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Masters are just one of the many ways to customize your character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and they give some very powerful moves as you train with them. There's absolutely no reason not to take one.

The Xenoverse master system is fairly simple, but does bear some explanation. These mentors help you grow as a character by giving you special Super and Ultimate skills, joining you in battle, and giving you powerful Z-Souls at the end of your training.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Mods Xbox 360 The Video games on Need version facilitates English, People from france, Spanish, Colonial. The most recent Dragon Basketball game allows players personalize and develop their personal warrior from 5 competitions, including masculine or feminine, and even more than 450 items to end up being utilized in on. Blog dedicado a Dragon Ball y Animes, aqui publico mis mods de Dragon Ball Xenoverse y Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Ademas dibujos en formato digital. Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Dragon Ball Xenoverse and all DB original characters copyright pertain to their respective creators:©Akira Toriyama,Bird Studio-Shueisha,Toei Animation.

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Finding a master

Each master has a minimum level or saga for you to complete before they can be found around town. Some also require you finish training with other masters before they will take you as their pupil. The requirements for all of them are listed below.

If you meet the requirements for a master, do keep in mind their location in Toki Toki City is random and will reset when you enter a quest. It is also possible to reset their locations by creating an online lobby then exiting out of the lobby menu.

Progressing with your master

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Hack Xbox 360

There are a few theories on what directly affects your master's progress meter, but the only solid information out there points to EXP being the determining factor. The more EXP you get in a quest, the more progress you'll make with your current master. This essentially means the higher level the quests you're doing are, the faster you'll progress.

You don't have to worry about losing your progress with one master If you want to give another one a shot. Your progress will stay the same after you switch to another master, and you can switch back whenever you want to study under them again.

If you want to check your progress with all your masters, head to the Master Info section of Play Data in the pause menu.



Masters will not only help you in battle from time to time, but will also lend you Z-Assists.

Z-Assists are more powerful forms of a master's Ultimate skill. They are triggered by using your master's Ultimate skill in battle, but not if you're using it while under a different master.

For example, if you use Gotenk's Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack (Ultimate) while he is your master, it will be a Z-Assist. If you use it while someone else is your master, it will be the normal version of that Ultimate skill.

The list of each master and their obtainable skills is just below. Under that list is a list of Z-Souls you can get once you've finished training with each of them.

Masters and their skills

MentorHow to UnlockSkills
Piccolo- Finish half of the Saiyan Saga
- Level 5
- Evil Explosion
- Super Explosive Wave
- Light Grenade
- Special Beam Cannon
Krillin- Finish half of the Saiyan Saga
- Level 5
- Orin Combo
- Destructo-Disc
- Spread Shot Retreat
- Scatter Kamehameha
Vegeta- Finish the Saiyan Saga
- Level 8
- Galick Gun
- Final Barrage
- Shine Shot
- Final Flash
Captain Ginyu- Finish half of the Freiza Saga
- Level 15
- Fighting Pose F
- Fighting Pose A
- Milky Cannon
- Body Change
Freiza- Finish the Freiza Saga
- Finish Captain Ginyu's master training
- Level 20
- Death Beam
- Death Crasher
- Emperor's Sign
- Supernova
Hercule- Finish the first half of the Android Saga- Dynamite Kick
- Present for You
- Rolling Hercule Punch
- The Savior Has Come
Android 18- Finish the Android Saga
- Level 34
- Power Blitz
- Endless Shot
- Deadly Dance
- Dual Destructo-Disc
Cell- Finish the Cell Saga
- Level 30
- All Clear
- Gravity Impact
- Perfect Shot
- Perfect Kamehameha
Gotenks- Finish the Buu Saga
- Level 40
- Galactic Donuts
- DIE DIE Missile Barrage
- Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
- Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack (Ultimate)
Adult Gohan & Videl- Finish the Buu Saga
- Level 40
- Eagle Kick
- Ki Blast Cannon
- Hawk Charge
- Justice Combination
Goku- Finish the Demigra Saga
- Level 70
- After Image Strike
- Spirit Bomb
- x10 Kamehameha
- Super Kamehameha
Beerus- Finish Goku's master training
- Level 70
- Headshot
- N/A
- God of Destruction's Anger
- Sphere of Destruction

Awarded Z-Souls

You can get two Z-Souls at the end of your training. One is given after you finish the last trial with your master (4 star), the other must be obtained by sparring with your master (5 star).

The 5 star Z-Soul does not have a 100% chance to drop during sparring, so you may have to grind for it.


  • 4 star: I'll make you a fine demon!
  • 5 star: I can't believe I shielded the brat...


  • 4 star: Release your Ki!
  • 5 star: Why is it always ME?!


  • 4 star: I... I'm a super Elite...!
  • 5 star: Heh! What dirty fireworks.

Captain Ginyu

How To Install Dragon Ball Xenoverse Mods Xbox 360

  • 4 star: Let me show you how it's done...
  • 5 star: Aren't I nice?!


