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And then you have Straga. Straga who greets you saying 'STRAGA IS THE STRONGEST OF THE CHOSEN'. He is also the only boss with whom I didn't need any healing mid-fight. And the only one I beat in under 3 minutes. And literally, THE EASIEST BOSS IN THE GAME. He comes as the last of five Chosen. For Darksiders on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled 'Is there a way to get back to the Black Throne after you have left??' The key to defeat Straga is your Voidwalker. As you might have seen already, there are some Portals on his weapon and on the ground. Charge one Portal on his club and one on the ground. Between the button combinations of R2 L2 and L3, along with finding the bomb placement it may take a little practice. Gain your bearing and you will be ripping out her still beating heart in no.

I tried to summarize the confusing plot of Darksiders in a few words. Obviously the guide contains substantial spoilers on All Three Chapters of the franchise.

Timelime (Spoilers)

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Abbadon destroys the Six Seals, than reforge them with the help of Azrael and Ulthane, then during the apocalypse on Earth Hell arrives and fights Heaven.

Only War gets the Call from the Seals destruction and, sometime later that the battle has begun, he arrives with a sort of teleportation on Earth.

Straga, the strongest of the Chosens, kills the Angel Abbadon who later talks to Lilith becoming the Demon who will be known as the Destroyer.

Straga defeats War who then goes to The Charred Council where is judged for having caused the apocalypse before the destruction of the Seals.

At this moment begins the Death’s journey to Crow Father with the aim to make up for the error of his brother by restoring humanity.

Darksiders Walkthrough

After that Death discovers from Crow Father that the way to restore humanity is to go to the Tree of Life, he kills him with his sickle.

Death is teleported by the Crow Father in front of a Maker, who reveals that the Tree of Life has been infected by the Corruption.

Death meets Ulthane.

After Death has entered the Tree, he discovers that Absalon, his dead brother, is the Avatar of the Corruption.

Death arrives in the City of the deads where he speaks with the Dead King who explains him that he must beat the Wealing Host to set free the Mankind’s souls.

Darksiders How To Beat The Destroyer

Darksiders How To Beat Straga

After having beaten this Cthulhu-like demon, Death speaks with the spirit of the Crow Father and realizes that his mission is not yet done and that he must get 2 Keys: one from the Angels and one from the Demons.

Deaths defeating the Samael of the past and Archon getting the Keys.

Strife started some kind of mission but we do not know where.

Sometime later the beginning of Death’s quest, the Seven Deadly Sins are unleashed by the Charred Council.

Then the Charred Council calls Fury to capture all the Sins with a Female-Watcher that is actually Envy.

Anyway, we still do not know if Envy cooperated with the Council to drive Fury to all the Sins or if she just has deceived them changing her appearance

Fury meets War in chains in front of the Council. This is also the first time we see more than a Horseman in the same shot.

Fury meets Ulthane.

Darksiders walkthrough

Decades later (I guess), War arrives on Earth with the Watcher.

War meets Samael and fights the Chosen Tiamat as well as Griever.

Fury discovers from the Lord of the Hollows and Abraxis that a conspiracy is menacing Humanity and (we do not know why) that now they are dread from Hell, Heaven and Charred Council.

Sometime later Envy goes to fight the Council.

Fury defeats Envy and destroys the Charred Council.

Strife, who turns out to be Jones, fights against the Destroyer and his Army with two Makers.

Fury after talking with Ulthane becomes the protectress of the Mankind and then enters the portal to go somewhere, for protecting the humans.

War meets Ulthane.

War fights the Stygian and Silitha.

War meets Azrael and finally fights against Straga, killing him.

War gets teleported by Azrael into The Garden of Eden and discovers that The Destroyer is Abbadon.

While Death rises again humanity after having defeated Absalon, War kills The Destroyer and is killed, in turn, by Uriel.

Darksiders How To Beat Straga

At last, Uriel destroys the Seventh Seal resurrecting War and the Horsemen receive the call.