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updated version of DUBrute 2.0, this time without the RC.
[+] Brutus grandparents with win2008. During the tests are not met, butalso a theoretical brute Vista and Seven.
[+] Maybe brute logins and passwords in any language using a unicode source, source to support a particular language must be created on the computer on which there is support for this language. That is to create aunicode source with the Cyrillic alphabet to his grandfather, who sozdvatto support it, you can use this source for any grandfather. Also, if yourgrandfather or supports any language just do not have to create a unicode source. That is, if my grandfather national fonts that they can brute Cyrilliccreating common source as before. This feature is poorly tested soVariations bugs.
[+] Improved stability and decrease the number of departures.
[-] Because of the possibility of brute win2008 grandparents with increasedtraffic on a test login; password in connection with which there may be some slight decrease in speed. If you have any bugs or flaws critical writinghere.
DUChecker V1.0
[+] Multi-threading.
[+] Ability to check the speed on different servers. For example, the rate of grandparents in the U.S., you can check with the U.S. servers, and the speed of European grandparents with servers from Europe.
[+] The program is completely free.
[-] A small percentage of the check. No checks, most grandparents WinXP(not applicable to XP Service Pack 3). Some Win2003 no checks.
Run is not difficult to choose the menu open, open any valid list ofgrandparents in the format ip @ login; password. Then you can eitherchoose to manually check for grandparents or just choose threads and click on the large green triangle.
FTP & NT Scanner by Lomax
do not change the 'user' and 'pass' to any extention.
if have to modified data for user and password.
do like following

select notepad to open
change the data as you want and save file.
example to use prog:
open 'scan.exe' in the folder.

Dubrute 3.1 Download

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Dubrute 3

Download dubrute + nmap
i see people asking for Tutorial well here it is.
LINK 1 :here cracker is posted by Vit bro : give a try
download it
now for cracking you will need servers (rdp/remote desktop protocols)
For scanning RDP's there are two ways that i know. Well if someone know other ways then this post it here.
Method 1: Using VNc scanner
Download above file
1: Open vnc_scanner_gui.exe
2.1: Now Select any country
2.2: Click Get dial list
2.3: After that some ip ranges will get loaded then click start scan
3: Dos window will get open and it will scan for valid list.
Time of scan will depend on how much big range or big range country you will choose.
like this:
now as soon as u see status 100% click Start Parse in main window.
Now after clicking Start parse, go to vnc scanner folder u will see IPs.txt .
open that those will be rdp's, now you can use this rpd to crack and cracker link is given above Link 1.
Method 2: Using NMAP.
Download this :
file to large for vipra host
1. Now extract rar.
2. There will be 2 files in main folder (SCanner and nmap-5.51-setup).
3. Install nmap-5.51-setup
4. After install, open SCANNER folder, you will see again 2 files (rdp.nse and scanner)
5. Now click scanner(batch file), two DOS window will get open
6. After 4-5-6-7secs it will automatically start scan rdp's
7. When you like you close those 2 windows, their result i.e. rdp's will be saved in SCANNER folder with results.txt
This results.txt you can use to crack.
Open cracker
posted above Link 1.
load rdp's that you scanned using any of above method
put username
put password
Set delay, u can set delay
how to set delay? Set delay 5
load everything, click View rdp
now click start
Checking: if you are getting only white screen in view rdp and password/user keep moving. then it means you have to increase delay.
do it6..7..8..etc
when ever you proper login window opened and says invalid username or password like below
in above pic the rdp is window7 but it can be windox xp/2003/win8.
if you get above thing means u delay is good.
but sometime for some server u need to increase 2-3 delay more.

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Download Dubrute + Nmap

These Nmap NSE Scripts are all included in standard installations of Nmap. Use them to gather additional information on the targets you are scanning. The information can both add context to the hosts you are scanning and widen the attack surface of the systems you are assessing. If you knew a litte bit about nmap you'd know how you can scan a specific port for multiple ips. If you knew how RDP works, you'd realize that dubrute is extremely easy to use (evidence says that you do not know what you are doing). Online file sharing and storage - 500MB free web space. File upload progressor. Multiple file transfer. The Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) is one of Nmap's most powerful and flexible features. It allows users to write (and share) simple scripts (using the Lua programming language) to automate a wide variety of networking tasks.Those scripts are executed in parallel with the speed and efficiency you expect from Nmap.