... It hurts to much..

Comment by Eliza

i was doing so good, i was a month clean and now i have a plan and now i new cuts and 😁😁

Comment by yo mama

@mikasa-ackerman-686072301 same. It feel like nothing is there at all right?

Comment by 💥Queen Explosion Murder💥

I don’t know about this but this song makes me feel nothing. No emotion at all.

Comment by Sakusa

people don’t actually think I have depression because I laugh a lot but my coping mechanism is laughing

Comment by Lizzy

@megan-morgan-719054083 jm so sorry 🥺🤍 stay strong

Comment by Aimee Davies

@jeffrey-kaas ye i have it makes me cry aha

Comment by wasted happiness

@acaioasis we can get thru it together. you are loved aswell <3

Comment by acaioasis

@user-566047739 same :/ but remember you are loved <3

Comment by wasted happiness

i hate feeling this way, i dont want to do this anymore.

Comment by IbAkEdYoUaPiE

@user-918033081 i support you! Try fighting this war youll be a soldier for some time and then youll be a was survivor

Comment by Midknight

@user-909808450 thx trying to keep going

Comment by cheeriowo 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩


Comment by User 909808450

@user-918033081 i support furrys dont die i will carr🥺

Comment by Midknight

Im just a furry who cares if i die im not anything important.. ig this is goodbye..

Comment by Midknight

Courtney Parker Her Last Words Spotify

Im useless a furry stupid ugly iv got nothing to live for everything i have ever lived for is gone forever...

Comment by Matthew

i lowkey busted the fattest fucking nut and then i get up. put this song on. grab a razor blade. and now im realizing my life is just masterbation and cutting. my life is great😃👍🏼

Comment by Jizz Jizz

If anyone is reading this.. I hope things will get better:)

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Comment by Megan Morgan

I lost my grandma to covid19 n wanna end everythin she was my bestfriend

Comment by I'm done

Courtney Parker Her Last Words

@izuwuisbae you must care a lot about your sister. your a great sibling. my brother just laughs and tells me I'm a spoiled bitch. take care of her make sure she knows she's loved and that life gets better.