  • 4 star: My power is 530,000.
  • 5 star: That offer's expired...

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 Mods Xbox 360


  • 4 star: That was just as fierce as I expected!
  • 5 star: Eek! Waaaah! What'll I do?!
Dragon Ball Xenoverse Mods Xbox 360

Android 18

  • 4 star: 17 and I are twins!
  • 5 star: I can't get serious here.


  • 4 star: Get mad and show your true power!
  • 5 star: A power-biased transformation...


  • 4 star: I'll beat you hollow!
  • 5 star: Now you've made me mad!
  • 4 star (Gohan): That's it! That's Ki!
  • 4 star (Videl): An ally of justice in Hercule City!
  • 5 star (Gohan): I won't forgive you, scum!
  • 5 star (Videl): No way I'll give up...


  • 4 star: I'm all psyched up now!
  • 5 star: I hope that you get reborn as someone good someday.


  • 4 star: Maybe I'll just destroy you...
  • 5 star: Before creation... comes destruction...
System: PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3
Dev: Namco Bandai
Pub: Namco Bandai
Release: TBD
Players: 1
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p

Xenoverse… get it? Z-noverse? Dragon Ball Z-noverse? Well, at least that’s the joke that Bandai Namco made when we got to see the game at E3 this year. Let’s see what the next DBZ game has to offer.

Before I even talk about gameplay, let me make one thing clear: this is a gorgeous game. It’s one of the best looking games I have seen so far on next-generation consoles. It’s prettier than the Dragon Ball Z anime by far. The apocalyptic clouds overhead, the crumbling mountains as you fight, the ripples in the water as you change your ki, all look beautiful. Absolutely no detail was overlooked while designing this game, and I’d hazard that it’s more fun to watch than play.

The reason I say that is that the gameplay system is pretty much the same DBZ system that we have gotten used to after so many years. The game takes place in full 3D and the camera is positioned over the shoulder. As is always the case with these games, half the game is just flying around trying to find your opponent before you even get to fight. Combos are still button mashy as usual, so don’t expect this to be a serious fighting game.

Mods For Dragon Ball Xenoverse Xbox 360

That being said, there is a bit more depth to the game this time around. Combos appear to change depending on when and how you initiate them. Starting a combo above your opponent will be different than starting a combo below them. You can now cancel the startup of basically any move in your repertoire into a block or movement. This way you can string together your attacks into more complicated combos, or simply stop your onslaught in order to keep yourself safe.

Another element of strategy comes in when you consider the new dynamic maps. Remember all those fights in Dragon Ball Z where characters would dive into water to try and get away from their opponents? Well now you can do that. Diving into water makes it so that your opponent can’t see you, nor can you see them, but you can still lock on to them and throw ki blasts.

Stages are also 100% destructible as well. Opponent hiding behind a mountain? Blow that mountain up! Hiding behind a building? Blow that building up! There’s basically nothing that you can’t blow up in this game. Heck, even if you aren’t trying to blow up buildings, the terrain around you will inevitably change as a result of your epic battle. Each ki blast will leave a crater. Each time you throw an opponent into a wall, that wall will crumble. The environment is constantly shifting as you fight, and then you can use that destroyed environment to your advantage.

Another big thing that is returning to the game is real-time transformations. Instead of simply selecting Goku, Super Sayain Goku, and so forth, each character and all of their transformations are now all condensed into one character. As you transform, you power up and your move set changes. However, even so we were told that the game was aimed at being as balanced as possible.

There are two meters in the game aside from health, which appear to be power and stamina. The power meter only fills as you attack, and you need to use it in order to do quick teleports and dodges. This prevents you from being too terribly defensive the entire game. The stamina meter, however, seems to just fill over time, and it seems to fuel some of your more impressive special moves. So you will never be able to spam your biggest beam attacks.

The story in the game is… interesting. There appears to be some futuristic city that is hinted to exist outside time. Denizens from this city… maybe… are traveling back in time to see important events in DBZ history play out. However, there isn’t a lot more that Bandai Namco could say other than that. But it appears as if this isn’t going to just be another retread of the plot. Instead, it’s going to be its own side-story. Granted, it’s going to be a wonky fan-fictiony time-travel story, but it’s a new story nonetheless.

I wouldn’t say that Dragon Ball Xenoverse is going to reinvent the wheel when it comes to anime games. It’s still wildly unbalanced, still incredibly mashy, still not very appealing to the pro fighting game crowd. However, it is remarkably beautiful and it accurately recreates some of the best moments in DBZ as well as letting you create your owns. That, and the devs said it was going to have a humongous roster. Frankly, I can’t figure out what else a DBZ fan could want, and that along would probably make this game a success.

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Contributing Writer
Date: June 12, 2014

Game Features:

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Mods Xbox 360

  • All new Dragon Ball game.
  • Next-Gen Dragon ball action.
  • New fighting mechanics.