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Computer does not have rsop data

You login via TeamViewer to it or are there locally as AdminA, you right click Run As Administrator, type in your administative credentials you type in the famous gpresult /R command to get computer GPO's and it's simply not there. Gpresult /R INFO: The user adm.test does not have RSoP data. You try to do it remotely and it fails as well. The report does not analyze link order and block inheritance settings of other domains. Also, the user and computer you select should be in the same domain to yield accurate results. 7.7.2 Running an RSoP Analysis Report.

We have Windows2003 Server SP1 with XP Pro SP1 workstations....

Export Rsop Data

DataDoes Not Have Rsop DataInfo the user does not have rsop dataWe had the problem that with two of our users, when FrontMotion was installed, no GPOs were applied when they logged on. If you tried a 'gpresult', you got the above error message. This was only happening for two of our users though. If we removed FrontMotion, it was fine.

User Does Not Have Rsop Data

Eventually we discoved that the UserPrincipalName in AD had been set for these two users but not for anyone else. (In AD, Properties-Tab Account- field logon name). When we removed this field everything was fine. As we don't normally set this field, perhaps it was set wrong but in any case, FrontMotion didn't like it. Rsop

Do Not Have Rsop Data

Unable To Generate Rsop Data

Has anyone else had this problem? We have fixed ours now by removeing but just curious.