Headbox Zombie Wars

Boxhead: Zombie Wars The latest Boxhead game comes with new graphics, new enemies (lots of them) and Zombie Wars brings a new feature to the series. Now you can construct your own base with turrets and barricades. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The simple graphics in the game mainly depicts the spilled blood from the killed zombies; the bullet lines from the shots fired and even the location of the zombies and where they are hidden. They have game controls that are easy to follow and also make the game more interesting.

Headbox Zombie WarsIt's cool! The graphics are alright, they have a neat style. The in-game music is inexistant, which is kind of a letdown. Boxhead4 is awersome! The gameplay is simple and fun, auto-upgradingweapons, setting traps and shooting everything in sight. It'sespecially satisfactory to set up long stacks of barrels for massivezombie massacre. It also has quite a bit of features, multiplayermodes, different characters, etc and it's pretty cool. 7.5/10Wars

Headbox Zombie Wars Battle

Marc:thebest thing is playing on nightmare! with no devils and no frendleyfire and use the charge pack but just keep detonating it all the timeonce u place it. playing with 2 people is like 10,000x better!. Zombie
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Headbox Zombie Wars

Boxhead Zombie Wars

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Meet new zombie game! Enter a harsh online battle and become a winner! This game is inspired by popular Boxhead releases. Developers created fresh graphic with fascinating design, choice of colors, sounds and visual effects and combined that with winning concept borrowed from Boxhead unblocked collection.
Zombie Wars 2 invites you to post-apocalyptic world of zombies and monsters. Your dead walking opponents will appear from everywhere, making you use your gun often and concentrate on your gaming. Don't shiver looking at your scary enemies, use your fighting skills to survive and avoid becoming a zombie-walker.
Before starting a game, you are welcomed to a great game store. Do you like online shooters with great collection of guns? Then, you will love weapon choice of Boxhead Zombies 2, from simple riffles to damaging bazookas that will make your opponents disappear from the planet! Change coins and experience collected while playing in order to buy extra guns and to adjust features of your character: increase life protection (hit points), damage level or speed. You can also change appearance of the main hero, buying funny hats and scary masks. Starting each level, player can select mission from the list or agree for the one offered automatically!
This game is a fully adjustable fun, great graphic and effects! Don't miss a chance to play it!