Fukase Vocaloid Age

The downloadable version of VOCALOID4 Library Fukase is available for purchase in the VOCALOID SHOP. This product's features are 'VOCALOID4 Voicebank created based on the voice of 'Fukase,' vocalist in a band that represents Japan, 'SEKAI NO OWARI'. Please check music samples, information on shop exclusives, system requirements.

'FUCK YEAH, IT'S MY-wait why is this update a day late?' Fukase stares back at Flower.

'In some time zones it's actually 2 days late,' she replied nonchalantly.

  • Follow/Fav Birthday Fanfics. IA shouted over the two arguing grown-ups (A/N: sooo Fukase don't have an official age, I see him as around 31 (don't ask why but if I have to give a reason I guess I'll say because of Teto?) so in my perspective.
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  • If you are under the age of 18, you must have written permission from your legal guardian to enter. You are allowed to submit multiple designs. The Grand Prize is being the illustrator for the box art as well as all official art for VOCALOID Fukase. There are 5 Second Place prizes: Each a physical signed copy of VOCALOID Fukase.
  • Fukase is somewhere between the age of 14 and 15. Fukase is very random and silly. He has jokes to go around and is rarely serious. He tends to proudly claim himself as either the 'Meme King' or 'King of Comedy.' Honestly, he wouldn't be wrong.

'Just.Tell.Me.why.the.FUCK.is.all-mighty Fukase the memelord's birthday update ONE DAY LATE!' Upon mentioning himself, he jabbed his thumb in his chest.

'Ok, ok stop yelling. The reason is [Redacted]'

Fukase Vocaloid Age

'Ok, that made no sense...anyway! What do y'all fucking peasants have for the all mighty memelord?' Fukase smirked.


'Yes Piko?'

Piko raises a finger, 'uhhhh, what happened to no cursing in front of Oliver?' He pointed towards the traumatized Choir boy.

Fukase Vocaloid Age Meaning

'You did it last time,' Fukase retorted, placing both hands on his hips, leaning forward.

Fukase vocaloid cosplay

'That was...different...'

'Ugh' the memelord rolled his eyes. 'You guys are useless.' He turned on his heel as sassily walked out of the room 'Bye!!'


'So we're gonna-'. The door slammed open, startling both Luka and IA. 'Wassup peasants, memelord Fukase here, coming to ask you if y'all have anything for the almighty,' Fukase causally strides through the door. 'Lucky, he gets a birthday update,' IA muttered under her breath. 'Said something peasant? You'll have to talk louder 'cause I CAN'T HEAR YOUUUUUU,' he bellowed.

'Fukase stop it. Besides because in some time zones isn't it my birthday today? Do you have anything for me?' Luka smirked. 'Well... according to the time zone for Author-Chan here, it's still not your birthday yet so why don't you shut it,' Fukase retorted. Luka thought for a moment then responded with, 'well in this 'story' it's currently set in Japan, thus my birthday.'

'Why are we breaking the 4th wall? How are we even able to break the 4th wall??' IA shouted over the two arguing grown-ups (A/N: sooo Fukase don't have an official age, and in my perspective, he's a grown-up).

'Oh because Fukase and Fukase can do whatever the hell he wants and probably because he's memelord,' Luka responded nonchalantly with a shrug of her shoulders. 'Hey what about me! Why couldn't I break the 4th wall when I was memelord?'

-A wild Len apperred!

'Well 'cause this fanfic doesn't exist yet dumbass,' Fukase spat. 'You don't have to be so mean!' Fukase rolled his eyes.

'So when are we ending this?' IA squeaked. 'I guess around now is fine,' Luka suggested. 'Ok but ... YALL PEASANTS STILL HAVENT GIVEN ME ANYTHING!!' (I'm sure by now you know who this is). 'Who cares,' Luka replied.

-Horizontal line cause I'm on mobile and can't find nor know (if it even exists) where it is-

Sap (as in 'sup')

English is a weird language like how-

Fukase: no one want to hear it

But, but



Fukase:But no, got that? N O

sniff* meanie *sniff*


Anyway 29 days in the new year and I'm already failing at my New Years resolution of being productive sigh. (I'm sorry IA, Leon, Lola, Prima, and anyone else I forgot)

Fukase: ahem

But you got your-


Fine,sorry Fukase. Happy?

Fukase vocaloid age 2

Fukase: yes


Fukase vocaloid personality


Character Design:mikuma

We held open submissions for the character design via the illustration communication service, Pixiv.
We chose mikuma, who won the grand prize!
We held a character design contest for VOCALOID4 Library Fukase on Pixiv from August 4th to August 31st, 2015,
and from over 1,900 submissions, grand prize winner mikuma was selected as the official illustrator to create the
character design.

Fukase Vocaloid Age

* Japanese version only.

Character Voice:Fukase (SEKAI NO OWARI)

Fukase Vocaloid Cosplay

SEKAI NO OWARI is currently one of Japan's most popular and skilled creative groups.
The group is comprised of four distinctly talented members: Nakajin (group leader, lead guitar, sound production);
Fukase (lead vocals, group conceptualist); Saori (stage production, piano); and the masked clown DJ LOVE (sonic
palette, comedic stage banter).
These four childhood friends grew even closer while collectively managing the live music venue clubEARTH, which
they built from the ground up. The members were living on the premises as they developed the concept and direction
of what would eventually become SEKAI NO OWARI.
Now their combined passion and deep personal connections have led to unprecedented success as one of Japan’s
premier music acts, culminating with their latest album, Tree, (January 2015) charting at #1 on the hit charts.
And in July of 2015 they performed two sold out shows at Japan’s largest venue, Nissan Stadium. Roughly the size of
London’s Olympic Stadium, Nissan Stadium seats 70,000 people and both shows sold out in a matter of hours.
The group’s originality and creativity known as 'TOKYO FANTASY' are highlighted by their massive fantasy stage
setup, a high-concept, reality-redefining magic treehouse and exotic town known as 'TOKYO FANTASY'.
Such fearlessness in stage design and entertainment value has become the envy of the Japanese music industry.
SEKAI NO OWARI have performed all over Japan, including a 9 city, 15 performance arena tour that brought in more
than 200,000 fans, and have sold out the legendary Budokan (of Beatles fame). With multiple commercial tie-ins,
features in TV and movies, they have conquered the Japanese music scene.
And now, after years of preparation, SEKAI NO OWARI is ready to take their originality and imaginative shows to music fans all over the world.
In 2014 the group collaborated with the popular American act OWLCITY, inviting him as a special guest for a major live event. In return the American featured SEKAI NO OWARI in his worldwide release 'TOKYO'(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of9Py3umWl8 ).
Additionally, the group worked with renowned Dutch DJ / Producer Nicky Romero on the release of their hit single
'Dragon Night'.