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Mythology in English literature
Mythology was initially used only in Greek and Latin. But the use of Mythology gradually became more popular and started influencing English literature. There are hardly any young adult fictions novels present nowadays without the use of mythology or an element of mythology. You might be wondering how such a thing is possible. The reason is mythology includes fantasy as all fantasy has been derived from mythology. Vampires, Fairies, princess and Pegasus are paranormal creatures all derived from mythology. But the use of these characters in different pieces of literature differs. This document will describe how the use of mythology in English literature has evolved over the years.
Mythology before English literature was prevalent in many languages such as Latin. The Roman Empire was a large dynasty, one were Latin thrived. The Greek dynasty on the other hand was only present in the east and was not very big. Hence Greek was not known to the people in the east were Latin was spoken. The east was bigger than the west and hence after the demise of the two dynasties
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The Iliad one of the first epics to be written using mythology describes the Trojan War. It all happened due to the meddlesome nature of the gods and goddesses. It started with the golden apple which was desired by the three goddesses Athena, Hera and Aphrodite. Each of these goddesses possessed special powers and each thought they were better than the other, now to find who was the most beautiful goddesses they called upon Paris the most handsome person in the world and by some manipulation and convincing Aphrodite won and from there the war begins. This is just a short synopsis of the beginning of the epic more commonly known to us as the Trojan

Welcome to the Theoi Project, a site exploring Greek mythology and the gods in classical literature and art. The aim of the project is to provide a comprehensive, free reference guide to the gods (theoi), spirits (daimones), fabulous creatures (theres) and heroes of ancient Greek mythology and religion.


The Theoi Project profiles each deity and creature of Greek mythology on a separate page, incorporating an encyclopedia summary, quotations from a wide selection of ancient Greek and Roman texts, and illustrations from ancient art. Analysis of the texts and interpretation of the stories of myth is currently beyond the scope of the project. For such detailed analysis, I would suggest consulting some of the good books available on the subject.

Transliterated forms of Greek names are used throughout the biography pages of the site rather than their Latin forms, e.g. Kirke instead of Circe, Ouranos for Uranus, Apollon in place of Apollo, etc. The index and introduction pages, however, use the Latin name-forms for ease of reference.

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Jan 04, 2017 Whether it's adapted fairy tales, re-written classic literature, updated fables, or modern Greek mythology retellings, I'm a sucker for re-reading tales I've already been told in new and exciting. Of the development of AngloAmerican literature, analysis of Greek mythology for English - language and literature. The Greek Mythology. Greek mythologyis the story of the ancient Greek gods, heroes and the universe of natu ral life and deeds of the story is the birthplace of European civilization. Greek mythology is a fairy tale, but the. Spire more imagination, partly because the Greek myths are abundant in fantasy and adventure. An Investigation of the Employment of Greek Figures in Their Poems The two generations of British Romanticpoets in the 18th to 19th century were inevitable influenced by Greek mythology. Their poems were the best evidence. Greek mythology has been very influential in Western culture, particularly its art and literature. Unsurprisingly, some common expressions in English derive from these ancient myths and beliefs. To have an 'Achilles heel' means to have a weakness or vulnerable point. Achilles was a Greek hero and central character in Homer's epic poem, The Iliad.

The Theoi Classical Texts Library contains an extensive collection of classical literature on the theme of Greek mythology, including the works of many of the lesser known poets which are not available online elsewhere. Please note, that these are not the same texts which are quoted on the biography pages of, which are listed separately on the Bibliography page.

Summaries of the most important of the Greek gods, as well as classes of divinity can be found on the Pantheon and Greek Gods pages. The fabulous creatures, tribes and monsters of Greek mythology are listed in the Bestiary.

The entire Family Tree of the Greek pantheon of gods is displayed over eight charts with a central name index. There is also a separate table outlining the genealogy of the gods from Hesiod's Theogony.

A simple map of the various kingdoms of Greek mythology can by found on the Kingdoms page. Other themed pages include Plants and Flowers in Greek mythology and Star Myths.

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The site contains a Gallery of more than 1200 pictures from ancient Greek and Roman art, including vase paintings (C6th to C4th B.C.), sculptures, frescos and mosaics (C4th B.C. to C4th A.D.).

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Greek Mythology In English Literature

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