Hampstead Child Whistleblowers

The mother reported the crime, and Barnet Police who interviewed them ordered medical examinations that confirmed sexual abuse and violence. ThePolice, however, closed the case as “no crime confirmed” without even considering the results of the medical forensics and investigating the caseproperly.
A week after the crime had been reported, the children were taken into police custody and 6 days later for some unknown reasons retracted theirallegations. They were held isolated “in care” by the Local Borough of Camden and since then Barnet.
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Sabine McNeill Interview - Whistleblower for Hampstead Child Abuse Scandal!

The press in Britain is prohibited from even mentioning the Hampstead abuse scandal other than to badmouth as “evil” torturers its whistleblowers - the children’s mother Ella Gareeva and boyfriend Abe Christie and their leading activists. As mentioned before, a group of truth seekers and concerned citizens banded together to form the Hampstead Research organization, dedicated to investigation the case of the WhistleBlower kids. The organization released a number of videos where they investigate various aspects of the people involved.

I managed to get an interview with Sabine McNeill. She is the whistleblower at the forefront of the UK Hampstead Child Abuse Scandal. Sorry for thecrappy sound quality and general unprofessional aspects of me and the video.. I am a noob, and it is just me, with bad equipment.. The MSM isn'ttouching this and there are gagging orders flying about, videos being taken down and Facebook accounts getting banned.

Hampstead Child Whistleblowers Definition

I would post more details on the actual crime and what is going on but I have to be careful of ATS T&C. Sabine has been warned that there is a warrantout for her arrest so she fears coming back to the UK. The mother is also being persecuted and does not have access to her Children..
Hampstead child whistleblowers complaint This is a very serious topic and needs a LOT more coverage. I will be conducting further interviews with Sabine so if you guys have any questions youwant me to ask her please feel free to do so either here or in the YouTube comments section. Hampstead child whistleblowers information

Four months later the Local Authority still has not managed to provide evidence for the grounds on which they retain the children. There isobvious fabrication of facts against the mother and her then partner, gagging and bullying her, as well as generally unfair treatment in the courts.
The two judges so far have covered similar cases: Judge Vera Mayer who was involved in the case of Melissa Laird transferred the case to Mrs JusticeAnne Pauffley in the High Court who was involved with the Hollie Greig case.
Private meetings between the Local Authority’s barrister and the Judge are going on behind the mother’s back, which violates the ‘Code OfPractice’ and, of course, indicates a certain common agenda between the Judge and the Local Authority.

Again, I apologize about the quality and everything.. please research this topic yourself and bare in mind that I have to be careful of breaking ATST&C. Please do not post videos or links to videos of the childrens testimonies as that may jeopardize the thread.
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Hampstead Child Whistleblowers Information

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Hampstead Child Whistleblowers Complaint