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An arcade racing game in which you get to play as the cops and pursue dangerous drivers throughout the city

As far as racing games go, they can either choose to come as close to reality as possible and make everything more difficult for the average gamer, or they can completely abandon the concept and opt for incredible amounts of fun instead. Naturally, Alarm for Cobra 11: Undercover (or Crash Time 5) has chosen the second option, by allowing you to participate in outrageous races and survive incredible crashes.

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Infiltrate a group of street racers

The fifth title in the series comes with a variety of improvements over the previous episodes, although it also tries to maintain the same core concepts as them and greet returning players with familiar controls and driving mechanics. However, a great deal of work went into the graphics engine this time around, since the cars and the environments look very realistic and you can definitely lose yourself into the landscapes.

Just like in every new release, the title at hand has its own back story as well, in order to give some sort of purpose to the main career mode. As you might expect, it all revolves around a cop who tries to infiltrate a group of street racers and bring them down from the inside, with a little help from a few buddies of his. Unfortunately, the voice acting has remained just as bad and you can definitely see that there really wasn't any need for a plot in a game like this.

Avoid the traffic and cause fantastic crashes

One thing that was emphasized on along the series is the crashing aspect, especially since it will happen a lot if you play for more than a few minutes. Just like before, you can send your opponents spinning and flaming in a variety of ways, making it a real delight to witness the destruction. In addition, this new episode even allows you to use a few other gimmicks, such as dropping spikes behind you, in order to completely immobilize the vehicle that happens to run over them.

Despite that, the crashes are still very badly rendered from a graphical point of view, not to mention the laughable physics that sit behind them. The cars just instantly explode a bit, then they are back to normal and you can continue racing, which can get pretty annoying and boring after a while. In addition, the vehicles are not officially licensed, which means that they only look like BMW or Audi, but the names and the logo are different.

A worthy attempt at the arcade racing genre

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While it definitely could have used a lot more work in almost every aspect, Alarm for Cobra 11: Undercover can certainly be fun for a while, at least until you get annoyed by the story, the voice acting, or the dull chases that always end up the same way.


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Alarm for Cobra 11 (Crash Time 5): Undercover was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
  • Limited game play
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Try Not to Crash and Burn

Crash Time 5 Undercover is a driving game with a twist. Instead of playing the usual role of reckless racers, gamers take on the persona of cops that are charged with putting a stop to a dangerous smuggling ring. Read on to discover if this new take on things is enough to make the game feel fresh and interesting.

Crash Time 5 is takes place of the Autobahns and roads of Germany and some of the settings are simply stunning. The open roads make for an exciting setting and add plenty of atmosphere to the game. the storyline has been well created and thought out and helps drawn players into the game.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the voice acting. The dialogue and actual voices themselves are so cheesy and disjointed that they are likely to make gamers laugh out loud at times. While not done intentionally, this could add to the charm of the game for people who have an offbeat sense of humour. The main problem is that the dialogue was originally created in German and it has been rather poorly translated.

This would be no problem for most racing games. However, Crash Time 5 Undercover relies heavily on the dialogue to set the scene and carry the storyline forward and players may often find themselves puzzling over exactly what is being said and what they are supposed to be doing.

Players will have the chance to race up to fifty different cars during the course of the game. While the cars themselves could use a bit of a face lift, they certainly aren’t bad and present fairly good driving dynamics. This game is sure to satisfy the need for speed that lovers of racing games are likely to feel, while the diverse range of missions that need to be completed help to add variety to the game and make it about more than simply racing.

The cool storyline of Crash Time 5 Undercover helps to set the game apart from the large number of driving games that are already out there. People who can get past the voice acting are sure to have a lot of fun playing the game and it certainly offers plenty of thrills and spills.

Crash Time 5 Download Full Version 2010


  • Great landscapes
  • Very cool roads to drive on
  • Fifty different cars
  • Lots of missions to complete


Free Games Download For Pc Full Version

  • Terrible voice acting
  • The crash physics are unrealistic