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GSmaniamsmart gives a guide on the most useful and fun gizmos in Guild Wars 2, specifically converters, a great way to earn more gold! Subscribe for more aw. The Converter is very RNG dependent, as with most things in this game, you only get a choice of 3 different things each day, one of which is always 3 Obsidian Shards. Tl;dr it's a nicety, but certainly not a necessity.

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Stat changing or stat swapping is a feature of Legendaryequipment that allows one to change the stats on their gear. Most Ascended gear can be replaced with new items that offer different stats; unlike legendary stat-swapping, this is not free and destroys the original gear (along with any upgrades or infusions it might have). Ascended weapons, armor, and attribute infusions are transitioned via parallel Mystic Forge recipes; someascended trinkets can be reforged using special stat-changing items.

There are also stat selectable items, which allow the player to choose the attribute combination once.

  • 1Changing stats
    • 1.2Ascended weapons and armor
  • 2Resetting stats

Changing stats[edit]

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Legendaryequipment can have their currently selected stats changed at any time while out of combat at no cost.

If the item is in the inventory, players will need to right click and choose 'Customize'. Doing so will open a window where they may select any available attribute combination.

If the item has already been equipped, players can either double click it to open up the same window, or unequip it and do the above method.

Ascended weapons and armor[edit]

Ascended weapons and armor items can be exchanged for another of the same type with different stats by using an Exoticinsignia (armor) or inscription (weapon) with the desired stats in one of the Mystic Forge recipes presented below.

Ascended weapon1
Original ascended weapon
Orichalcum Imbued Inscription with the desired stats
Glob of Ectoplasm
Anthology of Heroes
Ascended armor1
Original ascended armor
Master insignia with the desired stats
Glob of Ectoplasm
Anthology of Heroes


  • See here for a list of inscriptions and insignia corresponding to each stat combo.
  • Because this process destroys the old item and creates a new one, any upgrade components that have been slotted (such as runes, sigils, and infusions) will be lost upon using the recipe.
    • Runes and sigils may be removed by using an Upgrade Extractor, however these often cost more than the rune or sigil you are attempting to remove.
    • Infusions may be removed using an Infusion Extraction Device or an Upgrade Extractor.
    • Warning: Using an ascended precursor weapon or armor with this recipe will yield a basic ascended weapon or armor and will no longer be usable to craft their respective legendary.
  • Ascended trinkets and back items cannot have their stats changed, but certain stat-selectable items can be 'reset' by infusing (or attuning) them, allowing their stats to be chosen again.
  • Ascended breathing apparatuses can have their stats changed, as they are considered armor. However, some stats may be unavailable (such as Diviner's).


Attribute Infusions that grant +9 Agony Resistance can have the attribute they provide changed with the following Mystic Forge recipe:

Infusion of the desired stat1Infusion to change
1Anthology of Heroes
VariesUnique item (depends on the infusion)
25 or 150Crafting material(depends on the desired attribute)
InfusionUnique item
Mighty +9 Agony Infusion
Precise +9 Agony Infusion
Malign +9 Agony Infusion
Resilient +9 Agony Infusion
Vital +9 Agony Infusion
Healing +9 Agony Infusion
Mystical +9 Agony Infusion
Spiteful +9 Agony Infusion
Celestial Infusion (Blue)
Celestial Infusion (Red)
Abyssal Infusion
2Integrated Fractal Matrix
Ghostly Infusion
Moto's Unstable Bauble Infusion: Blue
Moto's Unstable Bauble Infusion: Red
Polyluminescent Undulating Infusion (Black)
Polyluminescent Undulating Infusion (Green)
Polyluminescent Undulating Infusion (Orange)
Polyluminescent Undulating Infusion (Teal)
Peerless Infusion
Crystal Infusion
5Mystic Coin
Phospholuminescent Infusion
Polysaturating Reverberating Infusion (Gray)
Polysaturating Reverberating Infusion (Purple)
Polysaturating Reverberating Infusion (Red)
Ember Infusion
5Tattered Bat Wing
Snow Diamond Infusion
Toy-Shell Infusion
Winter's Heart Infusion
Festive Confetti Infusion100Choya Spine
Mystic Infusion1Ectoplasmic Stone
Heart of the Khan-Ur100Hatched Chili
Frost Legion Infusion50Shard of Crystallized Blood of Jormag
Chak Infusion1
Liquid Aurillium Infusion1
Queen Bee Infusion1
1Glob of Coagulated Mists Essence
AttributeCrafting Material
25Vial of Powerful Blood
25Vicious Claw
25Powerful Venom Sac
25Elaborate Totem
25Armored Scale
25Ancient Bone
150Leaf Fossil
150Barbed Thorn

Resetting stats[edit]

Certain items that have selectable stats can have their stats reset, allowing the player to choose another.


The stats on Bloodbound weapons can be reset with the following Mystic Forge recipe:

Same Bloodbound Weapon with selectable stats1 Bloodbound weapon to be reset
1 Philosopher's Stone
5 Pile of Crystalline Dust
1 Bloodbound Adjuster

These are the only Rare items that can have their stats reset.


The stats on certain Ascended trinkets can have their stats reset by using their respective capacitor. Using this item will reset the stats of all respective trinkets in your inventory and destroy any upgrades placed in them (infusions and enrichments[verification requested]). It does not affect the ones currently equipped.

  • Bloodstone Capacitor
  • Mist Capacitor

Pseudo stat reset[edit]

  • Infusing an Ascendedring or back item that has selectable stats will 'reset' the item, allowing you to choose a different set of stats. This method is only possible once per ring or back item.
    • Likewise, attuning an Ascended ring will allow you to do the same thing. Also only possible once.
  • The Regrown Caladbolg can be changed to a different weapon through Ridhais after completing The Sword Regrown side story. Changing it will allow you to choose its stats again.
    • Despite being an ascended weapon, you cannot use the Mystic Forge to change its stats.

Similar to Ascended stat changing, using either of these methods will make you lose any upgrade components placed in them.


  • There are no existing plans to offer stat-changing or stat transforming recipes for exotic or lesser rarities of gear.


  • The stat changing attribute of Legendary weapons was added in the September 3, 2013 update.
    • Before this point players would have had to obtain an item with the desired stats and then use a Transmutation Crystal or a Transmutation Stone to move the legendary weapon skin over.[1]
  • The Mystic Forge recipe to change the stats on Ascended was added in the June 23, 2015 update.


Gw2 Converters Online

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Sentient Anomaly

Item type
Account Bound
Game link

Double-click to feed 25 dragonite ore and 25 bloodstone dust to the Sentient Anomaly. The Anomaly can devour a limited amount of materials each day.

— In-game description

Sentient Anomaly is a unique item obtained through the Conspiracy of Dunces achievement. It consumes 25 Dragonite Ore and 25 Piles of Bloodstone Dust in exchange for a Fluctuating Mass, which contains all sorts of various loot.

It can be fed 6 times a day.

  • 1Acquisition


Sold by[edit]

The following vendor will only offer this item once the achievement has been completed

Trader's ForumLion's Arch1,000


Gw2 Converters Mod

Conspiracy of DuncesOut of the Shadows5
Find the journals chronicling the White Mantle's plans.
Reward:Sentient Anomaly
3 Journals Fully Recovered5

Used in[edit]

Gleam of SentienceAscendedMystic Forge0
Sentient Aberration
Sentient Anomaly
Sentient Oddity
Sentient Singularity


  • The 6 item purchase limit is shared with the Gleam of Sentience.
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